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Moving Google Docs to Google Drive

Google Docs is now offering 5 free gigs of Google Drive when you switch over. What is the Google Drive and should you switch?  That’s up to you, but I did and here’s how and why.

Just like Dropbox, (which I love and use frequently) you can have your private or shared work and projects  up on the cloud and on your hard-drive with access from any mobile device or Internet connection.  In my business, this is a must have, if you’re in business, it will be too.

The differences between the look and feel are very slight and subtle.  However the new options and features are much better and much more useful and efficient.

GOOGLE DOCS                                                   GOOGLE DRIVE
(click for large view)                                                (click for large view)


One of the great features offered by Google drive is that you can download their free app for the PC or Mac to sync your online docs and projects easily and efficiently.

Once you download the and install the application, the option to sync is immediately available or you can use the drag and drop feature to move and organize your files.

Whether you are sharing files or just using the Google drive as a cloud based storage for online access, it’s a really great deal since it’s free.

Setting Up or Switching to Google Drive:

This is even easier than setting up your Google account was.  Just go to your Google Docs and click on the “Try Google Drive” option, or you can get more details and do a little more research here on the homepage of Google Drive.

Switching or moving from Google Docs to Google Drive is really just a two-step process.


Lastly, don’t forget to download Google Drive’s App for your PC or MAC.

101 Landing Page Improvement Tips

Over the years, I have been helping many of my colleagues and associates within the real estate industry setup websites, blogs, squeeze pages and landing pages for their business’s.

While much of what I have learned and shared comes from trial and error, a great deal of information I have acquired has come from deep searches and inconceivable amounts of time spent finding resources on the web.

Here’s 101 ways you can improve the conversion potential of your digital marketing. I found this deck to be very informative with some great tips for your landing pages, splash pages and squeeze pages if you’re creating these types of things for your online business, products, tools, or services.

“Landing pages are a crucial part of any online marketing campaign. They can be used to more effectively communicate your marketing message and as a result, increase the conversion rate of your campaigns.”

While these tips will provide a great amount of detailed tips and information, the real key to any successful website, landing page or online presence is that it has the ability to cultivate returning traffic, provide great value and content, and have the ability and components to capture prospect for real world conversion.

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. which is one of the greatest manufactured tourist attractions in the World. After just 4 years, on May 27th 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge was complete. Crossing the bridge on it’s 75th birthday was an extremely historical and exciting event for us.

View more than 400,000 Photos of BridgeCLICK HERE

It was also Memorial Day weekend so we celebrated and honored those lost on the USS San Francisco while we were there.  The day started with a 16 kilometer bicycle ride through Golden Gate Park, everything that happened just seemed to fall right into place without any plan or agenda.  Then a quick drive to the coast, a few stops at some spectacular Pacific Ocean viewing spots, then a long trek through congestion and traffic to make our crossing to honor the City’s celebration.  View ALL Photos Here.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most beautiful, amazing, most spectacular sites you’ll ever witness.  No photo or video can do it justice.  Viewing it from any angle or perspective is an incredible experience.  It’s no wonder or coincidence that this was the very bridge we were under when I asked my wife to marry me.  Maybe that’s another reason I feel so “drawn” to this bridge as “I do.” (excuse the puns)

Until just yesterday, I didn’t realize how much we take for granted; all that went into designing and creating the Golden Gate Bridge.  Think of all the extraneous work it took designing such a complex and unique bridge. Creating the steel, moving it, connecting it, and building what millions have since walked, biked, and driven across these past 75 years.  The thought simply left me in awe.  Here’s a fantastic vintage video that tells the classic story and includes original footage of the Bridge’s development.

For anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area last night
who may have not known about the 75th anniversary celebration, they might have thought the City and Bridge were under attack.  The fireworks display from the Golden Gate bridge was nothing short of stellar. It left folks completely and utterly amazed. Even the Disneyland pyro-technicians would have appreciated this one-of-a-kind fireworks spectacular!