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Top Real Estate Video Listings

Among the thousands of real estate video listings scattered across the web on various sites and blogs, these few really stand out and for obvious reasons.  Each of these Real Estate Listing Videos offers something unique, creative and obviously took some time and money to create and produce.

As a real estate professional, many already understand and appreciate this approach however the competition begins to get pretty stiff when you see agents and company’s out there providing these marketing ideas and services to their clients.  So what does your Real Estate Video Listing look like?

The Standard Chateau Listing Video


Marketing The Most Expensive Listing in the US


A Unique Yet Comical and Effective Listing Approach


The Professionally Produced Listing Video


A Video Listing worthy of a Superbowl Commercial


Here’s How They Do Real Estate Video Listings in Australia

And Lastly Yes, this is/was an actual listing



RECloudCamp for Real Estate

RECloudCamp for Real Estate is the Real Deal!

Many real estate Industry professionals have been to REBarCamp events all across the US.  REBarCamps started in San Francisco a few years back and became one of the more popular One-Day Real Estate events to attend if you’re in the business.  They were coined as the unconference.   A place where industry professionals could gather to learn and share new technologies, social media skills, and the newest and best ways to do business to better serve clients.

RECloudCamp is really no different except for the following:

  • No airline ticket required
  • No taxi, bus, or train ground transportation
  • No Rental Cars
  • No Hotel/Motel fees
  • No Traffic, Bridge Toll, or Commute
  • No Weather Storms or Road Rage
  • No Parking Fees
  • No Admission Fees, it’s FREE

The entire event is online and takes place in a Virtual world right on your computer and it’s FREE.

All you need is an internet connection, an iPad or notepad to take notes, and an empty cup upstairs to fill with knowledge and wisdom shared from these “Great Topics!”  Joining RECloudCamp is easy,  navigating around the 3D world is even easier and fun, but most of all, the learning opportunities and networking potential will be huge!


The Virtual Visitor in The Virtual Conference

Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 9.09.31 AM

If You Build It, They Will Come

Some infamous words from a movie spoken by many but not to be taken lightly, at least not in my opinion.  It’s easy to say “If you build, they will come” but much more challenging and difficult to actually do it and really have it happen.

There are more than 11 Billion maps
currently being served up on, a FREE site that offers a visitor tracking widget for website and blog owners.  Clustermaps just received the 2011 “Best Free Webtool Award” from Edublog Awards.

Thanks to all of you, this site was ranked on New Years Day 2012 in the Top 500 Most Viewed Clustermap sites across the globe.  This is a HUGE accomplishment and we have no one to thank but YOU for helping us make it happen.  We’re not only celebrating a start to a great New Year, but we are humbled and honored to receive the Top 1000 award once again from Clustermaps.

#467 out of 11 Billion isn’t bad, so we’re proposing a toast and a cheer to a very Happy New Year.

I want to personally thank all our followers, family, fans, and friends for helping us receive this great honor and humbling award.  Our reward for all the time and effort that has been put into this site isn’t really the rank on Clustermaps so to speak, it’s the trust and rapport we’ve established with our readers and supporters just like you.

Though you may appear as a simple red dot on the map below, it’s more important that you know and understand that you are the most important part of this site and our existence.  Without you, there would be no domain, no map, no traffic, no ranking, and no audience for our content.

If We Build, They Will Come!

and you did!

It is truly an amazing honor and privilege to be able to say… “It Worked!”
“Thank you to ALL our friends, we appreciate you and love you very much!”

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A Daily Resource for FREE Training

A Daily Resource for Support & Training

    San Diego State Professor joins Zillow Academy

Special Announcement: Professor Leonard Baron, MBA, CPA, will be our special guest this month.  Save a seat to take advantage of his real estate training and investing skills that until now were only available through SDSU classrooms and his books.
Webinars are scheduled for Nov. 15th and 28th. Seating will be limited to the first 1000.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t see the class you’re looking for, click HERE so we can add it.
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NEW Special Offers

A Simple and Effective New Tool: Special Offers are incentives offered by the seller at closing for buyers who found a home on Zillow with a “Special Offers” tag. Listings with a Zillow Special Offer receive 10 times more buyer contacts than listings without.
Get More Details…

Postlets Pro Gallery

Postlets Pro is now FREE:
Once you set up at least two properties for sale or rent, you’ll be given the option to create a “Gallery” with a custom domain name.  The Gallery can be used to host and share all your listings and listed properties mapped out on a single URL page.

