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eXp Realty eXplained

Find out more details here: Is eXp Realty The Future and Is The Company for Me?

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These sites provide more information and details about the unique eXp Realty model.




Free Crowdfunding Sites

Crowdfunding is something that has been going on for hundreds of years. People coming together to help each other out from all over the world. Even churches have been doing crowdfunding since the beginning of existence, they call it an offering basket.

Today there are many FREE crowdfunding sites and resources online where people can come together for a common cause, a need, a community project, an investment or just to help someone out who is terribly in need?

You Caring

Want to help out a friend with some medical expenses or health bills?

Give Forward

Have a family member or friend lose a loved one and need some help?

Go Fund Me

Got a great idea or product concept and need the funding to make it happen?

Go Get Funding

Looking for some support for your local schools, hospitals, emergencies etc.?


Is your coin jar at home filling up and you’re well off so you just want to give?


Raising funds for your local charity, a cancer walk, a senior citizens home?

Fund Razor

Maybe you just want to build a house for a homeless family or abused kids?

These Crowdfunding crowdsourcing sites are worth looking into, one day you may yourself need to use a service such as this in order to reach out to the world in your time of need?

If you’ve read this far, then you deserve an extra special bonus link. This one goes to the Top 10 Crowdfunding sites by “traffic rank!” Visit for more details.


Top FREE Online Drawing and Collaboration Sites

Here are the Top FREE sites that allow you to create, draw, import, collaborate, save and share anything you can create or develop. Good for individual or a team.  No limit in which these sites and their tools can be used to advance your business growth and success.

1 –

2 –

3 –


4 –

Draw Island

5 –


6 –


7 –


8 –


9 –

NCH Drawing Software

10 –

Pencil Madness

Sometimes when needing to explain something to another person, it’s so much easier to just draw it out on paper to help articulate your message. So with the internet and so many online tools, here’s how you can still take advantage of this age-old strategy.