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A Special Delivery from Santa and His "RAIN"deer!

                               Just a few of the friends that Santa will be sure to visit this year!                                                                                                                         Don’t forget To Look In The Box!

Getting to #1 on Google

This was the topic of discussion on a Webinar I attended last night with Mary McNight.  Known also as “REBlogGirl.”  She shared some of the following information and tidbits.  If you missed this, I took some notes to “pay it forward.”  Here’s some interesting concepts and tools that were presented.   Titled: The On-line Shock

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RSS Feed and Windows Vista

I just found that the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system has a built in RSS Feed reader, right on the desktop.  You can select any group from Activerain, click on the "RSS feed", subscribe, and the information from that group gets routed to your Windows Vista Reader. Really cool, now only one click away

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