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Create FREE Real Estate Websites

Before you spend a fortune creating a Real Estate related website, take a moment to review this article.  You can spend a ton of time and money on developing a really cool webpage with java, multimedia, sound files, images, video, and great content that is SEO optimized.

But did you know that some of the same people you would pay to do this for you have also created some sites that allow you to do it yourself… and do it for FREE?  These are just a few of the sites I’d recommend reviewing before you start filling out that “Pay To The Order of” section in your checkbook.

Here’s 5 Cool Sites where you can start creating your website for FREE

– Wix is a do-it-yourself website builder: a free online tool that lets you create and customize your own websites. Built with a powerful, user-friendly interface, Wix gives you total control over your web design without knowing the first thing about fancy coding or programming.

– Weebly is a San Francisco, California based company that was founded in 2006 with the mission to help people put their information online quickly and easily. We enable over 7 million people to easily create personal sites and blogs or establish web presences for businesses, weddings, classrooms, churches, artistic portfolios, and more.

– A place where everyday people could create unique pages without knowing any code and without the harsh limitations of other website builders. WebStarts vision is to provide everything you need to build and maintain your very own website. Not just any website, but websites that you can quickly edit and change, allowing you to keep your content fresh and original.

Google Sites
– The Google FREE website builder.  Even with limited themes and capabilities, Google still provides a very friendly user interface which allows you to create and maintain some really cool websites and targeted webpages for your prospects and future business.

– Yola is absolutely dedicated to helping you create a website quickly and effortlessly.  They offer easy-to-use tools and website hosting in free and paid options.  With Yola, you can easily create a free website in no time. You won’t need an advanced degree; if you can edit a document, you can build a free website.

The sites above are all free, easy to use, and they allow you to be creative and productive in a very limitless environment with the potential of making some pretty attractive, non-technical pages that can help you support, market, advertise and grow your online business.  Look like the pros, and do it for less. Let us know what you think?

Getting Groomed By Wild Gorillas

This is rare and once in a lifetime footage of Wild Gorillas entering a camp in Uganda and grooming one of the photographers.  At about 2 minutes into the video, you’ll see what one man had the chance to experience which I’m sure will be one of the most exciting memories of his life.

An amazing moment of Wild Gorillas engaging with humans and it was all caught on tape.

What does this have to do with real estate or the price of tea in China?

Absolutely nothing. Sometimes there are moments in life experienced by the few that are meant to be shared with the many, this being one of them. Think about it, when was the last time you were groomed or even got this close to Wild Gorillas? Not something you ever make an appointment for or plan to do in an entire lifetime. Simply awesome!