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Blogging for the Business Blogger

Content Accumulated over time for the Blogging Business Blogger

Here’s 21 Blogging articles over a 4 year period of time with more than 3580 Real Estate Industry Professional comments for your reading, learning, and reviewing pleasure. 

Disclaimer: Many of these articles and blog posts were written during my ActiveRain employment period and may reflect proprietary content and information as a result.

SEO and Blogging – The Importance of Visibility and Placement– 02/07/11 09:55 AM  (66 comments)
Blogging and Time Management– 12/08/09 02:11 AM (120 comments)
Real Estate Blogging – The Steps & Cycle For Success – 09/28/09 07:27 PM  (95 comments)
Common Mistakes A Blogger Makes– 09/06/09 08:10 PM  (162 comments)
ActiveRain Sets A New Network and Community Record– 08/08/09 12:19 AM  (105 comments)
How to Create a Blog Post for Customers and Search Engines– 07/25/09 09:46 AM  (375 comments)
3 Ways To Reach Your Audience – Blogging Just Isn’t Enough– 09/17/08 10:42 PM  (107 comments)
ActiveRain “Live Talk Show” on BlogTalkRadio– 09/02/08 03:14 AM  (91 comments)
ActiveRain Launches Outside Blogs – How Do You Get Yours? – 06/26/08 11:31 PM  (860 comments)
Mama Says “NO BLOGGING!” – 04/26/08 09:27 PM  (77 comments)
An ActiveRain Video Invitation – 03/27/08 03:59 AM  (61 comments)
Making A Point – The Power Point Way! – 03/13/08 10:50 AM  (152 comments)
Real Estate 2.0 – Does Blogging Really Work – Letter To The Skeptics – 03/09/08 07:17 PM  (59 comments)
Your Blog – Is it Unwritten? – 02/17/08 01:53 PM  (75 comments)
Do You Want Visitors Searching Your Blog? – 12/07/07 04:41 PM  (271 comments)
Marketing and Farming Your Blog – 11/17/07 07:22 PM  (241 comments)
3 Ways To Find Out Who’s Reading Your Blog – 11/10/07 04:35 AM  (368 comments)
How Are You Promoting Your Blog Out in the REAL World – 09/28/07 07:32 AM  (99 comments)
The Climb to the Bottom, or the Fall to the Top! – 08/20/07 08:59 PM  (118 comments)
Successful Blogging in the Real Estate Industry – 08/08/07 11:35 PM  (82 comments)

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Look What We May Have Started with The ActiveRain Point System

It’s not a game, but some may think it is…

Now before you watch this video, (and I know it’s longer than most would prefer) take special note of the message at the very end. Although very subtle, it will make you really think about how “any point system” ties into business and our personal lives. The message received here may vary from viewer to viewer, but the “Points” should still be the same.

Your Daily Recommended Dosage of the Rain

How do you keep up with all that’s going on in RE and the ActiveRain Community?  One way is to just login each day and read the posts on the feature board, or check out the blogs of members you subscribe to, maybe pop into the groups you’ve joined for interesting topics, or just use the AR Blogroll to seek out today’s newest posts.  This is typical of how most members are trying to keep up with all the content that’s available each day in the rain.  Talk about having your finger on the pulse of the Industry, it’s about 2000 BPM. lol~

Another way is to just read the “Daily Activerain NewsPaper!”  Activerain has a newspaper?  Well, kinda…

Everyday our staff and team are not only looking for featured posts, we are also looking for articles to include in the AR Newsletter that goes out to our members every evening.  The AR Newsletter is another great resource for getting member information and ActiveRain Blogs out to our members.  I use the newsletter to forward to friends and others who are interested in AR or what it’s all about. There are posts, videos, featured members and more.  It’s convenient, easy, and FREE.   It’s like a trickle of rain delivered to you daily.

