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The Rules and Tools Have Changed

Buyers Still Use a Variety of Sources

Real Estate sales in this country will never be hindered or held back due to a lack of information and resources that are available to the general public.  It use to be that the most powerful and effective tool available with the least amount of cost and most effective results came from the “For Sale sign” in the front yard of the house.  Today… the rules, the tools, and the game has changed.

According to the NAR (National Association of REALTORS)

“Buyers use a wide variety of resources in searching for a home: 88 percent use the Internet, 87 percent use real estate agents, 55 percent yard signs, 45 percent attend open houses and 30 percent review print or newspaper ads. While buyers also use other resources, they generally start their search process online and then contact an agent.”

read the rest of facts here…

The buying public (the consumer) is more savvy and tech dependent than ever.

Every product, tool, and service out there is available in a mobile device, from any location, in most cases for FREE, and it’s accessible 24/7/365 even when the power is out and the lights are off.  So how do you manage to keep your products, tools, and services in front of your target prospects and potential clients?

EASY!  Go where they go.  Do what they do, watch what they watch, buy where they buy, and be there when they need you most.  At the “check-out” counter.  At the cash register, “Bring me the check please” and so on.  These are metaphors of course but Here’s the lesson today:  Everyone wants to buy but no one wants to be sold.

Since there are so many resources available today in Real Estate, surviving agents will need to balance their future time management and business efforts between online and offline community building, social media, an Internet and online power-presence, and being in the streets and neighborhoods in the center of their own hyper-local areas.

Real estate is still local, it’s still a people business, but the rules and the tools have changed.  Have you?

Top 1000 Most Visited ClusterMap Sites

Clustermaps, a traffic reporting and analysis tool, reports their most trafficked sites on a daily basis.  The list is updated every day at midnight and then posted for the following 24 hours.  There are over 11 Billion maps currently being served across the web.  We’re excited to announce that we made the Top 1000 Most Visited on Clustermaps.

You can find our Clustermap widget located in the lower right-hand corner of this site.  Clicking on it will take you to the full size global map where visitor details can be discovered and seeing the results just might influence your decision to add one to your site. To add a FREE Cluster map to your Website, Blog, or even Blog post, you’re one click away.


The Clustermap widget allows you to see where your traffic and visitors are coming from nationally and abroad.

They provide (free) the HTML code that gives you a tiny map. When it loads, it increments a counter and shows the locations of all visitors to your page, cumulatively (even for huge numbers). Clicking on it zooms in to a larger world map, and (optionally) lets you zoom in to the continents. For light users (under 2500 visitors daily) the service is free, forever, and stores cumulative totals up to millions of visitors.

Cool features include:

  • Ability to see where visitors are geographically located on map
  • Shows tweets addressed to you and their hyper-local locations
  • Real-time visitors and their locations specified with yellow dots
  • No spyware or third party cookies or advertizing on your maps

BradsDomain (thanks to all of you) made the Top 1000 list (#550) of most visited sites out of the 11 Billion maps they serve across the web.  I want to sincerely and humbly THANK YOU for helping us reach this goal, an outstanding and amazing achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without your visits and support here.

I’d also like to CONGRATULATE the other 999 sites that made the TOP 1000.   In all the awesome excitement, we just realized what a valuable source and resource this new list has become.  1000 of the most trafficked websites and blogs on a daily basis allows us and anyone to pick up on some new sites and information that we may not have seen or known about otherwise.

Thank you Clustermaps for this great tool, resource, and valuable service.

How To Convert Online Contacts

Here are some tips for success when converting online contacts to clients. 

Always be sure to focus on the customer and not the item or product for sale.  Understand the customer’s needs, don’t get distracted by the availability of the product or desired property.  Appreciate and respect the customer’s timeline, don’t pressure online contacts to buy too quickly, and don’t give up if they don’t buy right away.

Get back to contacts and online customers immediately.

Any responses after 5 minutes drastically reduce the chances and opportunity to convert that contact into a client.  Don’t wait till the end of the day of the next business day to follow-up.  Respond to each and every contact, there is no such thing as a “crappy-lead!”  If you cherry pick, you’ll lose potential clients and referrals.

The most important tip in converting contacts to clients is follow-up.  Be tenacious! 

Follow up with all contacts and customers via email and phone.  Reach out to them at least 3-5 over a two week period if they don’t get back to you. Don’t give up when they don’t get back to you at first response.  For longer term prospects, stay in front of them, send useful information and valuable content that keeps them informed and be ready when they are.

If you’re out of sight, you’ll be out of mind.

In this video, Gary Gold shares a series of “Best Practices” that have helped make him one of the most successful Real Estate agents in Southern California.  As an “Online” REALTOR representing many Celebrity’s and Luxury Homes, Gary explains the importance of converting online contacts into clients and shares the strategy required if you want to succeed.


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