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2013 Real Estate Buyer and Seller Profile

The National Association of REALTORS┬« provides annual highlights from the profile of home buyers and home sellers every year and then makes it available publicly. If you’re not sure where to find the report, then you’re just like me?! You know it’s out there, you know it’s on their site somewhere, but who has 15+ minutes to go digging around the web to try and find it? I Do! So I did, and I’m adding it right here for all of you who by chance might find this interesting and valuable information useful? That is if you’re in the real estate industry of course. Enjoy!

Highlights From the 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Now if you liked the report above, you’re going to love having access to this “Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report which views and addresses all 5 generations of the home buying and selling groups. Gen X and Gen Y make of the majority of the pool, but take a look at some of the generational trends and how you might want to plan and prepare for what’s ahead in the real estate market.

2014 Nar Home Buyer Seller Generational Trends

You too can find more great info and article at REALTOR.ORG

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The Real Estate Guide to Keywords

It’s one thing to think you know what others are searching for on the web, but it’s another thing to KNOW what they’re searching for!? Creating content that shows up on page one of the Google search results pages (SERPS) is usually the main focus and goal.

Understanding all the components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be overwhelming and really confusing for most people, especially if you’re busy just trying to run a business and help people buy and sell homes? This explains why so many procrastinate.

What the heck is SEO, SERPS, long tails, short tails etc. anyways? Geez!?!

So if you can’t find a person to take on the role of “SEO KING/QUEEN” and “Keyword Manager” for your company or small business, then looking for a shortcut to this knowledge and the “how-to” is the next best thing right?

Here’s a slide deck the gives you just enough content to understand how it all works, but also provides some concentrated information and details that will help you down the “Keyword” & “Best Phrases” road to success.

While great content is, and always should be the main focus, having the right keywords and phrases do go hand in hand with helping to be found and get discovered in the search engines.