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Blogging for the Business Blogger

Content Accumulated over time for the Blogging Business Blogger

Here’s 21 Blogging articles over a 4 year period of time with more than 3580 Real Estate Industry Professional comments for your reading, learning, and reviewing pleasure. 

Disclaimer: Many of these articles and blog posts were written during my ActiveRain employment period and may reflect proprietary content and information as a result.

SEO and Blogging – The Importance of Visibility and Placement– 02/07/11 09:55 AM  (66 comments)
Blogging and Time Management– 12/08/09 02:11 AM (120 comments)
Real Estate Blogging – The Steps & Cycle For Success – 09/28/09 07:27 PM  (95 comments)
Common Mistakes A Blogger Makes– 09/06/09 08:10 PM  (162 comments)
ActiveRain Sets A New Network and Community Record– 08/08/09 12:19 AM  (105 comments)
How to Create a Blog Post for Customers and Search Engines– 07/25/09 09:46 AM  (375 comments)
3 Ways To Reach Your Audience – Blogging Just Isn’t Enough– 09/17/08 10:42 PM  (107 comments)
ActiveRain “Live Talk Show” on BlogTalkRadio– 09/02/08 03:14 AM  (91 comments)
ActiveRain Launches Outside Blogs – How Do You Get Yours? – 06/26/08 11:31 PM  (860 comments)
Mama Says “NO BLOGGING!” – 04/26/08 09:27 PM  (77 comments)
An ActiveRain Video Invitation – 03/27/08 03:59 AM  (61 comments)
Making A Point – The Power Point Way! – 03/13/08 10:50 AM  (152 comments)
Real Estate 2.0 – Does Blogging Really Work – Letter To The Skeptics – 03/09/08 07:17 PM  (59 comments)
Your Blog – Is it Unwritten? – 02/17/08 01:53 PM  (75 comments)
Do You Want Visitors Searching Your Blog? – 12/07/07 04:41 PM  (271 comments)
Marketing and Farming Your Blog – 11/17/07 07:22 PM  (241 comments)
3 Ways To Find Out Who’s Reading Your Blog – 11/10/07 04:35 AM  (368 comments)
How Are You Promoting Your Blog Out in the REAL World – 09/28/07 07:32 AM  (99 comments)
The Climb to the Bottom, or the Fall to the Top! – 08/20/07 08:59 PM  (118 comments)
Successful Blogging in the Real Estate Industry – 08/08/07 11:35 PM  (82 comments)

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The ActiveRain RainMaker – Getting Results!

The ActiveRain RainMaker – It’s More Than Just A Membership!


The Real Estate Industry has had a pretty rough ride these past few years and many Industry Professionals that remain are desperately trying to find new and creative ways to survive.  Many are turning to ActiveRain because they have heard and seen that this is where they can learn how to use the Internet and Blogging to their advantage, and turn around their business.

ActiveRain is more than just a Real Estate Industry Social Networking community.  In the past 2 or so years, the network has grown from 20,000 members to well over 150,000 to date.  On average, 200 new Industry Professionals join each day.  ActiveRain get more than 2,000,000 visitors each month, with about 80% being consumers.  The community accounts for nearly 12,000 new blog posts each month, and currently hosts over 1.5 million Blog articles provided by members.  The average rainmaker post gets over 500 views per month.


What do ActiveRain members get as Rainmakers?


What are the “Benefits” of a RainMaker Membership?

Many in our community have posted articles about their success and ROI (return on investment) from their RainMaker Blogs.  We have seen countless testimonials from ActiveRain members who have experienced first hand the results and business that gets generated solely from their ActiveRain Blogs.  Members share their “Real Life” stories of how effective Blogging on AR can grow your referral business, consumer business, and relationships within the network and within your local community and neighborhoods.

