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Top 1000 Most Visited ClusterMap Sites

Clustermaps, a traffic reporting and analysis tool, reports their most trafficked sites on a daily basis.  The list is updated every day at midnight and then posted for the following 24 hours.  There are over 11 Billion maps currently being served across the web.  We’re excited to announce that we made the Top 1000 Most Visited on Clustermaps.

You can find our Clustermap widget located in the lower right-hand corner of this site.  Clicking on it will take you to the full size global map where visitor details can be discovered and seeing the results just might influence your decision to add one to your site. To add a FREE Cluster map to your Website, Blog, or even Blog post, you’re one click away.


The Clustermap widget allows you to see where your traffic and visitors are coming from nationally and abroad.

They provide (free) the HTML code that gives you a tiny map. When it loads, it increments a counter and shows the locations of all visitors to your page, cumulatively (even for huge numbers). Clicking on it zooms in to a larger world map, and (optionally) lets you zoom in to the continents. For light users (under 2500 visitors daily) the service is free, forever, and stores cumulative totals up to millions of visitors.

Cool features include:

  • Ability to see where visitors are geographically located on map
  • Shows tweets addressed to you and their hyper-local locations
  • Real-time visitors and their locations specified with yellow dots
  • No spyware or third party cookies or advertizing on your maps

BradsDomain (thanks to all of you) made the Top 1000 list (#550) of most visited sites out of the 11 Billion maps they serve across the web.  I want to sincerely and humbly THANK YOU for helping us reach this goal, an outstanding and amazing achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without your visits and support here.

I’d also like to CONGRATULATE the other 999 sites that made the TOP 1000.   In all the awesome excitement, we just realized what a valuable source and resource this new list has become.  1000 of the most trafficked websites and blogs on a daily basis allows us and anyone to pick up on some new sites and information that we may not have seen or known about otherwise.

Thank you Clustermaps for this great tool, resource, and valuable service.

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A Daily Resource for FREE Training

A Daily Resource for Support & Training

    San Diego State Professor joins Zillow Academy

Special Announcement: Professor Leonard Baron, MBA, CPA, will be our special guest this month.  Save a seat to take advantage of his real estate training and investing skills that until now were only available through SDSU classrooms and his books.
Webinars are scheduled for Nov. 15th and 28th. Seating will be limited to the first 1000.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t see the class you’re looking for, click HERE so we can add it.
  Campus ToolKit
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NEW Special Offers

A Simple and Effective New Tool: Special Offers are incentives offered by the seller at closing for buyers who found a home on Zillow with a “Special Offers” tag. Listings with a Zillow Special Offer receive 10 times more buyer contacts than listings without.
Get More Details…

Postlets Pro Gallery

Postlets Pro is now FREE:
Once you set up at least two properties for sale or rent, you’ll be given the option to create a “Gallery” with a custom domain name.  The Gallery can be used to host and share all your listings and listed properties mapped out on a single URL page.

Facebook Page Tabs

Facebook tabs can add additional value to your Facebook Business pages by providing content that your friends and clients need and are looking for. Add any of these powerful Facebook Tabs to your Business page on Facebook and see what happens.

Tabs Now Available
RE Listings Tab

Local Info Tab
Ratings & Reviews
Contact Form Tab

Who’s Your Top 10 Pros

Top Ten Pros allows real estate professionals to give consumers an inside look at their top picks and business associates.

Give kudos and props to those affiliations and relationships you’ve worked so hard to create and build. These Pros will appear on your Zillow profile.

Read More Here…

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewers can enter remarks about an agent in a free-form review box. Reviewers can also rate the agent on several criteria: local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness, and negotiation skills.

Ratings run on a scale of 1 to 5, indicating how likely a consumer is to recommend an agent with 5 “very likely” and 1 “very unlikely.”

More Q&A Here…

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Zillow Academy – The Official Training and Support Campus of the Zillow-Yahoo! Real Estate Network.
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30 Webinars That Help Your Business

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Michael Gwynn
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Jack Miller
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Building Your Fantasy Team The New Top 10 Pro’s List

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4 Ways To Leverage Video in Real Estate

Postlets PRO now FREE Overview and Training

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Premier Agent 101

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Facebook and Real Estate Tips and Tools

Jared James
The 21st Century REALTOR

Blogging for SEO and Clients

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Setting Goals and Financial Planning

How To Install Widgets

Youtube Video for Real Estate How To Use Youtube

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Gary Gold On-Line Marketing
Real Estate Video Tips, Tricks, Sites and Techniques

Diverse Solutions Cultivate, Capture & Convert Leads

Get More Business
Ratings and Reviews


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150 SMS Sites, Services & Online Tools

These are some of the top 150+ sites and services where I have either signed up, created a profile, started a blog, connected with a friend or client, posted some photos or videos, recorded an audio file, done some live streaming, recommended to another associate or just visited because I was intrigued and wanted to know more.

People always ask me where they should have a profile, or what are some of the best tools and sites available online? Other folks just want to keep track of all the places they’ve been in case they need to change a phone number, or an email address, or a company name etc.

Here’s an awesome tool and site that will do all that and more. It may look small but just wait till you hover your mouse or click on the “more” links. This little sucker is packed with power and can be embedded just about anywhere. Give it a test run and see for yourself, I already know where you’ll be going next.

Have fun, this one will definitely keep you busy for awhile.

Revolving Map Traffic & Stats Widget

In my daily quest and research endeavors for new widgets and gadgets, I stumbled across a pretty cool little widget that adds some movement to your page, captures the attention of your visitors with its unique “global” appearance and rotation, and tracks your visitors and traffic all while being simple to install and easy on the eyes.