Facebook Page Tabs

Facebook tabs can add additional value to your Facebook Business pages by providing content that your friends and clients need and are looking for. Add any of these powerful Facebook Tabs to your Business page on Facebook and see what happens.

Tabs Now Available
RE Listings Tab

Local Info Tab
Ratings & Reviews
Contact Form Tab

Who’s Your Top 10 Pros

Top Ten Pros allows real estate professionals to give consumers an inside look at their top picks and business associates.

Give kudos and props to those affiliations and relationships you’ve worked so hard to create and build. These Pros will appear on your Zillow profile.

Read More Here…

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewers can enter remarks about an agent in a free-form review box. Reviewers can also rate the agent on several criteria: local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness, and negotiation skills.

Ratings run on a scale of 1 to 5, indicating how likely a consumer is to recommend an agent with 5 “very likely” and 1 “very unlikely.”

More Q&A Here…

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Zillow Academy – The Official Training and Support Campus of the Zillow-Yahoo! Real Estate Network.

Enter Contest To Win a FREE House

THIS IS NO JOKE!  Enter this contest to win a FREE $350,000 new home from Zillow and Pulte.

JUST TELL THEM WHY YOU WANT OR NEED A NEW HOME?  Seem too good to be true?

“Zillow and Pulte Homes, one of America’s largest home builders, have teamed up to give away a brand new, $350,000 Pulte home in the “I Want a New Home” Sweepstakes (i).

To Enter, Visit Zillow on Facebook

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Tell Us Why YOU Want to WIN a New Home

After you’ve entered the sweepstakes, take a minute and tell us why YOU want to win a new home. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current digs, you dream of mowing a yard of your own, or having a place with some extra room for guests. Share your story by posting on Zillow’s Facebook wall, or tweeting @Zillow using the hashtag #IWantaNewHome.

This promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Facebook.

(i) The winning sweepstakes entry will be given a choice of a $350,000 credit to purchase a new home in a participating Pulte Homes community or a $350,000 cash option.

(ii) Entries valid from legal residents in the contiguous United States. Due to real estate brokerage laws, residents of Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey and Rhode Island are excluded from the sweepstakes.

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The Great Real Estate Summit 2011

This is one of those events that no one should miss if you’re in the real estate business.

The good news is that you won’t have to miss it this year. In an attempt to give you plenty of advanced notice, you’ll want to register asap for the Real Estate Marketing Summit being held at the prestigious Hotel Del Coronadoin sunny southern California, one of the top venues in the country.

Some highlights:    

  • Spectacular and exclusive venue
  • Intimate networking and learning experience
  • Award winning professionals donating their time to teach their pier group
  • No vendors or selling going on – just pure strategy and education


Some of the industry expert special guest speakers this year will include:

What makes REMS unique are the people who have taken time out of their extremely busy and successful careers to give back to our real estate community. This event is a first of its kind that focuses on strategic marketing by top industry leaders who are sharing their proven systems; crafting and delivering some of the most strategic and educational lessons that address the highest priority real estate marketing needs.”

Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 8.44.40 AM

Is Real Estate Video Getting Competitive

This is NOT a CONTEST…  or Is it?

This may just be more a controversial topic and discussion for your minds’ voices ONLY! There are too many Real Estate Video experts out there preaching what is right or wrong with Real Estate video today. They claim to be experts, give you stats and numbers, tell you the do’s and don’ts, but all too often don’t leave it up to YOU to decide what will work best for YOU and YOUR clients.

This post will address the reality of Real Estate Video and bring some closure to what really works and what won’t (IN YOUR OPINION) which is the one that matters most anyway right?  There are (3)three videos below which are all Real Estate related. They were selected randomly from Youtube to address a few issues and controversial concerns about what we know, what we learn, and what we’re told by so called Experts, and what we actually believe.

Issues and Concerns:

  • Should videos be short or long?
  • Is it best to use expensive or a cheap camera?
  • Can Non-produced Video be better than Produced?
  • Does Image, Appearance and Attire Matter?
  • What type of Content is best for Video?

