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Top Mobile App Picks 2013

These apps were personally selected based on their user interface, the quality and stability of their product, and the overall end-user experience. The purpose of sharing these apps and this post is to add value to the user who is doing the majority of their business from a mobile device.

This was also inspired by the Top 100 IOS Mobile Apps for Real Estate post which was a huge success in 2013.

While most of these apps are free to download, there may be a few that slipped in which will cost a couple bucks.

Mobile Photo AppsTop Mobile App Picks for 2013

AboutOne – One safe place to manage the information you need to take care of your family and home.
AnyDo – is an app to help you manage life in a simple clever & fun way.

BreezeRealEstateFlyers – Print real estate flyers and feature sheets from your iPad with templates.
Burner – A privacy layer for your device. Get phone numbers you control at the push of a button.

Cheddar – Your tasks are instantly everywhere. Everything you do with Cheddar syncs all devices.
Clipped – Turns articles and documents into bullet point summaries.
ClipPick – ClipPick allows you to copy text or images from one device to another instantly.
CoEveryWhere – Hyper local news for every neighborhood in the world.
CoolIris – One app for all your photos. Beautifully experience all your photos.
Copy – Sync, protect, and share everywhere. Up to 15 gigs free storage.
Cube – Cubenect… connect, share and view. A single social networking dashboard.

DeskConnect – The missing link between all your devices.
Directr – Video that matters. Helps you easily make great movies.
Drync – Discover and buy wines you love for delivery to your doorstep or to others.

EasilyDo – The smart assistant that helps you get things done.

Feedly – The best RSS feed reader and curator since the demise of Google Reader.
FindIt – The easiest way to search email and files on your Android or iPhone.
Flattr – Best way to support creators on the services you use and love.
Flesky – A great application that replaces your device’s on–screen keyboard.
FlipBoard – Read and collect news, curate your favorite stories on any topic imaginable.
FrontBack – Not just photos of you but what you see as well.

GateGuru – For travelers of the globe.  A Tripadviser travel app created for all travelers.
Glide – The fastest way to send video messaging from one mobile device to another.
GoodTodo – Online to-do list that helps you empty your inbox and improve your productivity.
GoogleDrive – Some of the best mobile tools available to help you get stuff done.
Grovo – Sharpen your Internet skills in just 60 seconds.
Gyft – The easiest way to send, redeem, buy and manage gift cards.

HaikuDeck – A completely new kind of mobile presentation software and app.
HelloSign – Legally binding electronic signatures for any business or industry.

InvestInTech – PDF apps and solutions for smartphones and tablets.

KeyMe – Copy keys, resolve lock outs. Keys delivered in under 60 minutes.
Krrb – Buy, sell, rent, trade, give and be neighborly.

Life360 – An app specifically for family and friends wanting to keep connected.
Lift – Unlock your potential and change your life. Lift helps you reach your goals.

MadeWithOver – Beautiful text overlay’s for your pics and photos.
– Put mail in its place. Finally an app that lets you better manage email.
MailChimp Gather – Text message your MailChimp subscribers, keep them updated during events.
MapKin – Taking your shared journey, travels and GPS to another level.
MixBit – Create great videos by collaborating and combining video with others.
Moves – Activity tracking without using any additional gadgets.

Nooly – The worlds most localized weather map. Micro weather forecasting.

Pocket – Find something you want to read or view later, just put it in your pocket.
Popcorn – Chat with people within a one mile radius of your location.
ProductEev – The leading social task management system and solution for teams.

Revel – Share photos and videos on your family’s phones, tablets and computers.
Rove – Your memories remembered. Private journaling beautifully automated.

Scout – Your personal navigator that makes your destination more of an enjoyed journey.
Sensopia – Create floor plans in any home, room or building with your device camera.
SiteGeist – The app that helps you to learn more about your surroundings in seconds.
SKJM – Monitor multiple live video and audio webcam feeds from your device.
SleepCycle – A bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you at your lightest sleep phase.
SoundTracking – Local Top trending posts of sound tracks for your review and pleasure.
SpringPad – Organize your world and have more fun while you do it.
SquareUp – The wallet app that lets you pay with your good name.

Tab – The simple way to split the dining or bar bill among multiple friends.
ThrowBack – A really trippy app that will send your past to your future present.
Timbre – The simplest and best way to find local live music around you.
Trello – Organize anything and everything and do it collaborating with others.

Umano – Have interesting and popular articles read to you by real people.

