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Blogging for the Business Blogger

Content Accumulated over time for the Blogging Business Blogger

Here’s 21 Blogging articles over a 4 year period of time with more than 3580 Real Estate Industry Professional comments for your reading, learning, and reviewing pleasure. 

Disclaimer: Many of these articles and blog posts were written during my ActiveRain employment period and may reflect proprietary content and information as a result.

SEO and Blogging – The Importance of Visibility and Placement– 02/07/11 09:55 AM  (66 comments)
Blogging and Time Management– 12/08/09 02:11 AM (120 comments)
Real Estate Blogging – The Steps & Cycle For Success – 09/28/09 07:27 PM  (95 comments)
Common Mistakes A Blogger Makes– 09/06/09 08:10 PM  (162 comments)
ActiveRain Sets A New Network and Community Record– 08/08/09 12:19 AM  (105 comments)
How to Create a Blog Post for Customers and Search Engines– 07/25/09 09:46 AM  (375 comments)
3 Ways To Reach Your Audience – Blogging Just Isn’t Enough– 09/17/08 10:42 PM  (107 comments)
ActiveRain “Live Talk Show” on BlogTalkRadio– 09/02/08 03:14 AM  (91 comments)
ActiveRain Launches Outside Blogs – How Do You Get Yours? – 06/26/08 11:31 PM  (860 comments)
Mama Says “NO BLOGGING!” – 04/26/08 09:27 PM  (77 comments)
An ActiveRain Video Invitation – 03/27/08 03:59 AM  (61 comments)
Making A Point – The Power Point Way! – 03/13/08 10:50 AM  (152 comments)
Real Estate 2.0 – Does Blogging Really Work – Letter To The Skeptics – 03/09/08 07:17 PM  (59 comments)
Your Blog – Is it Unwritten? – 02/17/08 01:53 PM  (75 comments)
Do You Want Visitors Searching Your Blog? – 12/07/07 04:41 PM  (271 comments)
Marketing and Farming Your Blog – 11/17/07 07:22 PM  (241 comments)
3 Ways To Find Out Who’s Reading Your Blog – 11/10/07 04:35 AM  (368 comments)
How Are You Promoting Your Blog Out in the REAL World – 09/28/07 07:32 AM  (99 comments)
The Climb to the Bottom, or the Fall to the Top! – 08/20/07 08:59 PM  (118 comments)
Successful Blogging in the Real Estate Industry – 08/08/07 11:35 PM  (82 comments)

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A Call to All Members – ActiveRain University Wants You!

ActiveRain University Wants You!!

Now that the ActiveRain University is underway providing training and support sessions for our members, we want to send out this invitation to ALL members inviting them to come present at our new on-line campus.  We are looking for volunteer members who wish to share their knowledge, successes, and “how-to’s” with the rest of the community.  We already have a few interested members who are willing and want to come share their secrets and tips on what has made them successful using their Blogs, Internet Marketing, and Social Media skills.

In the weeks ahead, we are inviting Special Guest Speakers, Presenters, and Trainers that are very influential in the Industry.  Folks who are in the trenches using their knowledge and experience to benefit in today’s economy and Real Estate Market, and who are excited about coming to join us and share.  At some point soon, we will also open up sessions and classes for some of our AR Business Builders and Vendors to come in and share how to use their products and services more effectively and efficiently.

We already have our first ActiveRain member, Jennifer Martin who has agreed to come share with you, her insights and experience which stemmed from a comment she left on Kerrie Greenhalgh’s “Success in the RAIN” Blog post.  The date and time for her class will be this Friday at 3:00pm (see calendar for pre-registration)

Here is a link to our Speaker/Trainer Registration form.  Just a couple things we need to know so that we can schedule you into a classroom on the dates and times you request.  We’ll also need your presentation topic that you’d like to share so we can setup the appropriate environment and tools you may need.  It’s a very easy going and relaxed campus, each presenter or trainer has up to an hour.  We suggest 45 minute classes allowing 15 minutes at the end for Q&A.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

The Calendar and all class details are located at ActiveRain University.

