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feature for Your Social Media Success

Have you ever paid to go to a seminar or an event where the keynote speaker shared a Powerpoint presentation that was loaded and choked full of great content? All you could think about during the entire presentation was, “How can I get a copy of this….” or “Will my mobile devices’ camera capture these slides…” only to find out that your hand scribbled notes and blurbs were all you had at the end of the day?

Been there, done that and got the T-shirt!

Here’s a way to access and collect some of the best keynote speaker presentations ever created by some of the best presenters and you don’t even need to leave your desk, computer or mobile device. Really? Seriously… you can find a ton of great information that has been shared with others via This is the PowerPoint storage cloud for some of the best available Powerpoint decks ever.

Check it out….


Looking for some PowerPoint presentations or decks that share how to use Social Media for Business?

Social Media 101: Understanding Social Media Channels, Demographics, and Usage

Social MediaMaybe you are looking for ways to use Facebook for Marketing and Advertising?

Facebook not just social networking– Facebook marketing

FacebookLots of people use Twitter for a variety of reasons but have you researched best practices by those using it successfully?

Twitter For Business: 6 Ways Brands Use Twitter

TwitterGoogle Plus has a multitude of great marketing features, tools and services that can help grow business. Have you seen these?

How to Use Google Plus to Generate Massive Online Exposure

Google PlusLinkedIn was one of the very first online social media type sites on the web, used more as an online resume service and portal but times have changed and now LinkedIn offers members so much more that most aren’t even aware of until they see these?

How To Really Use LinkedIn In 10 Slides & LinkedIn in Higher Education

LinkedINPinterest hit the ground running and while most thought it was just a shred shopping channel for ladies sharing photos and pics, it was quickly determined that the link driving power of the site was a force to be reckoned with?

All You Need to Know about Pinterest & Exploring Pinterest for Business

PinterestWhy is Video such an integral tool part of today’s business marketing and advertizing strategies? Why do so many watch and love Youtube?

SEO for Youtube – How To Optimize Your Content for YouTube

YoutubePeople love pictures just as much as they love video, maybe even more? How does Flickr and Instagram have any impact on business?

Instagram– An Impactful Tool For Boost Your Business


Secrets of Flickr


And finally, how do all these social media sites along with these excellent PowerPoint decks play into your mobile business?

Best Ever Mobile Apps For The Business Person On-The-Go


We’ve barely even scratched the surface with all the topics and discussions that presenters are uploading to on a daily basis. There is a PowerPoint presentation for all subjects, you just need to use the search tool like I did to find them all. Why create a PowerPoint from scratch? Unless the author/publisher disables the option, they are available to be downloaded and shared right from your own computer.

Here’s just a few of the PowerPoint decks I’ve shared around the Country which are now available on Embedding more than one PowerPoint into a single viewer is an additional feature that comes in handy frequently. lets you share and learn, and also learn to share… on the net.

Jeff Turner

The Power of Face To Face

While the Internet has a powerful and unprecedented impact on people and relationships, it will never replace the power of meeting and building relationships face-to-face.  In an interview with Jeff Turner, he explains the power of building and growing relationships face-to-face, but also shares an excellent example that affirms this fact.

In the old days (not long ago of course) the only way to keep in touch with friends, family, community etc. was by US mail, and over the phone.  Meeting people in person back then was Social Media, networking, and human interaction and fellowship.  Today, it’s a quick PM on Facebook, a DM on Twitter, an IM from the iPhone, but much less often is it an AM cup of coffee in person.

Take a moment and evaluate your personal life and experiences with the Internet and then compare it to the real world offline and off the Web.  Discover your AHA moment as Jeff has done.

Not to take away from what the Web and Internet has provided as a way of communication and branding, but we should recognize the tool that it is, and be cognizant of the in-person opportunity that may be missed with all the “Social Media” and “Online Whoop-la” that surrounds us.

Klout Friends

Klout Scoring To Build Influence

What is Klout?
Klout offers several ways to bring influential people and brands together.

What is Klout Influence?
Influence is the ability to drive action. When you share something on social media or in real life and people respond, that’s influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score.

Your Klout Profile is tied to all your social media accounts and activities.

kloutHaving all your social media accounts tied to your Klout profile allows you to track and monitor how each site plays a role on your influential potential? If you’re not active on a site, your Klout score will not provide any data or value.  It’s best to only add the sites and social media platforms where you are most active.

Klout shares your influencers with others and also shares those that you influence.

klout influencers

This builds brand, reputation and your audience.  Visiting Klout profiles of those you are influenced by promotes those who they are influenced by, which creates a desire to want to follow the trail to the top influencers. Regardless of a persons score, this is valuable as we all seek influential relationships through those we know.