Wickr – The Internet is forever but this Mission Impossible style app changes the game.
WunderList – A great way to organize your business and your life on a mobile device.

Yevvo – Unpredictable. Raw. And no reruns, just like real life.

Add your favorite mobile apps from 2013 in the comments below and I’ll see that they get added to this list.
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Best Websites and Online Tools 2013

Each year I compile a list of ALL the coolest websites and tools to share with friends.  It takes most of the year to find, discover, research, test and gather all these sites, apps and tools along with their information and links. You’ll find something here for everyone.

Many of these site’s will contribute to your personal health, wealth, business, personal success and enjoyment.  Last year’s Coolest Websites and Online Tools 2012 won “most views” both here and on Facebook.

Most are FREE, a couple are “pay-after-trial” if you find them worthy, but ALL of them are worth checking out.



AgentGoalPlanner – Set, track and achieve your real estate financial goals.
Asana – Teamwork without email. Organize your team, project, and yourself.
Ask.FM – The Social Media resource for answers from friends and SOI.
AutoRelaxed – Auto reply for Social Media during Holidays or any days.


Behance – The leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work.
Biggest Price Drop – The best deals will automatically bubble to the top.
BitStrips – Create instant comics starring you and your friends.
Blippex – The site that is making search human again.
– Take control of your Gmail like never before.
BrainShark – Online video presentations made real easy.
Break Through Broker – The best free stuff for Real Estate Agents.
BucketList – Keep track and share life’s personal and most coveted events.
ButtonBuilder – Create buttons for your websites and emails instantly.


Calm – A site that provides the magic of keeping you Calm using senses.
ChipIt By Sherwin Williams – Use any pic to access the 1500 color palette.
Cincopa – Enhanced videos, photo galleries, slideshows, music and podcasts.
Compare Moving Companies – Get real and competitive moving quotes.
Conduit – Create mobile apps and browser tool-bars then get paid.
CometDocs – Convert, store and share documents – Management System.
CreditSesame – Credit Sesame makes it easy to access your financial picture.
Crushpath – Create stunning sales and marketing content on the fly.
CustomInk – Design your own customized T-Shirt and order online.


DeliRadio – ALL the local concerts and shows in your hyper-local area.
DeskConnect – Send anything and everything between your devices.
DigitalFilms – Unleash your creativity and make your digital video for free.


EZCoordinator – The power to organize and manage at your fingertips.


Favicon – Create a free Favicon for your website or Blog URL’s.
FindAGrave – Looking for a long lost loved one or family member?
FiveSecondTest – Landing page optimization for your mocks and wireframes.
– The ultimate simplistic video player for the web.
FollowBlitz – Manage Twitter followers, un-followers, fakes and follow-backs.
Fotor – Simple yet sophisticated photo and image enhancement.
FreeStockMusic – 100% Free production music — download instantly.


Gazelle – Get values and get paid for your technology and mobile devices.
Giphy – The best animated free .GIF resource on the web.
Giphy Cards – Free animated greeting card lab
GrandSt – They help you experience new technology that improves your life.


HearItDirect – Think you know what consumers want and think? Hear it direct.
HelloFax – Send and receive faxes from anywhere.
HomeLight – Information on more than 2,000,000 real estate agents.
HomeSpotHQ – Meet your new home maintenance partner online.


Instructables – DIY – How To Make Instructions.  Also share Your DIY’s.


JoliCloud – Unify all your content in one interface accessible from anywhere.


Kizoa – Free slideshow and Video Maker. Collage Creator and Photo Editor.


LaunchRock – Collect interest and build an audience before you launch.
Lumosity – Improve your brain health and performance with online training.


MarketVideos – Personally branded video newsletters for home buyers.
MatterPort – 3D Modeling with a cloud based software.
MixPanel –  Advanced mobile analytics platform. Measure actions, not page views.
MLSRealEstateVideos – Find homes that use video for marketing and add yours.
MonkeySee – Watch, Learn and Discover just about anything and everything.
Motion Backgrounds for Free – Download free backgrounds and looping videos.
MoveLine – A new and radically easier way to move.
MyBizCard – World’s first online business card with great features.
MyBlogGuest – A community of robust guest Bloggers for your Blog.
MyMedSchedule – Free medication schedules, reminders, and new health tracker.


NadaGuides – The ultimate new and used car, trailer, motor-cycle value site.
NettedByTheWebbys – Better living through the Internet. Get the Best of the Web.