Here’s what some have to say:

“When I first started on AR, I got many friendly e-mails and comments.  I think this gives AR a personal touch.  AR does work. I signed up for Rainmaker last month and will be writing a contract for a buyer who contacted me through one of my posts.”  Vanna Siackhasone

“I have gotten several clients and some agent referrals directly from AR and continue to learn from the posts of others, hoping that I can share whatever I can too.”  Susan Neal

“I have learned so very much from these wonderful people on AR! Best real estate site on the Internet, and I am happy to be a part of AR!” Ginger Moore

“In May 2007, I started walking in the Active Rain (ok, maybe crawling) and by the end of the year we had made tens of thousands of Washingtons directly from blogging leads.”  Erion Shehaj

“AR has helped my business tremendously to the tune of 11 closings to date.”  David Serle

“ActiveRain has put me on the map.  I receive at least THREE calls each week, just because my name comes up on the first page of a Google Search.  These buyers already know about me before they call.  Those that want to make their business happen, will become rainmakers, and they will find the way to be successful.”   Don Bradbury

Here’s some Recently written Blog Post Articles:

The Points are Nice – But I Really Like The $$$$By: Erik Hitzelberger

ActiveRain – You’re Really Bugging Me(34 Referrals)By: Larry Bettag

ActiveRain Brings Business SuccessBy: Missy Caulk

Read 1000’s of ActiveRain Success StoriesBy: ActiveRain Members

What kind of Support can I expect from ActiveRain?

ActiveRain provides training and support for our RainMaker members. Learning how you can use geographic and hyper-local content to optimize your Search Engine Visibility and drive more traffic to your Blog and Website is the key.  We can and will help you.  You’ll learn how using tools like, inbound links, outbound links, keywords both long-tail and short, along with photos and a good post title can greatly improve your search engine rankings and help your customers find you on-line.  We provide Customer Service and Technical support via AR Webinars, Tutorial posts, and through our Community Builders and ActiveRain Ambassadors.


How Do I Become an ActiveRain RainMaker?

It’s simple. You must first join ActiveRain and become a member here.  Once you have setup your profile, and reviewed the “How To Get Started On ActiveRain guide” you can either upgrade your membership from your “My Home” page by clicking on the red “RainMaker Upgrade” link, (be sure you’re logged in to ActiveRain first) or you can click below to…

Become A RainMaker

 ActiveRain is the TOP Real Estate Social Network in the World  (source:
Results 110 of about 60,100,000 for Top Real Estate Social Networks

ActiveRain is the ONLY on-line Network that offers this selection and wide variety of tools, diverse services, and solutions for the Real Estate Industry Professional.  The RainMaker Membership – get value, get results.

The ActiveRain 2009 New Year Challenge

It’s The Official ActiveRain – Invite a New Member Day

By now, you have probably set your goals, or are setting your goals
and resolutions for 2009.  Jon, Rich, Bob, Jeff and I have set some goals ourselves, and we hope you don’t mind if we solicit your help.

On New Years Eve (and day), invite just “ONE” new member or friend to the community.  Our Goal is to get 1000 new members.  This has NEVER been done before.  300 is the most we have seen join in a single day.  We’d love if you could help us start the New Year by hitting our 1st goal.

Who should you invite? Anyone you know that can benefit from joining and contributing to our their community and industry. (not just fill out a profile) Maybe another team member, or the last person you had a transaction with? 

You could invite your sales rep, or your Lender, or Inspector, maybe even someone you used to work with in another office.  There are 28 Categories on ActiveRain to choose from, surely you can think of some”one” to invite from any one of these groups.

New Years Eve and Day are traditionally the time to go out and “Socially Network” and connect with others, this makes for a great time and opportunity to invite a guest or friend to join while you’re already out. 

We’ll start the “Goal Clock” at 9:00pm PST, that’s 12:00 midnight EST. which will be New Years Day in New York, and 7:00pm in Hawaii.  We’ll stop the clock at midnight (Hawaiian Time) New Years Day.  To get 1000 new members in just one day is most certainly a lofty goal, but it’s one we believe we can reach with your help.

Join in and help us hit our goal this New Year, by doing so, you may also be helping another person possibly achieve their goals for the coming year.  People helping People is an ActiveRain spirit, paying it forward is the ActiveRain Way.  So who might you consider inviting on New Year’s?

We will give 1000 points to any member who gets a friend to join during this time period.  That’s a total of 1,000,000 combined points.  In addition, if we hit our goal of 1000 new members, we’ll be doing something very special, but we want to be sure this is a realistic goal first?  We think it is…


ActiveRain’s Membership Drive:

The 1000 points is limited to a (One Time Bonus) per member.

New Members must sign up under you, and must activate their profile in order for
you to receive your bonus points.  Bonus Points will be awarded upon completion. 

New Members must join AR between the hours of 7:00pm (Hawaii Time)
on New Years Eve, and 12:00 midnight
(Hawaii Time) on New Years Day.