Monthly Archives: January 2010

2010 Search and SEO Predictions

Matt Cutts, on a video from GoogleWebMasterHelp gives his predictions for search and SEO in 2010.   Matt discusses the focus on changes to UI (user interface) and some of the areas that have made Google Searches successful to-date. Comprehensiveness, Relevance, Freshness, and Speed of search. He also mentions and reflects on the “Real-Time-Search.”  There’s a

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Dodgeball HTML – The Google Code Playground

This is a great site that allows you to sample, test, and Debug HTML code in a variety of formats. Work with multiple API’s and discover the possibilities.  If you’re one that always thought you could get away with having an online presence without learning HTML code, then read no further. However, if you’re one

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TOP FREE ON-LINE BUSINESS TOOLS 2009 These are some of the best FREE tools we discovered in 2009. They will save you time, money, and help your business beyond what you could ever imagine. There is a lot of sites and information here so take a deep breath, don’t get overwhelmed, and explore until your

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