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Free File Sharing and Storage –

Picture 2Free File Sharing and Storage – is a file storage site that allows you to share and collaborate on files and documents with others.  Create all types of documents, then store them at for easy access and sharing later.Picture 1

Many Challenges. One Flexible Solution.

Box facilitates the way we work today, from collaborating with distant teams and external partners to accessing files from anywhere, any time. Our solution is simple, yet powerful – and ready to solve your most pressing business challenges.

With all the many files we create and share with others, I needed a place to store them so they could be shared on-line with others.  Creating a link to a specific document for download is not only easy, it saves me time and money.  Watch a Demo Video
Picture 4Step out of the BOX, check out, you’ll like it, which means you’ll use it.
Try it. Download This Article  – Free File Sharing and Storage

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Create FREE Real Estate Ads on GoGoPin

Create FREE “Custom” Real Estate Ads on GoGoPinPicture 9GoGoPin is a FREE ad designer and easy to use. Create great looking and effective ads for your Business.  You can use these ads on your websites, your Blogs, and many of the available Social Networking platforms.  Here is a sample ad created with GogoPin.Picture 7

Create Free Classified Ads and Flyers Online House for sale? Apartment for Rent? Posting on Craigslist or eBay?Whether it be for auction, signage, personals, or items for sale by owner, GoGoPin Ad, unlimited free online ad and flyer tool, will produce ads that stand out to buyers and sellers. And it’s for you unlimited and free of charge. You simply download the ad or flyer you have created in the format of your choice!

GogoPin also has a business and communication module on their site that allows you to connect and bring more customers to your business.  GogoPin is one of the best FREE ad platforms available on the web, and the interface is very user friendly with the ability to save your files and creations for future access. GO GogoPin!! Check out all the video tutorials they have to make creating your ads easy.

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Google Voice and Your Real Estate Business

Google Voice and Your Real Estate BusinessGoogle VoiceIf you are looking for more efficient ways to handle your Real Estate related voice mail, Google Voice is something you really should check out.  There are so many options and applications that will assist you with your clients, voice mail, follow-up and leads from new potential customers.Placing the “Call Me” widget on your websites and Blogs will open up a new opportunity to connect with the visitors on your sites and pages.  Some of the key features we like in Google Voice include:

One number for all your calls and SMS

To see how Google Voice works with your phone and for other features, read more…You will need an invite from Google to get your number, Click Here for InviteGoogle Voice WidgetWatch this Google Voice Video

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