This invitation is open to ALL members regardless of which segment of the Industry you represent.  Title Companies, Stagers, Home Warranty, Inspectors etc., you’re all welcome to come “profess” and share.

So if this “calling” has your ears burning, or the excitement and thought of teaching, presenting, or sharing is keeping you up at night, then ActiveRain University Wants You. Come volunteer, and be a part of this exciting new addition to ActiveRain.  Thanks.  🙂

ActiveRain Now on iTunes

I was just notified that the Inter-Active ActiveRain Business Card is now available on iTunes.   Last week, I posted a video on how the app works and received a great response from many of you iPhone users.  That’s not to say I didn’t hear from the BlackBerry Crowd too!  lol~ 
As promised, I said it was coming…now it’s here.

There is already more functionality, a new mortgage calculator, and a feature that allows iPhone 3G users to click on a button while in front of a property, (or in a specific neighborhood), that returns them a google map geocoded with the location, photo, and details of that property. 

I love this stuff, I think other iPhone users will too.

How Do I get it?

To get yourself a copy to check out, or test on your iPhone, just go to the iTunes store on your MAC or PC, and in the “Search” box, type “ActiveRain” and viola!  It only takes seconds to install, and I think you’ll enjoy some of these first features. (you may find a couple “rain radio” podcasts on iTunes as a bonus…shhh)

If you’re an iPhone owner, you can download a copy of this app RIGHT HERE.  It’s easy to do, and it’s FREE.  You can also download it directly from your iPhone buy clicking the “AppStore Icon” then the “Search Tab” with “ActiveRain” as your search.  I’d love to solicit your reviews, comments, and opinions over at the iTunes store.  Once you’ve download the application, you’ll see a button for “reviews” at iTunes, your feedback and support over there is appreciated, but only if you have the spare time. 🙂

Getting My Own Customized App

Getting this application customized for you and your company or business will be easy.  There’ll be a launching of the site wizard this next week, giving you the capability to create one of these for your own iPhone.  I’ll have a post giving instructions and details on how to do this sometime next week.

Thanks for sharing in all the excitement with me, it’s been a long time coming, and now I finally get to share it back.  Take a moment and check it out, then you can decide how you’d want your own iPhone Business Card App to work.  Or… you can just use mine to work and play in the “RAIN!”  Enjoy!

Getting To Know ActiveRain – I Want To Know…

If you could ask just one question of the ActiveRain Staff, what would it be?  Would you ask Jon if he really owns that Van on his Blog header?  Would you ask Bob who really stays up with Kelan at night?  Maybe Rich, to find out what caused his obsession with Crabs?  Or Me, like when do I ever sleep?  lol~  We will ALL be on the air at the same time this week, to answer ANY questions YOU have.

The Q&A Talk Show “LIVE”

Here’s your chance to ask anything you’d like to know from us or about us.  There will be many callers, so we wanted to give you the chance to have “first” shot at us.  We will be live on “R.A.I.N Radio” and we’d love if you’d all join us.  If you ask your questions here, there’s a much greater chance we’ll get to it than if you call in.  Maybe you’re new to the community, and you’d just like to meet your ActiveRain staff and TEAM, we welcome you to listen in.

Here’s Your Options:

Ask your question here, then Go to RainRadio and just listen in “live” this Thursday.

Call (347) 677-1643, and listen over the phone, you may end up on the air with us.

Select Private below if you wish to remain anonymous, we may still use your question, but keep you confidential.

Or, listen to the recorded Podcast posted on RainRadio, then download to iTunes, iPod, iPhone or Desktop to listen later.

We’re giving away Bonus Points.

Ask your question here, the “best” question wins 1000 points.

If you “call in” your Question and it’s voted “best” question win 500 points.

If we use your question from this post on the air, get kudos, credit, and 250 points.

Ask a question here and we don’t use it, you’ll still get 25 points. (Big Smile) 🙂

Ask question confidentially below, we may use it, but no points will be awarded.