May 16, 2009
Are You Using Real Estate Tools, or a Jig Saw?
Featured Blogs
Top 10 ActiveRain Tools for NEW MEMBERS and RainMakers
Brad Andersohn ~ Community Builder (ActiveRain)
Be at all of your listings appraisals!
Ralph Gorgoglione (EcoBroker Certified – John Aaroe Group, Inc.)
Whats the Point of a Comment?
Dinah Lee Griffey Allyn, Belfair,& LakeLand-Homes & Land (Windermere Peninsula Properties)
If you are doing what this agent is doing, you are doing it backwards!
George Paukert (Road to Wealth, Inc.)
If You Want To Sell Your Home, Don’t Dwell On The Past
Lisa Udy Realtor Utah Real Estate Specialist (Logan Utah Real Estate Immaculate Homes)
The No Spin Zone
Sandy Childs (Keller Williams)
Making Activerain More User-Friendly
Margaret Woda, Maryland Real Estate (Long and Foster, Crofton Real Estate)
Using First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credits for the Downpayment – It’s GONE !!!! – The story of the $8,000 tax credit
Sheldon Neal — That British Agent — (Bergen County, NJ – RE/MAX Real Estate Limited)
Featured Video
Real Estate “Blogging for Dollars” – Darrin Friedman, Part 1
Member Spotlight

Renee Burrows – Las Vegas NV. ASK ABOUT -1st Time Buyer Down Payment Assistance! (Nevada Realty Solutions – Realtor – Estate – Probate – REO)

Renee Burrows has been contributing local Las Vegas content on her ActiveRain Blog since November 2006.  Her sharing of information, her experiences, and her successes within the community are a must read!

View Member

Your Daily Dose of Rain, for the Storm, click here.

The newsletter makes it easy for those on the go who may not have the time to check in each day to see what’s going on around the world and in the Real Estate Community.  If you’re not getting the newsletter, and would like to be added to the list, you can subscribe on my sidebar over on the right. It’s not about adding another task or email to your day, it’s about keeping you up to speed with just a portion of the wide variety of content and information that might be useful to you.  The Newsletter is just one more way to help members reduce the fatigue that comes from trying to keep up with it all.

NOTE: If you subscribe and are NOT receiving the Daily Newsletter, it may be going to your spam folder.  Be sure to accept email coming from AR and add it to your approved senders list.


Who Is ActiveRain’s Jeff Corbett – The XBroker?

Today I had the pleasure of having some fun with our very own Jeff Corbett.  At the last minute, I tricked him to coming on the RAIN Radio broadcast so we could chat about business and social media stuff.  What Jeff Corbett didn’t know is that prior to going “Live”, I placed a few calls today to arrange for a couple surprises.  This was a kick!  I’m only posting this because it was like “This Is Your Life” remember that program from years ago where they brought family and friends on the show to surprise guests, (some here may be too young to remember).  Jeff Corbett is a really bright guy with a huge history and background in many segments of this Industry.  He’s really is a very sharp guy, and he spills the beans on the air today! 


Will the REAL Jeff Corbett please stand up?

I think we surprised Jeff C. today when I invited Jeff Turner to join us on the line.

So What do Jeff Corbett and Jeff Turner Have in Common? 

You’ll have to click “PLAY” to find out…



What did Ines have to say about Jeff joining AR and about the mysterious XBroker?

You’ll just have to listen to the show for the details on that one.  I took the Liberty to have a little fun with Jeff today and initiate him ActiveRain style.  I for one, am happy he’s on board.  I think he brings a whole new element of excitement to our team and the AR family, (even though he’s been around since the beginning) and I’m really stoked that Jeff is part of our staff now.  Welcome aboard my friend.


Thanks Jeff, I really enjoyed our chat with friends on R.A.I.N today.  So tell me, is there really a mask? :-O

Want to know more about Jeff Corbett? Take a Listen!                   

ActiveRain "LIVE" on Late Night with TBWS

 TBWS Late Night will be hosting a "LIVE" video and "Air" broadcast with the ActiveRain TEAM today, Thursday April 11, 2008 at 6:30pm PST, 8:30pm CST, and 9:30pm EST. 

