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What Blog Content Works

What Type of Blog Content Works? Great question with no right or wrong answer.

Over the past 10 years I have written more than 1000 articles here. My intention was to simply create a library of content, a place where I could archive all my discoveries and knowledge regarding technology, social media, apps, websites, and online tools etc. The sole purpose of this site was to share my findings with others.

At one point I was using this site as my own resource so I could find and recall all the different things I had discovered. I still do to this day and it’s been a huge value for that reason alone. When I look back and ask myself if creating a website and blog was worth it, the answer is definitely “YES” without a doubt and with no regrets.

TrafficOne never knows when creating a site like this what will become of it?  What will people find when searching the web? What will they like, what will they not like, what will they share and what will keep them coming back? The answer will  remain a mystery until you actually do it, track it, break it down, analyze it and see for yourself?

These are the top articles in the “most viewed” and “most shared” categories.

Coolest Websites and Online Tools 2012

A compilation of the best free websites and online tools and services available on the Internet.  Started January 1st and ended on December 31st 2012. A guaranteed pleaser and a little something for everyone.

The Glory Hole in Lake Berryessa

The ONLY recorded video and story of the amazing Morning Glory (known as the Glory Hole) in Lake Berryessa located in Napa County California. Seeing the video is nothing like seeing it in real life!

Glory HoleTop Mobile Picks for 2013

Nearly every human that walks the earth now owns a mobile device. While many of these links and apps are directed to the iUser, you’ll find them or a comparable app for your specific device as well. Worth a peek for sure.

FREE Image & Graphic Generators

The most socially shared and best resource for accessing and using free images, graphics, and online generators to create the best images, logos, buttons, and graphics etc for your websites and blogs.

Top 50 Google Tools for Business

The title completely covers the reason this one made Top 10. Google has a plethora of tools and services they offer for free that cover a variety of Business and personal needs. Go ahead and count them if in doubt.

Coolest500 Ways To Say Happy Birthday

There are so many ways to say Happy Birthday, Hallmark cards has proved that for sure. This is 500+ people who wished someone happy birthday over a popular social network and still gets the most views today.

Creating Hotspot Links on Pictures

Creating a link or hotspot on a graphic or image may seem very technical and challenging but in this article you’ll see how simple it is and even get instructions to create your own. It’s not as hard as you may think.

Best Websites and Online Tools 2013

Just like the 2012 article above, this one shares all new Free sites and services along the same lines but for 2013.  There’s many great sites, services and tools online today, this is just a smidgen of what’s out there.

Mobile 100Free Photo & Graphic Editing Sites

Fixing photos, images, and editing graphics etc doesn’t take a degree in design or cost a fortune buying software.  You won’t even need to take a class or go to night school to use these free sites.

Enter Contest To Win a FREE House

This article obviously received a ton of attention, views, shares etc. Who wouldn’t want a new house… for FREE? While the contest and sweepstake is now over, this article is still one of the most visited on the site.

So at the end of the day, what type of blogging content works?

As you can see from above, there are a variety of articles covering many different topics. They have excelled beyond the others here based entirely on people’s choices. They have risen to the creme of the crop due to the crowd-sourcing power provided by the Internet.

Whatever you’re truly passionate about writing and sharing with others is great content! It will work and resonate with others but ONLY with those who have similar interests. Now if they decide to go beyond reading and commenting on your stuff, that’s the power.  It’s the sharing, linking to, and others promoting your content etc. that indicates your articles and posts are working! 🙂

Acheiving Real Estate Success

Successful Real Estate Business Growth – The Negative and Positive

Running a Real Estate business is like trying to run a three-ring circus.  It can become difficult to manage as it grows in all 3 arenas: past clients, current clients, and future prospects. It’s easier when you just have a few past clients, you’re only working with 2 or 3 current buyers, and you’re able to prospect your neighborhood of 100 homes or so… but is your growth and success actually the beginning of your real estate business demise? Does growing your business create some new challenges? YES!

3RingWhat about after you’ve been in the business for 10 or more years? Now you have hundreds of past clients, you’re working with multiple buyers and sellers, and now you have farms and marketing strategies all over the place including the Internet where you’re prospecting 1000’s of new leads? At this point your time is being totally consumed and you’re working your arse off! You’re spending more money, providing less value to past and current clients and unable to prospect because of it all.