So bring it on, give us your best shot, have at us, now is your chance, don’t hold back!
  What do you want to know more than anything else? Don’t be afraid to ask?  We’ll be broadcasting “live” this Thursday at 11:00am PDT.  I was hoping to keep our shows down to 15 minutes, but with an opportunity like this, I think we better go the full hour! lol~ 

This will be a fun and interesting program, I really hope you’ll tune in and join us. Don’t forget to rate us.
For all future show, announcements, guests, topics and programs, you’ll find them listed at RainRadio along with all previous recorded broadcasts.

The Talk Show Number for this and all future shows is:

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can ask a private question HERE, we’ll keep you confidential.

An ActiveRain Video Invitation

As you may have heard, there’s a big “Video Contest” being put on by your TEAM here at ActiveRain. This is a contest that EVERY SINGLE MEMBER should enter. You know that video is coming, and that it will be the next level of technology we MUST incorporate to stay or be competitive. You do know that right? 🙂 So get your video camera, and have some FUN!! You can’t miss an opportunity like this one for sure!

Just look at these prizes:

1st Prize

1 ticket to the Day with Seth Godin event in New York City
Hotel accommodations for two nights
(the proceeds from our ticket purchase have already been donated to The Acumen Fund)

Round trip airfare to NYC. For one person, $500 maximum

2nd Prize
A free video flip camera

3rd Prize
A free video flip camera

While you’re all out playing with your videos for “BIG WINNINGS“, I’ll be having some fun of my own!!

Part of my new position and adventure here at ActiveRain includes focusing on RE.Net. I am working closely with the AR staff on some “new” ideas, products and tools for us as members. Your Real Estate Technology Division of ActiveRain is working diligently to test and implement some of the finest services and products available for its members. So, in an attempt to help you increase your Business and Blogging successes, I am currently looking at a new on-line “Video Platform” that may possibly be offered to you in the near future. (Not Just Yet though, sorry!!)

I am excited about the marketing and advertising capabilities of this new and much needed system. We are testing the “Video Platform” in many different areas. Here’s just few:

  • Ease of Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Value and Benefit
  • Quality of Product
  • Membership Interest
  • Available Options
  • System Support
  • Effort vs Reward

I put together this test “Video Invitation” to see how it would look in a post. I realized this evening that we can’t use HTML when posting directly to a group or private group. So, if you happen to find and stumble upon this post, I have ONLY two things to request from you:

1. You really should enter the “Video Contest” because it’s FUN, it stimulates your competitive creativity, and it’s worth cash and prizes, not just points. Be Creative, your readers will love it.

2. Understand that this post is just a test to see how well this video tool works with ActiveRain’s Blogging Platform, and you have to promise me that you won’t push and shove while lining up for this product. IT’s NOT AVAILABLE YET!! But when it is, you’ll be the first to know. 🙂

An ActiveRain Video Invitation

Copyright Protected by those guys who Love finding this stuff Copied when it’s Copyright Protected! LOL!~

The "Active Rain Invitation"

Do you invite others from our industry, and from your area to join Active Rain?  I just did a post
celebrating my 100th guest signing up.  Sometimes I use the “Invite Others” link on “My Home” profile. 
Other times, I have sent out email invitations just like the one below.  I was asked by another member
how I twisted peoples arms to get them to join.  I don’t, I just used my Active Rain Email Invitation
Please, feel free to utilize and modify it’s contents to work for you. 

If each one of you, (26,461 members) had just 1 person sign up, that would be over 50,000 members
over night!!  I hope this post triggers such an unprecidented event.  Tell a friend, invite your lender,
tell the co-op agent on the other end of your transaction.  Stagers, real estate attorneys etc., they are
all welcome.  If you don’t invite them, someone else will.  

Are you up for a challenge? I’d love to see your invite, or even the “Official Active Rain Invitation“.  
Here is my challenge to you, get one person signed up before Tuesday at Noon! (no time zone), and see
if we can’t help Brad win Kelli’s New Member Rum Cake Contest!!

