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Top Real Estate Video Listings

Among the thousands of real estate video listings scattered across the web on various sites and blogs, these few really stand out and for obvious reasons.  Each of these Real Estate Listing Videos offers something unique, creative and obviously took some time and money to create and produce.

As a real estate professional, many already understand and appreciate this approach however the competition begins to get pretty stiff when you see agents and company’s out there providing these marketing ideas and services to their clients.  So what does your Real Estate Video Listing look like?

The Standard Chateau Listing Video


Marketing The Most Expensive Listing in the US


A Unique Yet Comical and Effective Listing Approach


The Professionally Produced Listing Video


A Video Listing worthy of a Superbowl Commercial


Here’s How They Do Real Estate Video Listings in Australia

And Lastly Yes, this is/was an actual listing


Funniest Real Estate Videos

These are some of the funniest real estate related videos I have stumbled across on the Web.  If you are easily offended or take opinions and others perspectives personally, it’s probably best that you don’t watch these.

They are intended for amusement and do not represent my personal opinion or express my personal beliefs about real estate, agents, their business, or the industry.  This is just a little fun & poke at real estate in general.

Funny Real Estate Commercial – 5 Star Subliminal Marketing

The Pushy Real Estate Agent

Gary Schlitz Demonstrates HOW NOT to Be an Agent

The Smart Agent That Knows Nothing about The Home

Epic and Honest Mobile Home Commercial

Ellen Finds The Funniest Real Estate Listings

The REALTOR – Hilarious

Real Estate Listing Presentations

The Real Estate Listing Presentation

With over 1,000,000 REALTOR members in the National Association of REALTORS, (NAR) you can’t even begin to imagine the variety of styles and agent listing presentations that have been created and used in homes all across the country.  The Real Estate Listing Presentation is the most important piece of the puzzle for agents that want to get signed contracts and sell homes.

So what do you look for in a listing presentation?  What marketing and advertising do you expect and deserve from your REALTOR or agent?  Here’s a few samples of listing presentations I was able to find using a variety of resources out on the web.

If you’re an agent or REALTOR, are these competitive?  Do they provide less or more services and pizzazz than you prefer?  If you’re a consumer and considering working with an agent or REALTOR anytime soon, which of these stand out and motivate or inspire you to use that company or agent?

These presentations are all available publicly on the web, however the resources and platforms are all unique and different so you may see some where the transitions, overlays, audio, and even visual is not exactly like the original that the agent is using in the field or online.  It will still give you a good idea regarding the content.

There are also a wide variety of platforms being used to demonstrate these listing presentations like Prezi,.com,,, and


The Youtube Platform

Todd Schroth –

David Pylyp – Remax Realty Specialists

The Generic Listing – Sample with Messaging

The Prezi Platform

Chris Clemmer – Remax Realty Group