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eXp Realty eXplained

The traditional real estate model and brokerage has changed! The old model that existed since the early 1900’s is no longer practical or even realistic for today’s mobile savvy agent and Internet driven society. The technology, the tools and systems, the people and even the way we communicate have all changed and in a variety of ways.

Join eXp Realty President Jason Gesing and Brad Andersohn for this Google Hangout interview to drill down and discuss the unique elements that differentiate eXp Realty from other traditional bricks and mortar brokerages and models. Join us and invite a friend.

eXp eXplained and eXplored

Here’s an eye opener to what the Future of real estate looks like, but happening today!

Brad and Jason eXp Explained

Join Google Hangout Webinar

After exploring eXp’s agent-owned model and cloud-based culture for yourself, feel free to share this with others you believe might benefit. While it may not be a perfect fit for you right now, it’s likely you know someone or many who’d be a  perfect fit for this model.

The original brokerage model was probably created from behind a horse and buggy back in the early 1900’s, so what would a real estate brokerage model look like if it were created today? Would it be different since we have the internet, mobile, social media, and the cloud etc. and now it’s 100+ years later? Time for a game-changer and industry disrupter!

Hangout Webinar

Google Hangout Webinars

In this article, I’ll be testing a new webinar platform that combines Google hangouts, with a webinar style platform that uses YouTube for live streaming and then records the session for instant Youtube playback. This new platform coupled with it’s software and online tools offer some other really cool features too.

The landing and registration pages are pretty amazing and you can embed video right into the registration page. Here’s an example of a session coming up on April 11th, 2014 called “How To Build a Premier Agent Website.”  To see the customizable background sample, here’s a session I’ll be participating in called “Which Niche Can Make You Riche” on May 5th, 2014.

Hangout Webinar
One of my favorite features is the countdown page which also allow for an embedded video message to entertain or educate your registered attendees while they wait… instead of that annoying beep every 7 seconds while they wait for the presenter to arrive. In order to see that one, you’ll need to register for one of the above sessions:)

You can share your hangout/webinar on your sites and blogs using the custom video HTML like below.

Here’s what the “countdown” screen looks like if you try to access the Hangout/Webinar earlier than its scheduled time and date. I think this feature presents so many opportunities to educate, provide a trailer of sorts regarding what’s about to come, or simply entertain your attendees while they wait for you to arrive.

countdownOther features include the ability to create custom notifications and reminder pages. Use all kinds of HTML, cool images, custom graphics with links up the wazoo and there’s an editing and feature table that makes some desktop publishing apps look weak and worthless.

sample editor
There are a variety of other features and tools like the customizable “Thank You” page. You could also be charging a fee for admission. You even have the ability to play a pre-recorded video for your hangout/webinar session which appears as though you are there and live in person. You can market and provide links within the body of your recorded sessions and also within you’re live streaming sessions.

webinar stuff
A very feature rich, unique and intense product and service in my opinion. I’m looking forward to investigating this product much further and possibly using my existing platforms as backups to this one which very well may end up my primary training, education and support platform for the real estate industry professionals.

All in all, I think this is the perfect platform to help train, educate and support an unlimited amount of attendees who are willing to spend some time in a hangout doing a webinar that can be shared and showed on Youtube and then sent out to a variety of Social Media platforms where others can benefit from the single efforts of one person’s desire to help others.

View a Mobile Version of this Calendar

If you teach others, do webinars and seminars, use Google Hangouts to connect with other clients and community members etc, you may want to join me for one or more of these sessions above to see how it all comes together? I may even add a webinar/hangout on how to use this new product and platform to grow your own client base and your business bottom line.

As for me and my house, I’ll continue doing it for FREE!  🙂

LinkedIn Mobile

LinkedIn Makes Comeback with iMobile

LinkedIn just released their mobile version for IOS and it’s a really cool app with a friendly and easy to use interface.  LinkedIn continues to evolve and tread the social media waters amongst the other SMM sharks and giants and does it ever so quietly and eloquently.

There are many reasons business professionals continue to have a presence on LinkedIn, but there are a ton of business people who are missing out on the many opportunities LinkedIn provides and makes available.  Take a look at the new mobile app and interface, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

One of the really cool features is the ability to check updates, read featured group posts, see what other influential friends and associates are up to and more all with a single swipe across the screen. It’s like reading a book and you really do feel like you’re LinkedIn.  (some pun intended)

One of my fellow associate friends and Real Estate associates joined me last week for a webinar and not only demonstrated the power of LinkedIN, he provided these slides and tips for those interested in getting the most out of LinkedIn.  Preview a copy below or view on Scribd here.

Build Your Business With LinkedIn – Zillow Academy


Internet Marketing Specialist Designation

People keep asking me, “What is the IMSD designation?”

