Monthly Archives: September 2011

How To Build a Concrete Canvas Shelter

Imagine being able to purchase a lot of land and deploy a Concrete Canvas Shelterin about 24 hours.

This product and technology would allow you to live on the property and in a safe and sound structure while building your custom home or developing the land as desired.

All-though this is currently used and demonstrated as a military product for safety and sterile environments, the potential and possibility of making these available to consumers one day is very real and would be awesome. I want one!

How To Become a Real Estate Tweaker

Become a Real Estate Tweaker – As Told By a Real Estate Speaker!

How can you “Tweak” your business to increase your bottom line?What tools and technologies including CRM can you incorporate to convert and close more contacts to life-long clients?

Take a listen to Ben Kinney as he shares tips, tools, and secrets that he proclaims have made him hundreds of thousands of clients and dollars in the Real Estate business.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ben is one of the Top 100 agents and teams in the Country.

MySpace Using Music for Comeback

Are they attempting to “Save MySpace with Music” or are they “Singing the Blues?”

One of the first and most popular social networks at the time, Myspace (now under new ownership and management) is trying to make a comeback using music as the tool or bait to lure the community back in.  Really?

Will “The Largest Library of FREE Music on the WEB” do it?

When was the last time you checked into Myspace, added a friend, or updated your profile?  Can Myspace make a comeback regardless of the bait they use?  If you were the new owner of, what would you add to the site and what tools would you implement to bring it back to life?

The MySpace Music Player – Largest Libraray of FREE Music on the Web

With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Google +, and many others evolving online today, how will Myspace stay in the SMM game?  I’ll quietly confess, I’m headed over to MYSPACE now to see what changes they’ve made and to check out this Largest Library of FREE Music on the WEB. 

Honestly, I haven’t been there in 3 months and if this is just some ploy to get an increase in traffic, it might end up being my last visit.

All that to say this ~ Could this happen to any of the other existing or new social networks?  Could this same thing happen to Facebook or Google + one day?  If you would have asked Myspace members 4 years ago what will become of the site, they would have said no way MySpace will ever lose momentum and members!  So what is it that caused their demise and couldn’t this happen to others?  If so, who will be next?

Just some food for thought today…..