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375 Best Infographics

InfographicsI love Infographics for many reasons.

They combine great content with compelling images to help viewers comprehend the data and info provided. Remember those boring ugly spreadsheets back in the day that looked like the old school Wall Street Journals?  Just a bunch of text and numbers on a page that made you yawn and feel nauseous?

This won’t and can’t happen with a well created Infographic.


Producing Real ResultsGraphic

Infographics take the guessing out of the message and give viewers a more accurate interpretation of what the author originally intended by using visually compelling data and content. More and more of these Infographics are reaching into different marketing and advertising arena’s producing viral sharing results and calls-to-action that really work!?

Keep an eye on how these are becoming more and more popular and how you can use them for your business to deliver your message?  Here are 375 of the Best Smart Viral Infographics I have viewed that passed my inspection and quality control on Pinterest.

29 Ways to be creative
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5 Tips for Startup Businesses

Have you ever said to yourself, “Man, I wish I would have known that before I got started?

This is a typical universal thought and statement we have all made at one time or another.  The National Entrepreneur Network (NEN) put together this presentation which will give viewers those most important tips in building your start-up business, well… at least 5 really good ones.

This presentation will/should help you to avoid some common mistakes while starting up.

5 things I wish I knew before starting up
from NEN

Build and maximize in these areas of your start-up, most of the other stuff will just fall into place.
  • #1 – Execution is MORE IMPORTANT than great ideas.
  • #2 – Fund raising takes MUCH LONGER than planned.
  • #3 – Ups and downs WILL continue forever.
  • #4 – Good hiring practices are A MUST for Success.
  • #5 – Rituals and recognition ARE important.

Keeping in mind that there are many things to consider when creating and building your start-up business, these 5 tips and the points made in the above presentation will help you advance down that road of success with many less surprises and greater expectations and results.