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50 Tips from Worlds Best Books

It’s easy to get lost in a really good book right? Especially a book that can have a huge impact on your personal and business life. The more challenging part of a great book is isolating the take-a ways that can truly make a difference in the way you see and do things? Like they say, doing the same thing over and over expecting a change is considered insanity! I wake up everyday making changes just to keep me sane. lol~

Here are more than 50 great take-away items from some of the world’s best business books available. It would be impossible for you to not experience a change in your personal and business life if you viewed each of these and then implemented only a few. On the other hand, if you were to implement the majority of what you read here, then experiencing a total and complete life change is not out of the question!?

The most important tip that is not shown in these slides is the YOU are the boss and charged with your own results and successes. YOU are the one in control of the outcome and your destiny. YOU can make the difference and are in charge of your own mindset and actions. So the best tip to learn here is to know who YOU are, who YOU want to become, and where YOU want to be with your personal and business life… then just make it so!