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From A Pro! Music is an inspiration to all life, at all ages. Let me show you how to play guitar by ear!




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"I have always been inspired by music my whole life! From as young as I can remember, music has played a role in every aspect of my it does yours. Remember the first song you ever knew as a child? You still know that song today. Remember that movie you went to see and how it made you feel? It was because of the music. Remember that first date, the songs, that first kiss?  Music is a part of all of us, and the memories we hold dear and treasure are usually linked or can be remembered by a song. There are songs and music that also bring back not so good memories. Ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, lost loved ones, and long forgotten circumstances. Though music has been a part of the world since the beginning of time, it is only in our lifetimes that we have to truly embrace and enjoy it.  After 30 years of playing, writing, recording and performing, I have decided to teach anyone who wants to learn to play guitar. If you have a passion for music and want to learn how to express yourself as an art, or just a hobby, I can show you how! Maybe you want to learn just for your own self enjoyment, or maybe you want to make some money or even a career of it, I can help you achieve your dream. This is my way of giving back to the fans, friends and family who have supported me over the many years."

Brad owns the Recording studio (Outback Studio) in Cordelia, California where he writes and produces all his own materials. He is also the originator of the "Search and Rescue" ministry, a longtime vision of a world wide non-profit evangelistic mission to "Search and Rescue" new believers!


There are hundreds, if not thousands of websites that offer FREE guitar lessons, mp3 video file downloads, Tab, CD's, DVD's, personal online instructors, and even virtual websites where you can play and even battle with other musicians and guitar players. The problem with these sites it that they do not take into consideration the level and personality or experience of the player. These sites are great for a quick fix, but they usually lead to a point that you must purchase or commit to something online.

Our program is simple! If you live in Hawaii, Brad will teach you to play guitar in person! No gimmicks, no hassles and if you are not completely satisfied with your lesson, Brad will refund your entire payment! GUARANTEED! Call or email us today to find out his schedule for your area. Lessons are $40.00 per half hour, paid in advance on a monthly basis. If you have multiple family members or groups that are interested, Brad offers group rates and even senior citizen discounts. Also, for every student you refer to Brad, he will give two (2) free lessons for each referral. That's a value of $80.00 just for sharing with a family member or friend. Contact us today for a Free Consultation and Evaluation. No pressure, no sales pitch, just good ol' fashioned Guitar lessons from a Pro!

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