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Customer Service Quotes To Serve By

Customer service is no longer the hope or expectation, it’s demanded.

It’s the customer experience that matters most.  There are many great companies and organizations in history that have produced and provided incredible service to every customer, and those company’s have lasted long and prosper.  Customer service is the competitive advantage yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Which type of service is easier to remember and share with others, Good or Bad?

Think back to the last service experience you had that was totally amazing, absolutely incredible, and unbelievably memorable?  Now was that easy or hard to do?  What about the worst, most horrific, utterly detestable experience you’ve had?  Every person is different, and therefore need to be treated that way right?

People will forget your name, your company, even what you’ve said, but they will never forget how you made them feel!

Here is a compilation of quotes and wisdom from some of the best in the business.  Use these to “Raise The Bar!”

What is your value statement? Do you have a motto, a quote, words of wisdom to live and serve by? What is the purpose and meaning of your business efforts if there’s no specific mission or ultimate vision for your customers’ to experience? Read these quotes for the first 3 minutes of everyday, and you WILL NOT FAIL!

Here’s my 10 favorite Customer Service Info-Graphics. Use these stats and facts to build a winning business!

  • 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company over a bad customer experience – Click Software
  • 79% of consumers still prefer to use the telephone to interact with a customer service center – Zendesk
  • 21% of social customers will spend more for excellent service vs 11% of non-social customers – Parature
  • 52% of unsatisfied customers spread the word about the bad service they received – Zendesk
  • 97% of surveyed say online experience influenced if they would buy a product or service – Econsultancy
  • 62% of consumers have used social media for customer service issues – Zendesk
  • 72% of consumers have a more favorable view of a company offering a customer service app – Nuance
  • 100% How to calculate customer lifetime value with a step-by-step example at Starbucks – KissMetrics
  • SMM for customer service, with brands like Jetblue and Comcast using it to publicly – Zintro
  • A great collection of the TOP 25 most influential people in the customer service space – MindTouch

customer experience

Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics provides some great stats, graphs, reports, and traffic information etc. about your websites and blogs but only if you’ve properly added the Google Analytics code to your sites.  This information and visual data can be very useful in growing your sites’ traffic and building your online empire of quality content over time. It’s a no-brainer that knowing where you’ve been, and where you are currently, will help you get to where you’re going and want to be, right?

Google Analytics provides some very useful information, like the the dashboard….


The real-time visitors on site feature and report…

ga2The report and visual graph that shows your social network sharing origination and activity…


And one of my favorites from GA is the Multi-Channel Conversion Visualizer.


Now there’s a way to get data without going to Google Analytics, and have it delivered to your inbox! has recently created a way for you to view and share some of that important information by providing a free, cool looking and well presented info-graphic. Get weekly insights and updates on all yours websites and blogs. Let me show you how it works.

Google Analytics Report

The first step is to create your free account on  The second step (if you haven’t already) is to install the Google Analytics codes on your websites and blogs where applicable. It’s that code that looks something like this <UA-1137703x-xxxx> The third step is to simply select which site or blog you want as your info-graphic source, and you’re done. does the rest for you.

GA Report

You can select from any or all of your sites to produce an awesome looking info-graphic like this:

Bradsdomain Info Graphic

If you like the final product that produces for your site, and you’d like to track and see your sites broken down visually on a weekly basis, they’ll even send you a copy in your email every week so you don’t have to keep recreating the visual reports.  So what’s in it for them and why are they doing this for you and I free?  They just want you to share this with others like I’m sharing it with you.

weekly email updates

So go ahead, click on the share tools below, and share these awesome Google and tools with your friends.

Using Free and Safe Google Images

Are you looking for images and pictures for your blog? The best bet is to always take and use your own. Just because you can “right-click” on an Internet image and save it to your computer for later use, doesn’t mean that you should, in fact,  I very strongly encourage against it.

95% of people search the Internet for images, pictures, and graphics and they start their search on Google, just like you and I do. The problem is that not all pictures and images are free to use, are available under a creative-commons law, and most are copyright protected.  So now what?

Here is my recommendation for those who want to use Google for images and pictures.

1. Do your Google search as you normally would:

Beautiful Houses

2. Now, use the “advanced” search tool that Google provides over on the right:

Advanced Search Tool

3.  Very Important:
Choose the usage rights that have “Free To Use Share or Modify” and click advanced search button

Google Free and Safe Images


4.  Viola! Free and safe images for you to use on your blogs and websites.

Google Free Images and Pics

If you must search the web to find and use that perfect image or picture for your blog, make sure it’s a free and safe image or picture, and that you are doing all you can to protect yourself and abide by all the copyright rules, laws, and regulations.

Even the steps above can’t, won’t, and don’t fully protect you from lawyers and the court of law, but it’s much better and safer than the way you’re currently doing it, wouldn’t you agree…or you wouldn’t be here now right? 🙂

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