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Savvy Card Mobile App

This is one of the best tools and marketing services I’ve seen in quite some time. Seems that every day new apps, services and technology tools get introduced to our ever changing mobile world. Always something new for business professionals and consumers.

SavvyCard helps connect them both and does it in the mobile environment where 98% of humans faces are spending more than 35% of their day. It’s time to meet your clients and prospects where they are and where their eyes are and that is their mobile device.

savvycard for agents and brokers

SavvyCard® is a web-based system. No downloads required. It works across all Internet-enabled devices. lets you create and customize a branded mobile marketing app that is easy to deliver to any mobile device from any location.

Accessing and designing your custom SavvyCard is simple and very user friendly. Multiple cards can be created and distributed and best of all, it’s totally free.

Here’s an example of a “Pocket Real Estate Career Concierge” app I created for some agents/brokers who were looking for some career advice and support. Took 10 minutes.

The Pocket Real Estate Career Concierge

The app can be shared with a simple url link which can then be added to any Internet enabled mobile device. App end-users can call, text, email, contact, get information, share links, access social media, add affiliates, take notes, share with others plus much more.

One super-uber feature is that when someone shares the app with someone else, email notifications are sent to the app owner with who shared the app, and who the app was shared with? It’s like being a fly on a social share wall. Still here? Go Make Yours! 🙂

If you want to be savvy and tech enabled, create and customize your own savvycard, distribute it to everyone you know or meet, and then show others how and why they’d want to share your SavvyCard with others… if done properly… they will.

SavvyCard App Library
Business Card App
>> Pocket Real Estate Career App
>>> DebraLee Darling App

FREE Real Estate Forms

Access 400+ FREE real estate forms and documents. Click the form title to open and edit.
Scroll down this page for access to FREE farm letters and templates for prospecting.

Need ideas for your farming? Check out this library of FREE letters and templates.

Real Estate Farm Letters

Google Earth For Business

Google Earth Pro is now free to download. Be sure to take advantage of Google’s fantastic product and service that was once only available for purchase at $399.00.

There’s a variety of ways that Google Earth Pro can assist and enhance your business. As you begin seeing and using the many features, you’ll quickly discover the many benefits.

Here are a few ways you can immediately start using Google Earth Pro for Real Estate.

1. Research Neighborhoods and Communities for prospecting.
2. Give clients and prospects aerial and street level tours of neighborhoods.
3. Use navigational tools to assist out of area investors, buyers and people relocating.
4. Create a virtual 3D Brokers Open tour and embed on your sites.
5. Screen capture images to share with your marketing and advertising strategies.

This is an example of how a local Bay Area agent, Connie Barnes, uses Google Earth Pro for her real estate business. Pay close attention to the subtle marketing in this video.

6. Provide 3D Virtual directions and overview to your office or events.
7. Use as a research resource to discover new spots and locations of interest.
8. Mark up and create a relocation map showing points of interest for clients.
9. Take advantage of the technology to help promote listings to global buyers.
10. Map out open houses for the weekend to share with your buyer prospects.

Here’s a great example of how to use the measurement tools on Google Earth Pro.

11. Create videos that can be customized, personalized and shared with others.
12. Create Distance measurements, area measurements, and 3D measurements.
13. See and go places you would never consider visiting or be able to afford to go.
14. Promote and market your place of business using unique overlays and images.
15. Advanced users can use Google Maps API data to build mobile apps

There are so many ways to implement Google Earth into your business. Displaying property, presenting local information, providing site analysis, engaging presentations, teamwork and collaboration, 3D modeling, videos and so much more.

Save $399.00 and download it now so you can start using it and discovering the many other ways this tool and service will benefit you, your business and your clients. Please excuse the #bradism and pun here,  but now “You Got the Whole World in Your Hands!”