We will have Bob Stewart, Rich Jacobson and myself "LIVE" and available to take your calls, comments, and questions etc.  We may even get Jonathan Washburn to pipe in for a few if enough members respond to this "First Ever" live broadcast with the AR staff.  Frank Garay will be the host for the evening.

Let's crash the Party!!  🙂  With your help, I'd like to light up the TBWS switchboard and phone lines like a Christmas Tree.  Let's flood the show with calls from members, and show listeners and viewers what the AR spirit is all about.  I'll be there live in the studio with Frank, and we'll have Bob, Rich and Jon on the phone lines.

Come share some love, show some support, call in and have some fun with us.  It's going to be a great evening!!  There will be some great topics for discussion and I'm certain, we'll have some unexpected surprises and guests calling in. You won't want to miss this one for sure.  Just remember the time zones for calling or linking in.


Go to 

Click on the above link at the prescribed time, then click “on the air” to join.

Chat in questions or call in at 800-357-5363 toll free.

This broadcast will be open and available all across the Country!

Don't miss this opportunity to talk with your ActiveRain Crew.  I may even be able to swing awarding some bonus points to the members who call in with the Best Success Stories or Questions.  (I have not confirmed that yet, I'm still too new to push my weight around like that)  LOL!~ 

We'd love to have you join us, take an hour out of your evening to "Link" or "Phone" in and be a part of this special evening.  It would also be a great time to thank these guys for their vision, support, and all their hard work that has made ActiveRain the place it has become today, and all that it will be in the future.

BTW – This WILL NOT be the forum to call in and discuss the fact that you may have had to file an extension on paying your taxes.  :-)))




Wow! That was too much fun!  If you want to watch the show, here is a link, but you will need to use Internet Explorer as your browser.  Firefox has not been working.  When the page loads, just click on the top video, and it should work…I  think….I hope!  🙂

                                                         The ActiveRain TBWS Late Night Show!


Thanks to Brian, Sharon, Nick, Michelle, Jason, Mara, Will, Deborah, Joe and Natalie for calling in, you made the show a success, and the night entertaining.

I wanted to also thank Bob and Rich for being on the line and fielding many of the questions.  I want to apologize to all those who tried to get in and were unsuccessful getting online with us.  We WILL do it again. 

I mentioned that I was going to see about getting some points awarded to the best comment, question or success story, and those points will go to Natalie for sharing her success story about her 2.4 million dollar listing she acquired from her efforts on ActiveRain.  Way to go Natalie, congratulations!!  :-)))

ActiveRain Community Guidelines

ActiveRain Community Guidelines – This is a copy of the guidelines Post by Jonathan Washburn

PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT HERE!  This is just the guidelines in which this group will build it's foundation!

Respect the Real Estate Industry 

ActiveRain is a place where real estate professionals can network with their peers and discuss industry insider topics. It is also a public forum where consumers can pull back the curtain and see what the real estate industry is really about. 

Because of this level of transparency and openness, ActiveRain members must remain zealous in their quest to represent our industry in as true and professional of a light as possible. 

Respect the ActiveRain Community

Being a part of any community requires a certain level of trust. Don't abuse the site or your fellow members. By joining the ActiveRain community you are given a platform to present your ideas and opinions to a large number of people. We trust you to be responsible with that platform; thousands of other ActiveRain members are also counting on your trustworthiness.

  • Do not advertise yourself or your services in the comment section of another members blog post.
  • Do not personally attack another person.
  • Do not slander another person. 
  • Do not send unsolicited emails, or faxes, or make unsolicited phone calls to another member.
  • Respect the public that this community serves and derives its living from.
  • Do not violate any laws of your local jurisdiction. This includes all Fair Housing related laws.
  • Do not republish any content initially revealed in a Member's Only post.
  • Respect copyright. Only upload content that you have the right to use.
  • The point system is intended to recognize the top professionals in our industry. Do not try to game the system.
  • We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express unpopular points of view. But we don't permit hate speech which contains slurs or the malicious use of stereotypes intended to attack or demean a particular gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality.
  • There is zero tolerance for predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, or the revealing of other members' personal information. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from ActiveRain.

