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3D Presentations for Real Estate

3D Prezi presentations will take your real estate presentations to the next level for buyers and sellers. Imagine sitting with any client at their home or your office and sharing a 3D presentation like this one. Awesome pictures combined with compelling content will deliver amazing results if you use this combination effectively. now allows you to import your Powerpoint presentations so if you want to take a flat slideshow preso and make it 3D and come to life, give this new feature a whirl…oh yeah, and don’t forget to check it out on your mobile iPad, the presentations look great!

Lastly, just in case you’re interested in how Prezi got started, or if you just like a great success story, here’s a really cool documentary created and presented in “Prezivision” that tells the tale of how Prezi was conceived and delivered as one of the greatest visual presentation editors on the web.

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Who’s Unfriended You on Facebook

Yesterday 500 friends on Facebook… today 499?

I know it’s not a big deal to some, and in many cases it’s just because someone probably deleted their Facebook account, but I personally cannot help from wondering if I pissed someone off when this happens?  This time I want and need to know? Do you know if someone has un-friended you on Facebook? Do you know who, why, or care?

Facebook does not currently provide a tool or way to determine who or why someone has un-friended you, only a list of ~all friends~ and a total count.  Since Facebook is all about friendships, family, social habits, and relationships with other people, why doesn’t Facebook offer a feature like this? Isn’t this a pretty important issue to people? Is sure is to me.

Wouldn’t you want to know if you lost an online friend and why? Maybe I’m just being a softy here but I never want to lose a friend on Facebook or in real life.  Well, you always hear that “there’s an app for that” and for those curious who un-friended you today, now there’s an app for that too and it’s free. Check it out!

The app is currently available for iPhone and iPad users and it’s called “Lost Friends?” I hope this little app will help you kindle or re-kindle those friendships and personal relationships, or at least be kept aware of those you’ve lost. Maybe Facebook will see this as an important feature to their site and add it one day.

Until then, just know that if you un-friend me on Facebook, I’ll know it, I’ll know who you are, and you’ll be getting a call from me (if we’re really friends) because I would never say or do anything to intentional or even accidentally to impair or damage our friendship or relationship.  Thanks for being a real friend and for reading this. 🙂

Not a friend already?  CLICK HERE – Let’s be friends on Facebook

Youtube’s 1st Newsletter Launches Today


This is the very first email newsletter launched by Youtube today, Issue 1, August 2012. I for one am really stoked to be on their email distribution list. 24 hours worth of video get uploaded to Youtube every minute of everyday. It’s humanly impossible to keep up with trending topics, cool viral videos, and all the world news that gets posted on Youtube.

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Issue 1 • August 2012
Feel like you know more about the latest summer blockbuster than you do about what’s going on in the world? Don’t worry, YouTube’s News, Politics, and Education newsletter is here with a healthy dose of noteworthy information to get you up to speed.
Five New Channels To Up Your IQ

Smart Girls at the Party Youtube EDU Thnkr Take Part TV Soul Pancake

Five New Channels To Up Your IQ

  1. Explore some knowledge on YouTube EDU
  2. Check out mind-blowing clips on Thnkr
  3. Get schooled by Amy Poehler of SNL on Smart Girls
  4. Stay informed about issues facing the planet on TakePartTV, from the creators of Waiting for Superman
  5. Talk about some feelings with Rainn Wilson of The Office on SoulPancake
World's Most Popular News Outlet?

World’s Most Popular News Outlet?

We’ve recently noticed you’ve been heading to YouTube to watch and create news. Check out the latest videos that are making YouTube an emerging citizen news platform.
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Real World Explained

Real World Explained

Find out why coffee is the greatest addiction ever, why the streets of lower Manhattan aren’t on the grid, and more. This is the real world, explained by our new playlist.
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Youtube’s Newsletter Issue’s will be a great way to keep up with the videos I miss. Whether this is a weekly or monthly distribution, it’s an email that won’t be going onto my email spam list.

If you’d like to receive (or not receive) the Youtube Newsletter, you can request it or unsubscribe by changing your settings on your YouTube account which is located at