Each video below is fresh, brand new, and has less than 100 viewsso there can be no bias statistics, views, or visitor traffic to persuade your decision, true feelings, or your vote at the end of this post. You owe it to yourself to be open-minded here, honest with yourself, and watch each video to determine the best opinion and results for you and your Real Estate video business.

What are your overall thoughts regarding these 3 videos,and which is the one you feel best represents the style and type of video you think will be most effective and produce the most results?  I’m not talking about the most views or comments either, I’m talking closed transactions and client relationships. There is a voting pole that will be used to prove a further point in an upcoming post.





Please select which video works best overallto accomplish what you believe video should for Real Estate.

Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 8.48.52 AM

30 Webinars That Help Your Business

FREE WordPress Blogs Jamie Ohler
Win More Listings With Video
Michael Gwynn
Listing Syndication

Jack Miller
Making a Difference

Ben Kinney 5000 Free Buyer Leads

Philip Kennedy Real Estate Agent Websites

Premier Agent 201 On-boarding

Building Your Fantasy Team The New Top 10 Pro’s List

Mobile IS Global Mobile Real Estate and Bus Apps

Top Sites and Webtools

4 Ways To Leverage Video in Real Estate

Postlets PRO now FREE Overview and Training

Chris Speicher 60 Contacts $4 Million as Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent
Premier Agent 101

Tom Ferry
5 Pillars of Lead Generation

Facebook and Real Estate Tips and Tools

Jared James
The 21st Century REALTOR

Blogging for SEO and Clients

RE Agents
Setting Goals and Financial Planning

How To Install Widgets

Youtube Video for Real Estate How To Use Youtube

CRM’s and YOU Contact Management

Tom Ferry
Creating A Unique Hook for Buyers

StefanSwanepoel Mastering Business and Life

Jared James
Tomorrow’s Top Producing Agent Today!
Yeah, But Zillow Says… Beyond the Zestimate

Blogging Tips The Blogging Success Cycle

Top Zillow Tools
Your Zillow Toolbox

Krisstina Wise Converting Contacts to Clients on Zillow

Gary Gold On-Line Marketing
Real Estate Video Tips, Tricks, Sites and Techniques

Diverse Solutions Cultivate, Capture & Convert Leads

Get More Business
Ratings and Reviews


Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 8.49.09 AM

SOAR Mobile Technology “LIVE” Seminar

Mobile Technology is THE global conduit connecting millions of users in business and social media across the globe.

Three mobile devices sell in the retail environment to every one desktop and laptop computer.  The tablet, pads, and mobile cell phones and devices are dominating the mobile technology world and it’s obvious why.

Come find out the latest trends, tips, tricks, techniques, and apps you’ll need to know about if you want to keep up with today’s fast paced, instant gratification mobile consumer and business person and stay competitive at the same time.


Is Gen Y Tech Savvy or Dependent

This week is the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR) EXPO in San Jose California.

One of the luncheon speakers this year was guest Jason Dorsey, a recognized “Gen Y” representative who spoke to the group about how Gen Y IS ready to buy. 

The information Jason shared in a more than enthusiastic and exciting manner was well received by the audience but more importantly was “DEAD ON” regarding the Gen Y culture and mentality.

If you were there, you know exactly what I’m talking about and if not… I’m sorry you missed out.

Here’s a few short minutes of Jason’s presentation that will give you a small dose of Jason’s knowledge, humor, and accuracy of the “Generation Y” that’s ready to buy. Listen closely to what he says regarding trust, tech savvy, communication, experts, and who the most trusted website is for Generation Y.

“Technology has fundamentally changed how we communicate”  Jason Dorsey

Is there a gap between “Gen Y” and YOUR generation?  Do you feel that “Gen Y” speaks a different language, dances to a different beat, or thinks differently than you or I might think?  Have you looked at the numbers, done the research, and considered some of the facts surrounding the “Y” Generation?

Once you see this, you’ll realize that the tools available can and will make a difference if you decide to seize the opportunity.  Why should you care? Your future business may depend on it.

This will most likely open some eyes and minds to the “Gen Y” mentality.  Inspire some to perform more research into the “Gen Y” buyer, seller, renter, and investor. And lastly, motivate you NOT to miss Real Estate events like this when they come to your area. 🙂