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Top 40 Real Estate Resources and Sites

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Top 40 Real Estate Resources and SitesHere are the Top 40 Real Estate Resources and sites regarding News, Social Media, Technology, SEO, Networking, and Marketing for the Real Estate “On-Line” Industry.  They were selected based on content, reliability, reputation, consistency, longevity, and both customer satisfaction and rating.

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[slideshare id=2352233&doc=top40resourcesforinformationeducation-091026162320-phpapp02]There are thousands of reliable Industry Resources on the WEB. The information and education they provide is in most cases FREE, and is readily available.  Finding these resources is only half the battle, learning what they have to offer and share, and then applying it to your business is the other half of the battle.If you want to lose the battle but WIN the war in Social Media, you’ll be doing your business and yourself a Huge Favor by reviewing these sites and Blogs, grasping what you can, then applying what you learn (with a passion) to yourself and your business.The Battle now becomes a WIN WIN!!

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Twitter – Top 100 Most Influential in Real Estate

Twitter – Top 100 Most Influential in Real EstateFaceBook ShareTweet ThisTwitter members from the Real Estate Industry are using the Micro-Blogging platform and 140 character blogs to be influential and interesting according to Stefan Swanepoel – Author & Speaker – Real Estate Trends, Business Leadership, Motivational & Social Media.Twitter allows users to create lists and even groups using TweepML, an extensible, open standard format that allows you to manage and share groups of Twitter users.  Here are some of the most popular lists and groups that have been created by other twitter members using TweepML.If you’re looking to follow some or any of the Top 100 Most Influential and Interesting Real Estate Professionals on Twitter, here is a link to the list provided by Stefan for your review and use.  If you follow any or all of these “tweeters” you’re guaranteed to gain your fair share of valuable information.  These “TOP 100” are a great resource for anything and everything Real Estate Industry related. Click on the button below and take a look for yourself.

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Eyejot – FREE Video Email Communication Tool

Eyejot – Create Your Own FREE Video Email Account and“Video is Viral” in the sense that everyone loves entertainment and likes to share.  Youtube hosts millions of videos in which thousand have gone viral and had millions of views.That’s all fine and dandy, but what about using video to communicate, educate, market, network, and share information ultimately leading to the growth and expansion of your business?Check out You can create and setup a FREE account that allows you to communicate with your clients and prospects via the traditional email method.  Add personality and transparency to your email communications way beyond what that 10pt. times roman font has been delivering since email inception.  You can record and send up to a one minute video to individuals or multiple contacts within your email database.Eyejot Video - Dan CheadleThis is the “Newest” and fastest way of delivering state of the art “High-Tech” and High-Tough” communications to your sphere of influence and your business prospects. Take it for a test run, send yourself an email video message to try it out and see for yourself.Related articles by Zemanta

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