Your original real estate business plan is now unsustainable.  It’s a dead end.

This Is The 3-Ring Circus Dilemma and Challenge

How can agents better manage their growing SOI (past clients) provide stellar services for their existing clients who they obviously want to do a great job for in order to build a strong referral business in the future, (who by the way are the one’s consuming them) and still continue to prospect for future business?

Adding to this challenge is the fact that many agent’s also want to have a family, personal relationships, some financial security, and a life with other dreams and goals? There’s no easy answer I know, but this is a dilemma and the challenge that every agent faces or will face at some point in their career.

Real Estate Agents – Are You A Hunter or a Farmer

Looking for new business is part of the hunt, but going back and working past clients successfully is the key to getting referral business and winning the game. Isn’t referral business the goal of every agent? What is a sustainable business plan?


Automation, Technology, Online Tools, A Good CRM and a Team

Running into a dead-end or hitting a brick wall is never the intention of any real estate agent. The fact is, you won’t plateau if you aren’t doing the volume of business that can be considered “making a living” in real estate. 20% of the agents in the U.S do 80% of the real estate business.  In 2013, NAR reported that 72% of all NAR real estate members sold 1 home or less! This is NOT a living.

THE ANSWER – Contacts, Appointments and Closings

This is the obvious “must have” to be successful in real estate. No contacts means no appointments which means no trip to the bank this week. Everything else in real estate is just a tool, a means to an end or a distraction and a time suck! Lead cultivation creates lead and contact capture which is the ONLY way to lead conversion… period. You must have a goal focused on a financial income in order to determine how many contacts, appointments and closings you’ll need to exceed.

Marketing, Advertising, Farming and Prospecting

No matter who you are, and where you’re at in your real estate business, you will have to continue prospecting. Outbound marketing like sending letters, email, social networking, door knocking, cold calling and using your phone etc. will always be a necessity.

In-bound marketing like IDX feeds, listing portals, websites, blogs and referral business are also the staple for agents wanting more contacts and leads to generate appointments that convert into clients over time. These generate incoming calls and inquiries. Agents must invest 20% or more of their back into business using out-bound and in-bound marketing if they want to grow a successful business.

Newspaper ads, bus bench banners, shopping cart branding and billboards are just a few examples of advertising that is considered both outbound advertising and In-bound marketing. These are costly, difficult to track results and often times a challenge to maintain.

10 Success Factors Found in All Top AgentsSuccess

  1. Invest in Yourself
  2. Set Realistic Goals
  3. Keep Body/Mind Healthy
  4. Work REALLY Hard
  5. Learn To Delegate
  6. Build a Strong Team
  7. Sustainable Plan/Strategy
  8. Remove Time Sucks
  9. Invest in Your Business
  10. Track, Analyze & Adjust Daily

The KEY to Your Successful Real Estate Strategy

It will require focus, a strategy, systems and tools, technology, automation and incorporating the proper use of Mobile. Setting realistic financial goals and creating a sustainable business plan is the only way a real estate agent will succeed. Ultimately agents need to build a team to minimize stress and maximize time. Social media sites and tools can and will also play a big role if agents know how to use and work them. Only YOU can Master putting this all together to have your business run seamlessly like a fine Swiss watch.

At the end of the day, it takes more than just YOU

To run an effective and successful real estate business if you’re truly trying to make millions of dollars over a shorter period of time, requires a team. It demands letting go and delegating. It mandates that you re-evaluate your business model, strategies, and plan of action daily. Just like a 3-ring circus, it takes multiple people and coordinated efforts to make it run smoothly and ensure no one gets hurt!

good teamStay Focused, Flexible & Accountable

There truly is no one size fits all. You MUST differentiate yourself from the competition and DARE to be different. Find what defines YOU and exploit it. Deliver excellence to yourself first and others expectation’s will be exceeded. Sign your work with the quality that you want it to represent. Always shoot for the stars to reach the moon because remember…  the man on TOP of the mountain didn’t fall there.