Please take these rules seriously. Don't try to look for loopholes or ways around them; please take them to heart and try to respect the spirit in which they were created. We administrate this community using logic and common sense, and we will give greatest regard to the intention of the rule. If we decide to terminate your account as a result of a violation of these Community Guidelines, you will be prohibited from ever signing up for another account!

We Review Content Flagged As Inappropriate

When content on ActiveRain is flagged as inappropriate, we will review the content to determine whether or not it violates our community guidelines. If we remove content after reviewing it, you should assume that we removed it purposefully, and you should take our warning email seriously.   If you find content on ActiveRain that you believe violates the intention of our Community Guidelines please flag it for our review. If the content does not have a flag feature available, please contact support with the details of the violation. Please do not attempt to correct or discipline another ActiveRain member directly!   ActiveRain is built for Community

We built ActiveRain as a place for real estate professional to network and create a sense of community/belonging. This is your community! It is our members that ActiveRain a special place.

  • Have fun with the site. Don't be afraid to dig in! There's a lot to do and learn here.
  • Let ActiveRain staff and other members know what you are thinking. Member feedback is essential to our continued growth and development
  • Get connected. At first ActiveRain may seem, both at the same time; so big that you could never be heard, and so small and cliquish that you will never be a part of it. Everyone experiences this phenomenon. Our suggestion is to start off slow; read blogs, then start commenting on posts that interest you, and once you feel ready, blog away!

How To Backup and Export Your ActiveRain Blog Posts

How To Backup and Export Your Blog Posts – ActiveRain NEW Feature

On August 18 @ noon CST, we launched the ability for members to export all of their blog entries to a single, compressed XML file. Its open nature will allow for the development of third-party import tools.

Exporting your posts from ActiveRain has been a long awaited feature that is now available to all members.  The format is XML and can be manipulated in many different ways which I’ll demonstrate in future posts.  Special thanks to our tech team for making this possible.  This new feature will allow you to backup and export your Blog posts with a single click.

The first thing you are probably asking yourself is what the heck is XML?  Read more at


Here are the simple steps to download your ActiveRain Blog File

Step 1:
Log in to ActiveRain

Step 2:
Click on your “My Home” link in the upper right hand corner of your screen

Step 3:
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the link “Export Blog Entries

Note: Depending on what computer you are running (IE: Mac, PC) and what operating system, the next window that pops up may appear slightly different, but it will be the same principle.  You are saving a file to a specified location on your computer.

Step 4:
The pop-up window below will appear.  Select “Save File” to your desktop, and click OK.


Step 5:
You will have a zipped or compressed file on your desktop containing the XML file with all your Blog entries.

(if file is not on desktop, check the location you saved it to, often times it will default to your “Downloads” folder located in your “My Computer” folder.)



Step 6:
When you “Double Click” on the zipped file, it will extract the .XML file to your desktop


Step 7:
To open and view this file, or to use with any XML compatible formats and programs, right click your mouse on it and select the program you wish to open it in.  For this example, I am going to use a simple text editor application on my computer called TEXT EDIT.

Step 8:
You can now see the XML format of your entire ActiveRain Blog.

Now don’t go passing out on me (LOL~) understand that XML formats are a complex and more complicated format than most of us are used to working with or seeing, however, there will be a multitude of ways that this data can be used by other programs and sources.  You cannot hurt your ActiveRain Blog by messing around and experimenting with this file.  It is already exported from AR to your computer and will not affect your AR blog in any way.  You have now successfully downloaded and backed up your entire ActiveRain Blog and every post in it.

I’ll try and post some more advanced information on ways this can be used in the near future, but for now, at least you know how to access and download it to your computer.  Baby steps, just baby steps before we show you how to run the 100 yard dash with it.  I’m sure there will be many questions, and ideas generated by this post, so please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts.  I’ll do my best to get your questions answered in an accurate and timely manner.

