We Built This City…

You’re probably thinking of the 1985 classic by Jefferson Starship aren’t you?  This post is about AR Cities! As I was searching for the “missing Blog link” the other day, I discovered an exciting change that you may not have seen yet.  It’s the City pages on ActiveRain.  I was so excited, I actually forgot

Mama Says "NO BLOGGING!"

Last night my wife and I went to a fabulous event held in Vacaville, CA.  It was the Food and Wine Jubilee put on at the Nut Tree, where hundreds gathered to enjoy an evening of tasting spirits and foods from all over the County.  For us, this was our first time attending.  It was

A Powerful Game to "play on words"

If you read the post "Try Changing Hats – Maybe a helmet?" Have fun with the game below: What is the "ActiveRain Real Estate Network"? This is what the homepage reads:The "ActiveRain Real Estate Network" is a free online community for real estate professionals run on behalf of its members. We are building this community