Klout determines your topics which help create interest and awareness in what you enjoy sharing.

klout topics

Over time, Klout will compile your subject matter to show your most common chatter. This can help you to determine if you’re sharing what you really want to be sharing and it’s useful to others who share an interest in those same topics and discussions.

Klout tracks what you feed the world through Social Media and returns data and analytic reports based on views and responses.  Engaging others is really the key to a great Klout score, but also to becoming a great influencer.

klout feed

Klout provides a Network Breakdown to show the impact your content has and the “Klout” you’re building.

Klout Network BreakdownHow can you know where you’re going, if you don’t know the impact of your activities of where you have been?  Watching your network breakdown and score history is good to help you determine when and where you are getting the desired results you’re seeking.

Klout keeps track of your score activity and provides a rating helping you determine the impact of your content.

Klout Score Activity

The more views, interactions and shares etc that you can create through your posting(s), the more impact you’ll have on those sites where you engage with others. Knowing what works in reality might not be what you think works in your own mind.

Klout makes it easy to process your efforts and clarify between good and great content and engagement.

What kind of Klout do you have? It’s not so much the score that even matters, it’s building great relationships and providing awesome content that will get you real life Klout. Monitoring your online Klout is just another tool that can assist you with the “know and how” to build your brands online reputation and your personal success.

Top 100 IOS Apps for Agents

TOP 100 IOS Apps for Real Estate

These are the top 100 apps for IOS devices if you’re in real estate.

While the purpose is to share apps geared toward real estate industry professionals, many of these apps will be useful to ANY mobile business person who wants to simplify and maximize their mobile IOS experience.

You’ll find a variety of apps here that cover a very wide spectrum of your daily business activities yet will also cross-over into your personal health, financial wealth, and every day life.  I know that for every app here, there are 20 others that may exist, but these are the apps I’ve chosen to share with friends and readers interested in mobile IOS apps.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 9.30.04 AMScreen Shot 2013-02-01 at 9.30.17 AM  iPad

Best of all, these are all FREE.

Why aren’t there links to each of these apps for you to download?

That would take all the fun out of your “Easter Egg App Hunt!”  Seriously though, you’ll need to decide if you want the apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, then simply search the “app name” or “developer” listed in the image gallery above.

You can download any and all of these apps at the Apple iTune Store.
iPad users – click here | iPhone users – click here  | iPod users – click here

What apps are you using?

Share your favorites in the comments, post a quick blurb why you love it, and we’ll also add them to the list above.


Social Media Pros

Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World

SMM World

There’s nothing more to say than YOU NEED TO GO!  This will be the event of the year, the one they’ll talk about all year long!  Take a look at this line-up, then ask yourself… “Do I really want to miss an event of this magnitude with speakers and social media experts of this caliber?

The answer is obviously and without a shadow of doubt… “NO!”

Let me put it this way: I have been reading, following, and learning from the folks speaking at this event for at least the past 4 years or longer.  I subscribe to their blogs, read their sites, listen to their shows, watch their videos, and have learned more from these people than any other source on or off the web.

These are some of the greatest and most creative and experienced minds in the social media space.

Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield and the many others you see here are the best of the best, the creme of the crop, the industry leaders, they’re the ones at the top and to have them all in one location, at one single event may be a once in a lifetime ordeal.

I’m there! Are You?

Special thanks, kudos, and shout out to for pulling these folks together for this amazing occasion.  It will be nothing short of a spectacular and stellar event.

Social Media Marketing World


Greatest Facebook Covers

Top Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook hosts over 1,000,000,000 user profiles and is considered the largest and most trafficked site and social network in the world.  The first thing visitors, friends, and family see on your Facebook timeline or business/fan page is your picture and cover photo.

First impressions are important. Here’s your chance, (maybe only chance) to have a visual impact on your visitors.

These are some of my TOP favorite pages and profiles that I’ve discovered while on the Facebook journey.


Be creative, think outside the book box. 

IMPORTANT: There are a few key tips you’ll want to know before creating your masterpiece.  You’ll need your profile and cover photo dimensions, and your custom tab image dimensions should you decide to build your Facebook page or profile to that extent.

  • COVER IMAGE: Size: 851 X 315 Pixels
  • PROFILE IMAGE: Size 125 X 125 Pixels
  • CUSTOM TAB IMAGES: Size: 111 X 74 Pixels
    (Only 4 Tabs Can Be Displayed on Page)

The quality and visual aspect of your presence on Facebook subliminally plays a big role in the minds of the viewer.  Your visual presence is the virtual signature of who you are, what you do, and how you work. Without sounding too cliche, “be all you can be” since you have that choice and the options available to you.