RainCamp is Coming To San Francisco

RainCamp is Coming To San Francisco

The ActiveRain RainCamp Tour is Official!  Our first ever RainCamp in Seattle was sold out in just two weeks.  Now there’s a demand by many of our members and non members to bring RainCamp to cities all across the Country.  As you can imagine, this is a huge undertaking for our staff and team. There are so many details that go into setting up this event, but our members and guests are not only worth it, they deserve it.

The “Rainergy” and “Buzz” that comes from a RainCamp is like no other event I’ve ever experienced.  You have to witness it for yourself to understand and grasp the full value and impact it will have on you, your Business, your relationships in your community, and the industry.  Here’s what a few of the folks from RainCamp Seattle had to say:

RainCamp is coming to San Francisco on December 2nd, 2009 for a full day packed with great content, presentations, and some of the most useful and applicable ideas and processes that you can implement immediately into your Social Media, Networking, and Blogging Business Strategy and Plan. The Location and Venue we’ve selected is once again a “Top Notch” off the hook spot.

MarketLeader will be our official Platinum Sponsor for the next 6 RainCamps on the tour schedule.


How is RainCamp different from other Conferences?

  • Assess how you stack up in the modern market.
  • Listen to people that are practicing what they preach, and having outstanding success doing it.
  • Learn the methodology of a newer agent who has leveraged the Internet to become a ‘Mega Producer’.
  • Walk away with executables you can put into action immediately.
  • Hard core real estate technology education. This is not a fluff event!!

What Do You Get?

An Action Packed Day: At a State-of-the-art conference and meeting room is just the beginning of our package at Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF.  They have Gorgeous meeting rooms with City and Bay views. Great layout with plenty of seating, wireless Internet Access, and much more.  All the comforts and ammenities of a 5-Star Resort.  “This is one of San Francisco’s only full-service conference facilities.”

San Francisco

Date: December 2nd, 2009

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
(registration 8:00am)

Location: Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF
1675 Owens Street, Suite 251, San Francisco 94143

GOOGLE MAP Yahoo Map | Mapquest Map | Microsoft Map

Facility: Wireless Internet Access and Power Available



There will be approximately 140 seats setup classroom style (with tables) reserved for attendees with laptops.  It is all open seating so those seats are first come first serve the day of event.  We are limited to only 500 seats max capacity, so register right away. There will be On-site paid parking available, street parking and/or complimentary shuttles from the BART and Caltrain stations.  If you’re wanting overnight accommodations, here’s the Unique Venues Site.


Platinum RainCamp™ Sponsor: Market Leader

The New ActiveRain Badges

The new RainMaker Badges are here!  You will notice today that scattered all through-out the community, there will be many different types of Badges and Avatars both on member profile photos and in the comments left on members posts.  It comes as no surprise that our tech team has once again beat me to the scene and this announcement of yet another enhancement in the rain.  Badges!  First off, I’d love to hear what you think about them and secondly, I’ll explain what each image represents.

Pictures In Comments and Badges – How Do I Get Mine?

The Rainmaker Badge: For members who have upgraded to a Rainmaker account, have a “new” outside ActiveBlog, currently sponsor at least one Localism community, or have spent at least $10 on a listing router campaign in the last 30 days.  In addition to the new badges, we also now display product icons below a user’s comment image that will show how they’re using and supporting ActiveRain. 

(your photo will show up in the comments if you’re using at least one of these ActiveRain products or services)

Badge Legend / Representation:

  = The RainMaker Badge

  = The Listing Router Badge

  = The ActiveBlogs Badge

  = The 300K Point Member

  = The Localism Sponsor Badge

Here are some samples of members badges that were selected from comments in my last post.
             Coming soon to members near you, the “NEW” Ambassador Badge, which I’ll save for another post…

So What Can You Do with ActiveRain Video?