You can set one up yourself by going over to Revolving Maps and selecting the globe you want, pick a size that works best for placement on your Blog, website, or sidebar, choose your favorite color for visitors impressions, and select your favorite background color, then just grab the embed code and paste it onto your desired site.

Widgets can be fun, useful, and provide some crazy value to your site but be careful because they can also slow it down, lock up your site if you have too many, and cost you traffic and business if you’re not selective and conservative in your choices and placement.

FREE Real Estate Training and Support

This August we are offering some great free training and support webinars, take a look then RSVP. We’re also presenting some of the Greatest Speakers and Industry Trainers, see below.


FREE Real Estate Support and Training Webinars


Look who’s coming to Zillow Academy in August!
Sign up early, these FREE webinars will be filled quickly and are limited to the first 1000 attendees.
Tom Ferry, Chris Smith, Michael Krisa, Ben Kinney, Jared James, Krisstina Wise and more…


Yes it’s true!  Head to NOW
The Postlets PRO paid subscription service is now FREE to all agents and users.  Create, publish, syndicate and share your real estate listings across web channels.


Did you sign up for a Webinar or Speaker and miss it?  We know you have busy schedules so we’ve recorded some of our BEST WEBINARS for you.


Client Listing Report Updates – New On Zillow
Zillow Goes Public – Read About Zillow on NASDAQ
Inmans Innovator of the Year – Read More…
Zillow Search by Price CutHere’s The Details
GET FREE Co-BrandingPromoting You is KEY
Want a career at Zillow?  YES, Show Me The Money




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How To Add Text Widget To Your Site

Matt Rains came up with an outstanding little text widget tool that works like a lucky charm.  To access and get the embed code for the text widget, just go to, fill out the form, and grab the code to be placed on your website, blog etc.  In the instructional video below, Matt walks you through the process of setting this up.  I used Screenflow to zoom in at times and make it a bit easier to see the screens he shares in his video tutorial.

I’ll be adding the widget to the sidebar here at BradsDomain so folks can see how it looks and also test it if they like. (I have unlimited txt messages on my phone plan so have at it Note: Matt also mentions this is for KW agents and company, but you do NOT have to be a KW agent to use and embed this widget onto your website or Blog.  Enjoy!!


The coolest text widget ever! Brad’s Top 5 Widgets Picks on the Web 2011.

Get this Widget


Top 5 Contact Widgets for Blogs

Creating great content for your subscribers and readers, (and the search engines) is one of the most important things you can do to be successful with your blog or website. It may not be the most important though… One of the other major components is the “Call To Action” or the “Opportunity To Connect” At the end of the day, aren’t you trying to “connect” with your target audience?

I have discovered that if your great content cultivates eyeballs and traffic, but you have no way to capture and convert those inquiring visitors, then not all but much is lost. That’s why I want to share these Top 5 contact Widgets and tools. I’ve researched and used these and know they can increase your chances or at least the potential of capturing connecting with those whom you’re trying to reach.

#1 – Google Voice

Google voice allows visitors to contact you over the phone and for FREE. If yo miss their call, the message is conveniently converted to text and sent to your mobile device via email provided you set it up that way. The voicemail recordings can be forwarded quickly to expedite specific requests, and multiple phone lines can all lead into one easy to use FREE phone number. I Love Google voice.

#2 – SMS Text Widget

RETechBlog has one of the greatest text widgets I’ve ever seen. This allows your readers to text you right from the sidebar of yor Blog or website. Heck, you can place this little widget just about anywhere and start receiving text messages before you even save it to your site. When I had this installed on my AR Blog, the first day I recieved hundreds of text messages from members and had to take it down.

#3 – Zopim Chat

Now chat might seem a thing of the past to some of you, but having access to a real person when you need one can be priceless. The larger companies online these days offer this service to their customers because they know the importance of getting their clients the answers they need in a more than just timely manner. Customers want it NOW, and they want it from experienced and real people.

#4 – Contact Me Form

Zillow’s “Contact Me” form can be totally customized and personalized to tap into your target or niche audiences’ needs. Try adding a bit of emotion or something that truly creates a significant call to action, something that your reader can really relate to and you’ll be surprised how often this old fashioned but classic form of contact will work for them and for you.

#5 – Google Me

Now this one is a little tricky but VERY cool.

Google me is simply a link to any graphic or image that intrigues your reader enough to click on the image. Everything else happens automatically. There is a site known as “Let Me Google That For You” which you’ll find at Just type in your name or specific keywords where you show up at the top of Google, and watch the magic work. This also is useful when you don’t want your competition to show up anywhere on the Google search results page.

  • Go ahead, click on the card above and see what happens???

Would you keep on fishing in a lake if you only had great bait but no hooks to catch the fish? You may be #1 on Google, you may get 1000 views on your site per day, but if you’re not making a few trips to the bank once in a while, you may want to consider adding some tools like these to your tackle box. Contact Widgets really are the unsung heroes and they can pack a pretty powerful punch. I hope these will bring you closer to that trip to the bank. 🙂

Keep and Share Your Calendar

Zillow Academy launched a new calendar interface today using a much more robust and user friendly calendaring system. There are many calendar applications and sites on the web, but finding one that allows users to easily access specific days, weeks, and months without having to learn or navigate the interface seems like an ongoing task and challenge for many.  Keep and share seems to be one of the better calendaring systems out there.

The “Keep and Share” calendar interface at Zillow Academy seems to work very well on both sides of the user interface. For the Academy staff, they can interface live on the site making edits and changes easy and on-location. Readers and visitors can now register for FREE Webinars, Classes, and guest speakers from a single page or they can open the page for a detailed breakdown of each session including links to resources, relative images, and even access video.

The team at Zillow Academy prefer the new calendar over the old and are hoping that the regular attendees will feel the same. They are also very confident that all new visitors and guests will appreciate their constant motivation and passion to keep improving their online campus.