The IMSD program is designed to help your business both online and offline.  IMSD training and designation was created and developed to help real estate professionals who understand the importance of Internet marketing and having an online presence, but can’t seem to get their arms around it or make it work for their own business.

Why Are People Wanting the IMSD Designation?

The training is not technical, it’s practical.  How do you earn and grow business using Social Media, blogging, SEO, Craigslist, Facebook etc.  The strategies you’ll learn are easy to implement and produce results.  The training is time-tested and proven and the support is guaranteed.

If you follow a few simple details these guys share, you’ll grow your business.

The Internet Marketing Specialist Designation (IMSD) is a proven training program that will help you grow your real estate business through effective Internet lead generation. Created from interviews with over 1,000 agents and tested and proven over six years generating thousands of leads, IMSD features a series of classes and homework with techniques to help you generate more website traffic, capture more leads, and convert more leads into closings. You’ll have a specific, customized online marketing plan and begin seeing results immediately.  Follow the system and you will make money!

The enrollment fee to join the IMSD program is $599

But if you really want to take your business to the next level and you’re serious, I’ve been given permission to invite you now and save $200.  That’s almost half off.  Before you decide, go ahead and check out the site, then just use the discount code “bradandersohn” when you do sign up.

Go Ahead and Search The Area Around You

Many agents have already earned their IMSD designations.  Don’t worry, if the training and program isn’t working for you, IMSD offers a full 30 day money back guarantee.  There isn’t any risk if it doesn’t work out.  On top of earning the IMSD designation, you’ll be armed and prepared to experience success and begin the Internet Marketing/Advertising and Social Media phenomenon that is changing the way real estate business gets done today.

There’s a NEW Real Estate designation… but this one is different than all the rest.

Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 10.04.09 AM

How To Convert Online Contacts

Here are some tips for success when converting online contacts to clients. 

Always be sure to focus on the customer and not the item or product for sale.  Understand the customer’s needs, don’t get distracted by the availability of the product or desired property.  Appreciate and respect the customer’s timeline, don’t pressure online contacts to buy too quickly, and don’t give up if they don’t buy right away.

Get back to contacts and online customers immediately.

Any responses after 5 minutes drastically reduce the chances and opportunity to convert that contact into a client.  Don’t wait till the end of the day of the next business day to follow-up.  Respond to each and every contact, there is no such thing as a “crappy-lead!”  If you cherry pick, you’ll lose potential clients and referrals.

The most important tip in converting contacts to clients is follow-up.  Be tenacious! 

Follow up with all contacts and customers via email and phone.  Reach out to them at least 3-5 over a two week period if they don’t get back to you. Don’t give up when they don’t get back to you at first response.  For longer term prospects, stay in front of them, send useful information and valuable content that keeps them informed and be ready when they are.

If you’re out of sight, you’ll be out of mind.

In this video, Gary Gold shares a series of “Best Practices” that have helped make him one of the most successful Real Estate agents in Southern California.  As an “Online” REALTOR representing many Celebrity’s and Luxury Homes, Gary explains the importance of converting online contacts into clients and shares the strategy required if you want to succeed.


10 Ways To Lose Online Business
How To Prepare and Reach Your Goals

Top 5 Real Estate Tips for 2012



Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 10.25.31 AM

A Daily Resource for FREE Training

A Daily Resource for Support & Training

    San Diego State Professor joins Zillow Academy

Special Announcement: Professor Leonard Baron, MBA, CPA, will be our special guest this month.  Save a seat to take advantage of his real estate training and investing skills that until now were only available through SDSU classrooms and his books.
Webinars are scheduled for Nov. 15th and 28th. Seating will be limited to the first 1000.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t see the class you’re looking for, click HERE so we can add it.
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NEW Special Offers

A Simple and Effective New Tool: Special Offers are incentives offered by the seller at closing for buyers who found a home on Zillow with a “Special Offers” tag. Listings with a Zillow Special Offer receive 10 times more buyer contacts than listings without.
Get More Details…

Postlets Pro Gallery

Postlets Pro is now FREE:
Once you set up at least two properties for sale or rent, you’ll be given the option to create a “Gallery” with a custom domain name.  The Gallery can be used to host and share all your listings and listed properties mapped out on a single URL page.

Facebook Page Tabs

Facebook tabs can add additional value to your Facebook Business pages by providing content that your friends and clients need and are looking for. Add any of these powerful Facebook Tabs to your Business page on Facebook and see what happens.

Tabs Now Available
RE Listings Tab

Local Info Tab
Ratings & Reviews
Contact Form Tab

Who’s Your Top 10 Pros

Top Ten Pros allows real estate professionals to give consumers an inside look at their top picks and business associates.