Now that ActiveRain is integrating Video powered by Mixpo into our platform, I wanted to share some bullet points about some of the “New” Video features, benefits, and capabilities. There will be tutorials coming soon for those of you who are currently using AR Video. Then there are those of you who might be considering why you should. Here’s some “Key-Features” that every member should know regardless.


The Video platform is a beginning-to-end platform that supports all phases of the on-line video ad processing from creation and distribution to optimization. There are some features and tools you won’t find on any other video hosting or editing site.


You can access the platform on-line and incorporate it into your own Websites and Blogs. You can stay connected to your database of performance analytics. Your high-quality Video Ads embed easily into banner ads, directory profile pages, search landing pages, Blogs, Websites, and more.


You can create a Video Ad template and then localize it to run in specific markets or geographic regions. Data-driven In the ActiveRain Video Dashboard, you can measure Video Ad performance. Track the number of impressions, conversions and views. See when viewers stop watching or interacting with your Video Ads. There are tools to show viewers’ geographic locations, the sites viewers visited before they displayed your Video Ad, keywords viewers typed to find your Video Ad, and more.


The ActiveRain Studio is where you create Video Ads. It is centered around a play-list where you assemble visual, audio, and overlay elements. After you publish a Video Ad to the Web, the elements remain separate. This means that you can return to the Studio at any time and optimize the Video Ad to improve its performance. Changes you make go live immediately everywhere the Video Ad Player is embedded. No more uploading or reloading to multiple sites. Auto-populate means one edit, one update!


Through built-in interactivity, ActiveRain Video Ads generate leads and drive conversions. Each Video Ad automatically includes customizable calls to action and you can add interactive overlays and captions to promote special offers, direct viewers to your Web site, or link them to any Web location. NEW Forms have now been added that allow you to embed “Calls-To-Action” at any point in your video. Convert your viewers to leads, and leads to clients.

The Video Player

• Video Ads can be adjusted to different sizes to meet your site’s requirements and page layouts.

• High Definition, Volume Control, Links within Video, Inquiry and Email buttons, Full Screen Mode and Lead Capture capability.

• The player adapts to bandwidth so each viewer benefits from the optimal combination of speed and quality.

• Video files are built from XML play-lists in real-time. You can now add your video to Youtube with a single click.

The On-line Studio

• Create custom Templates that can be copied and used for specific Video Marketing Campaigns.

• The editing time-line gives you full control over Audio, Video, Overlays, Music, and Narrations.

• Add your Personal or Company Branding and Custom logos.

• Import professionally produced video files, assemble your own collection of photographs, slides, pictures, and audio files, or begin from our library of files. There are thousands of stock videos and photos to choose from.

• Customize Voice-overs, Captions, Logos, Music, Links, Sound Effects and more.

• Edit Video with the built in Extraction tool. Cut, re-cut, and edit out unwanted portions of video.

• Generate leads by adding interactive forms, overlays, and calls to action.

The Dashboard

• Charts and graphs show how effectively a Video is driving views and conversions. Video Analytics.

• The map panel in the Dashboard presents a worldwide picture of where views and conversions originate.

• Track the Web sites that referred viewers to your Videos and the key words they used to find them.

• Dashboard and Studio are integrated, this means when editing Video ads, all changes are real-time.

The Ad Rotator

• Create different versions of the same ad and compare performance.

• Easily optimize different versions using color, captions, interactive overlays, and voice-overs, then measure and compare responses.

• The different versions run simultaneously and are delivered randomly in the same player to exactly the same audience.

The SEO Features

• We syndicate each Video with the search engines (optional) to increase the Video’s organic exposure.

• Videos can be indexed by Google, AOL, Yahoo, Ask, MSN and others with a single click.

There are some great video hosting websites available on the web, the difference between them and AR Video was hopefully covered in this post. You owe it to yourself to explore, know the differences and challenges, and then make your own decisions based on your personal needs and the needs of your viewers. AR Video is just another optional tool for members, it’s not a requirement. Enjoy exploring all the possibilities!