Membership has its priveledges!   🙂

                                                  SAMPLE EMAIL INVITATION TO ACTIVERAIN


Don’t forget,  to put “your link” in the email invitations and on your email signatures.  That way, you get credit
for inviting new members and having them join under you.  I know points don’t really matter, but they do move
you up to the “Featured Agent” spot at the top.

Active Rain Interview – "Live" on TBWS – Video Killed The Newsletter


Today I am celebrating my "One Year Anniversary" at Active Rain. I thought this would be a great post for the occasion.  WOW!  Where has the time gone, and what do I have to show for it?  Honestly, more than you could ever know!!  🙂

Yesterday, I was contacted by TBWS here on the West Coast.  They called me at 6:00am in the morning, and asked if I would come down to their office and do a "Live Video" interview.  Frank Garay, one of the owners, wants me to come in and talk about "Networking" and more importantly, Active Rain.  Frank says I'll be "live" for the video feed, and he'll be patching in another Active Rain member from Indiana.  This will be my first "Debut" talking about and endorsing Active Rain.  

So I started to think of all the things that I love and wanted to share about AR.  The social networking, the referrals, the friendships, the SEO, the groups, the information, the experience, the knowledge, the tools, and ideas, the points, the gossip, the games, the news, the technology, the industry updates, tips, tricks, techniques, the success stories, the motivation, the inspirations, the ads, the on-line marketing, the listings, the virtual tours, the addictions, the interesting people, and Oh Yeah….the business I have generated from being a member here.


I know what Active Rain has done for me, my business, my community, my writing, and my relationships, but the question I have is, what has it done for you?  What is it that keeps you coming back time and time again?  Why did you join Active Rain, and if you are still here, what is the reason?  That's what I am looking to provide at this interview next week. 

I want to share not only my perspective and opinions, but yours too!  Having your comments and thoughts will make this interview much more interesting and impressive.  Why would any Industry Professional want to be a member here on Active Rain?  I hope to make it clear! 

I also plan on discussing one of the greatest values here on Active Rain, and that's the member support I see constantly and consistently.  People always helping people!  We built this City and it will continue to grow.  So as I gather my thoughts, and put it all down on paper for this 5 minute interview, tell me, what's in it for YOU?  What's the most important reason you keep coming back?  I know my story, but what's yours?  The last thing Frank said to me was, "Video Killed The Newsletter!" l liked that title!   🙂



Thanks for your help with this.  I am honored and proud to be a member and represent the "Largest Real Estate Industry On-line Network of Professionals" in the Country and the World.  


Content Copyright Protected © 2008Brad Andersohn       Subscribe to Brad Andersohns Blog      Add Brad Andersohn as an Associate       The Rest of My Blog

It’s Time To Update Your Photo – In HD

 It’s Time To Update Your Photo – In HD

Members now have the ability to upload large photos from digital cameras, crop and adjust endlessly, and save the resulting image as their profile photo. These new profile photos are of a much higher quality. So now you can update your photo on ActiveRain and also earn 1080 bonus points.

The new photo or image must be at least 600 x 600.  Our new photo upload feature allows you to use any hi-definition or large sized photo taken of you.  You know that picture of you in the crowd that you always wished you could use but there were other people in it, or it was just too big?  Now you can dig out that photo from the BBQ last weekend, crop yourself out, and upload it.  Don’t just do it for the points! lol~

Now just because you look great in your College Cap and Gown, I would still suggest using a current photo, or at least one that is no more than 6 months old.  I can’t tell you how many events I’ve been to lately where I would’ve known you had your photo here matched.  :-O  I have taken the plunge myself, and even though this is not my best photogenic side, it’s current and will have to do til I find a better one.

There’s no need for a tutorial on this new feature, it’s pretty simple and straight forward.  Just be sure that your starting image is at least 600 x 600 or you will get an error telling you your photo is too small.  Just go to your “My Home” page and click on the “Edit” profile link to add your new HD photo.  I can’t wait to see all the NEW and UPDATED faces around the community.  Let’s “FACE” it, you know it’s time to update YOUR photo, why not do it in HD (Hi-Resolution) and get 1080 bonus points too?

