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What’s The Best Internet Browser

Who makes and which is the best Internet Browser?

I get asked this question more than any other technical question.  In my opinion, they are all good browsers, each having their own positive features and negative drawbacks. The best answer to this question will have to be answered by you.


This is not the “Battle -of-the-Browsers”

I will attempt to create a short but useful page here of information, links, and my own personal experiences.  However, you will need to do your due diligence and research to determine for yourself “What is the Best Internet Browser for me?”

Browsing Web

Microsoft Internet Explorer
It’s the most popular and most used Internet Web browser on the Internet.
Negative: Klanky, slow, controlling, buggy browser extensions and plugins, no Mac version.
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Yahoo Mozilla Firefox
Positive:  The browser is optimized and has seamless integration of Yahoo! Search, Homepage, and Toolbar.
Negative: See the Mozilla Support page for a list of multiple issues and technical problems.
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Great developer and community resources. Works on computer, mobile, and tablets.
Negative:  Lacks plugins, doesn’t work with Java, and doesn’t play well with Facebook.
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Apple Safari
Positive: Works great on all Apple products including mobile.
Negative: Obviously does not work on a PC or Windows. Duh!
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Google Chrome
Positive: FAST, simple, user friendly, Google support with seamless integration, great app add-ons.
Negative: Now this is where I have a bit of a challenge, personally… I haven’t found any.
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Every Internet browser has its raving fans! By the same token, each has its arch enemy, so what’s the best way for you to determine which browser is best for you and your specific web-surfing needs: EASY!

Take these there simple steps.

1.  Read the review’s I’ve linked here, and search the engines to find other relative reviews.
2.  Call on your friends, associates, fans, social media connections and family for their opinions.
3.  Download each browser that works with your operating system and give em a test run.

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