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Artificial Intelligence – Officially Intelligent

Today I was pulled into the AI topic by DIGG and WIRED. My email inbox was choked full of some interesting and valuable content regarding AI artificial intelligence and the future of many things that will come from this abundant and growing technology.

Take a look at a few of these articles and videos and ask yourself the question? How will this impact me, my clients, my business, my family or my life? There’s no right or wrong answer but your thoughts and observations are certainly welcomed.

Since I work in an “artificial cloud” environment and use AI daily to manage my home, my business, my work and even some of my relationships online, I’m behind the technology all the way but it will never replace the human mind.

We still haven’t figured out how that works so how can AI do it any better?

Only Artificial Intelligence… and time will tell….

7,500 Faceless Coders Paid in Bitcoin Built a Hedge Fund’s Brain

The AI Threat Isn’t Skynet. It’s the End of the Middle Class

Rival AIs Battle to Rule Poker (and Global Politics)

One Genius’ Lonely Crusade to Teach a Computer Common Sense


The GREAT AI Awakening!

Listen to the Super Lifelike Computer Voice Google is Building

The $10,500 robot arm that can build its coworkers

The Future of Computers from the Mind of a Toddler

This Japanese Holographic Home-Assistant is Super Creepy


Real Estate Lead Gen Using Google Forms

Using the Google Business suite of tools, anyone with a Google account can create a lead generation form that remains stored on the Google Drive in the cloud but can also be embedded into your Blog or WordPress sites and any site that allows HTML embedding.

This is an example of a real estate needs form and request. This allows the end user (once they find your blog post or page) to complete a single needs request and then STOP looking for a home any further. As buyer’s, this ends the consumer’s search for homes.

Top FREE Online Drawing and Collaboration Sites

Here are the Top FREE sites that allow you to create, draw, import, collaborate, save and share anything you can create or develop. Good for individual or a team.  No limit in which these sites and their tools can be used to advance your business growth and success.

1 –

2 –

3 –


4 –

Draw Island

5 –


6 –


7 –


8 –


9 –

NCH Drawing Software

10 –

Pencil Madness

Sometimes when needing to explain something to another person, it’s so much easier to just draw it out on paper to help articulate your message. So with the internet and so many online tools, here’s how you can still take advantage of this age-old strategy.