In case you do need a tutorial, here’s a two minute video that will walk you through it!

The Heart and Transmission of ActiveRain

Next month is my one year anniversary working for one of the greatest companies I have ever been privileged to be part of and employed with.  The funny thing is, I have been working here all this time and have never been to our Corporate Headquarters located in Washington State.  Today, I am sitting in our main office with the rest of the ActiveRain Staff, and while they are all working hard to keep things up and running, working smooth and efficiently, I’m hiding in the conference room writing this post!  Hey, I’m working hard too… lol~ 

Bob Stewart has asked that I disclose that these photo’s above are not of the entire ActiveRain Office, just the building where we are located.  If you look close behind the handicapped parking sign, you’ll see Bob waving from the window of our little section of this gorgeous structure.

It was very exciting to walk into the office for the very first time. My first impression was WOW, there really is an ActiveRain Office!  Within moments, a very surreal feeling came over me…  this is the place where the heart and transmission of the entire network is housed and controlled.  These are the people who make it all happen on ActiveRain.  I’m actually here now with the staff TEAM who have not only built the most powerful Real Estate Network in the Country, but soon I’ll be having lunch, answering phones, and working right along side with them.  Up until today, I have only spoke to them on the phone or via email.  It’s a great feeling here of being “home away from home.”

Today they are letting me pick where we’ll be having lunch. This is an ActiveRain tradition in the office.  Each week, someone gets to select the lunch menu and chooses where they’ll be dining for that day.  Since I am here, I get the honors.  Tomorrow, some of us will be heading over to the REBarCamp at Zillow’s Headquarters.  It’s going to be a great event packed information, experience and ideas from some of the greatest folks in the Industry.  Did I mention it’s FREE?   If you’re in the area or within 1000 miles, I recommend you come join us.

I’ll be flying back home on Valentine’s Day to be with my sweetheart, and it will be a Happy/Sad Day. Why?  Happy for obvious reasons, and sad because I have already become attached to our office here in Washington.  The Big Screen in the conference room, lunches with the staff, the synergy in the air, and the fun and laughter that is shared along with the hard work these guys (and gal) deliver daily.

Claire Cruver Jeff Corbett

Mike Judge Bob Stewart Jorgen Hahn

I have come to appreciate this Network not only as my place of employment, but as a place where PEOPLE with HEART makeup the environment that we have all come to know and love.  It is one of the greatest experiences in my life to be part of this team of dynamic, creative, and down to earth people.  If you ever get the chance to visit the ActiveRain Main Office, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I hope you ALL know how hard these guys work to make your experience on ActiveRain an enjoyable one.

ActiveRain Hits 100,000 Members Today

Today marks a huge milestone for the ActiveRain Community, we finally hit 100,000 members
July 25th, 2008, a day that will go down in history as yet another GREAT “ActiveRAINY” DAY!!

Please join us as we welcome ANNA WILSON from Franklin, TN, the lucky and fortunate member to help us hit this long sought after goal.  Anna was invited to ActiveRain by Buddy Ladd, (W.E. Advertise) from Nashville, TN.  Both Anna and Buddy will be awarded 10,000 bonus points each.

Our 99,999th member is PATRICK GRAY from Newark, DE, who managed to discover and join ActiveRain all on his own.  Patrick will be awarded 2000 bonus points.

The 100,001 member to join AR is JON SESTERHENN from Schaumburg, IL.  who also discovered the community on his own, and will be awarded 2000 bonus points for doing so.  Congratulations to each of you, and welcome aboard!

Be sure to send these folks a warm AR welcome and congratulate them.  Give them the community support and love that is so well known through-out our network, and encourage them to Blog Blog Blog.

Lastly, I want to say Congratulations to ActiveRain, and to all of YOU who have helped build what’s now being called one of the most popular and “TOP” Real Estate Blogging Platforms and Networks in the Country according to Inman News.  “The man on top of the mountain, didn’t fall there!”

FYI – Anna Wilson joined ActiveRain and Created her Account on Fri Jul 25 2008 @ 10:59:55 for the record.