Give kudos and props to those affiliations and relationships you’ve worked so hard to create and build. These Pros will appear on your Zillow profile.

Read More Here…

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewers can enter remarks about an agent in a free-form review box. Reviewers can also rate the agent on several criteria: local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness, and negotiation skills.

Ratings run on a scale of 1 to 5, indicating how likely a consumer is to recommend an agent with 5 “very likely” and 1 “very unlikely.”

More Q&A Here…

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What Makes Your QR Code Unique

QR Codes can be a great tool but there are some things to consider before you go creating, copying, printing, and pasting them all over the web and God’s creation.  My first thought is that if I do see a QR Code anywhere, it better be worth it to me and offer enough value to justify me doing the following:

  • Reach into my pocket or case to pull out my mobile device
  • Turn on my device and enter my protective password
  • Scroll to the QR code application on my mobile device
  • Press the icon to launch the QR Code reader app on device
  • Wait for app to load then click on the “read code” option
  • Point my device at the QR Code and hit the scan option
  • Have the code unveil a targeted website or contact page

So in my honest opinion, the QR Code’s end results better land me or your target audience in a place or on a page that really offers value and makes all those steps worth their while.  Some great techniques and ideas have been created and established using QR Codes but too often I find that they just end up linking to a site or persons contact info that in most cases isn’t anything spectacular.

No free lunch. no instant cash, no options or contests for me to win? Usually not much more than a lot of time and effort spent that could have been achieved or accomplished easier, faster, and more efficiently in other more sensible ways.  On top of all this, I think QR Codes are too plain, simple, and ugly.  Here’s a video I created to help you customize and spruce up your QR Codes.

I used the same techniques shown in this video to create this QR Code.
I started to think that if you can give readers a hint or clue as to what they might find when they scan your QR Code, they might be more inclined to go through the process and steps it takes to land where you’re trying to get them to go. This one expires at the end of November so lets see if this actually works?

Scan it and see for yourself…

Scanning the above QR Code could land you a FREE $350,000 new home.  This is just one way I can see a code like this offering great value and making it worth the end-users time and efforts to scan.  I’ve also seen QR Codes used in books to download and read chapters back to you using an audio file.  I’ve seen QR Codes placed in homes strategically on panels and appliances etc. to drive traffic and results back to valuable sought after information and people.

So how are you creating and using your QR Codes to offer value, provide amazing information, and deliver customers and prospects excellence?  The QR Code is just beginning to find it’s way into the Internet and social media world and it’s the one technology that can help connect the online and offline worlds.  It will be an interesting journey to see how and where the QR Code permeates and how it evolves over time?!?

QR Codes with a Different Approach
50 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes
Creative Commercial on TV uses QR Code

Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 8.39.23 AM

Top 7 Online Screen Sharing Sites

GotoWebinar, GotoMeeting, and Webex are great sites and tools for doing online conferences, training, webinars, and screen sharing but they are not FREE.  I have and continue to use these platforms for daily training and support webinars but what about the individual who doesn’t have 750+ attendees, or doesn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a “screen sharing” account?

Here are the Top 7 Free screen sharing and collaboration sites I’ve found, researched, and used personally either to share my screen “live” with someone else, or to have them share their computer screen with me.  Check out all 7 and see which one will work best for you when the time comes (and it will come) when you need to share screens with one of your clients or friends.

Click on any of the screen shots below to start using that site immediately and for FREE.

If you don’t need to share “LIVE”, but want to record yours screens and voice, try these:

A few creative ways to use these screen sharing tools and sites might include:

  • Showing a client how to use your MLS or IDX website.
  • Teaching another associate how to accomplish tasks for your business.
  • Walking a client through some paperwork or online contracts.
  • Explaining and navigating a client through a site that can bring them value, or
  • Sharing a tool or site with a prospect that could bring them closer to being your client.

The possibilities are unlimited and the technology and tools are available and FREE.

Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 8.48.52 AM

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Diverse Solutions Cultivate, Capture & Convert Leads

Get More Business
Ratings and Reviews


Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 8.56.17 AM

150 SMS Sites, Services & Online Tools

These are some of the top 150+ sites and services where I have either signed up, created a profile, started a blog, connected with a friend or client, posted some photos or videos, recorded an audio file, done some live streaming, recommended to another associate or just visited because I was intrigued and wanted to know more.

People always ask me where they should have a profile, or what are some of the best tools and sites available online? Other folks just want to keep track of all the places they’ve been in case they need to change a phone number, or an email address, or a company name etc.

Here’s an awesome tool and site that will do all that and more. It may look small but just wait till you hover your mouse or click on the “more” links. This little sucker is packed with power and can be embedded just about anywhere. Give it a test run and see for yourself, I already know where you’ll be going next.

Have fun, this one will definitely keep you busy for awhile.