Here’s a video library to help you get the most out of your own custom Facebook pages and social media efforts.

Social Media Video Support Library

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Top Websites in the World

Wikipedia is the #5 website in the world.  What is Wikipedia?  It’s the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Now I’m not sure how or where they came up with that #5 figure or statistic, but that’s what they claim on their site and in the video below. Based on my personal observations and experiences, that may very well be.  If this is true, then there’s a ton of people I know out there that are missing a prime opportunity to use Wikipedia to their advantage.  How?

By sharing local information, personal expertise and experience, education and knowledge, and a plethora of your wisdom’s which could prove beneficial if done correctly. The Wikipedia written in English, was started in 2001, and it currently contains 4,131,052 articles. It is also available in all these other languages across the world.

Wikipedia Search Results

Have you ever noticed how many search results link to articles?  They usually show up on the top of the first page of Google too.  C’mon, you know you’ve linked to their articles and pages on some of your websites and blog posts, just like this one here.  This certainly has an impact on their SEO.  So how are you using Wikipedia to help connect with other like-minded individuals who share the same interests and passions that you do?  You’re probably not, right?

This is why I want to bring it to your attention. Watch and listen to what these folks have to share, then sit back and ponder as I did on the variety of ways you could be contributing and engaging with others by volunteering your time and wisdom on one of the Top 5 websites in the world.


Here’s some tools and links that can help enhance your Wikipedia experience:

  • Community Portal – Bulletin board, projects, resources and activities covering a wide range of Wikipedia areas.
  • Help Desk – Ask questions about using Wikipedia.
  • Local Embassy – For Wikipedia-related communication in languages other than English.
  • Reference Desk – Serving as virtual librarians, Wikipedia volunteers tackle your questions on subjects.
  • Site News – Announcements, updates, articles and press releases on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Village Pump – For discussions about Wikipedia itself, including areas for technical issues and policies.

There is a ton of information available on Wikipedia about people, places, and things all from all over the globe. The content is under creative commons copyright which allows any and all users to share, edit, and use freely on their own sites and blogs.  Take advantage of the exposure and knowledge sharing opportunity that’s available on Wikipedia, your contributions and donations just might pay-it-forward and pay-it-back in some very rewarding ways.

Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects:

Commons Commons
Free media repository
Wikinews Wikinews
Free-content news
Wikispecies Wikispecies
Directory of species
Meta-Wiki Meta-Wiki
Wikimedia project coordination
Wikiquote Wikiquote
Collection of quotations
Wikiversity Wikiversity
Free learning materials and activities
Wikibooks Wikibooks
Free textbooks and manuals
Wikisource Wikisource
Free-content library
Wiktionary Wiktionary
Dictionary and thesaurus

BradsDomain Disclaimer:

Wikipedia should not be taken as an authority on every subject that you research, especially health or medication articles etc. While I have found much of their information to be accurate, the site is accessible to everyone and can be edited by anyone. I have seen glaring errors and a lot of information that gets left out.  Always verify your findings and facts with reputable sources.

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 12.11.33 PM

How To Create a Google+ Community

Google+ has launched the new Google+ Communities

Now anyone can create a group or community to connect with others in the same industry, and invite those with like-minded interests.  Before creating a new community or group, you may want to see if that group already exists. By the time you find and read this post, there’s a good chance that someone you know in one of your circles will have beat you to the draw.

In any case, here’s the steps to creating a new community on Google+.

1. Go to: “Google+ Communities”

2.Sign in” or “Join Google+

3. Click on the “New Communities” icon located on the navigation bar

4. Option A: Search for an existing Community

4. Option B: Click the “Create A Community” to start a new one of your own.

5. Decide if your community will be “Public” or “Private
(note: If you select “private” it can not be changed later)

6. Name your Google+ Community and chose who can join
IE: Free Tech Sites and Online Tools

7. Click the “Create Community” button on the lower right-hand side

8. Now write a “tagline“, pick a “community photo/image“, complete the “about section“, and add a few “categories“.


The only thing left to do now is invite people to the community and share a link with those you think may have an interest in joining, contributing, or participating.

There are two ways to do this.
Use the “Invite” link option in the “actions” pull-down menu located just beneath your community photo/image.

Two: Use the Unique URL located in the browser address bar to send out to friends and colleagues in email or on SMM.
Note: You can also use alternate keywords for your link: exampleCool Free Web Stuff