OnVedeo – Real Estate Video Tours using a VidGenie to incorporate local content.
OneTimeBox – One Time Box is an open source project, operating under the MIT license.


Paperless Agent – It’s more than just training for mobile, it’s a life style.
PDFConverter – Free PDF to PowerPoint conversion online.
PhoneDeck – Integrates your smartphones and tablets with the cloud
Pixable – See your friends’ photos and other photos that matter to you.
Points2Shop – Earn points to shop for doing the things you do everyday anyway.
PopCorn Maker – Easily remix web video, audio and images into cool mashups.
PortFM – Free music from the decades 1920-2000 for listening pleasure.


RedBeacon – Trusted Pros and contractors for your home backed by Home Depot.
RiffTime – Explore, buy and learn music from Pro’s on any instrument for any age.


SavorChat – The best free group chat for Facebook and Twitter users.
SharedCount – Track shares of any URL across all Social Media channels for free.
ShowMeLocal – A local Business Directory and Yellow Pages service.
SingSnap – The world’s largest online free Karaoke community.
SkillPages – Where you will find skilled people of all types and backgrounds.
SleepyTime – Bedtime calculator that also helps find the best times to wake up.
SocialMediopolis – The Capitol of Social Media on the web.
SoundEffects for Free – Headquarters for professional quality audio sound effects.
StackSocial – Hand-picked apps, gadgets & tech tools to satisfy your inner geek.
StockPhotosforFree – Unlimited access to pro quality images and photos.
StudioPress Test – Test your site or blog for mobile device compatibility and use.


TalkWalkerAlerts – The best alternative to Google Alerts on the Web.
The Grommet – Discover new product, unique gifts and innovative design.
ThePriceGeek – Find out the Market Value of just about anything you can imagine.
TripWow Tripadvisor – The easiest way to create a stunning travel slideshow!
TrunkClub – Men’s clothes selected by personal stylists and shipped free.


UnRollMe – Clean up your inbox. Get email control with one click.


Viewbix – Turn your video viewers into action takers and go viral.
Vizify VizCards – Create and share awesome graphics about yourself.
VoiceOverToolbox – The voice you always wanted for Real estate video tours.


WebyDo – Professional website deign and creation online. No code and simple.


ZoomIt – A Microsoft tool that takes your image to another level. A must see.

Sometimes a few sites, tools and online services will slip by me. If I missed YOURS or any others here, please feel free to add a link and the description in the comments below.  Looking forward to an exciting 2014 and all the new products, tools, and free services that we’ll see crowding the Interweb and Webernet next year!  Up Next: Best Mobile Apps of 2013

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What Is A Partridge In A Pear Tree

I’m sure some of you may know this already, but for me, this was a very enlightening story.  I have sung this song (12 Days of Christmas) since I was as little as I can remember.  Drinking lots of hot chocolate and walking around the neighborhoods with my mom and grandmother singing Christmas Carol’s just like this one.

This particular Christmas Carol always baffled me, but I never questioned it, and just sang it anyway.  Kinda like “Ring Around The Rosie” which I’ll save for another post and another time. So what in the world do leaping lords, French hens, swimming swans, and especially the partridge who won’t come out of the pear tree have to do with Christmas?  Well I just recently found out… Did you know?


Back in 1558, and up until 1829, Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly. Someone during that time and era wrote this “carol” as a catechism song for young Catholics. It has two levels of meaning: the surface meaning plus a hidden meaning that was known only to the members of their church.

Each element in the carol has a code word for a religious reality which the children could remember.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

-The partridge in a pear tree was Jesus Christ.
-Two turtle doves were the Old and New Testaments.
-Three French hens stood for faith, hope and love.
-The four calling birds were the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.
-The five golden rings recalled the Torah or Law, the first five books of the Old Testament.
-The six geese a-laying stood for the six days of creation.
-Seven swans a-swimming represented the sevenfold gifts of the Holy Spirit–Prophesy, Serving, Teaching,Exhortation, Contribution, Leadership, and Mercy.
-The eight maids a-milking were the eight beatitudes.
-Nine ladies dancing were the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit–Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness,Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.
-The ten lords a-leaping were the ten commandments.
-The eleven pipers piping stood for the eleven faithful disciples.
-The twelve drummers drumming symbolized the twelve points of belief in the Apostles’ Creed.

So there is the history of this classic Holiday Carol. This was shared with me recently and I found it very interesting and enlightening. Now you know more about the tune that became what is known today as one of the most popular and most sung Christmas Carols of all time.

Merry Christmas Everyone!