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How and Where to Find FREE Images and Photos for Websites and Blogs

Steven Graham from ActiveRain shares where to find images and photos for use on your websites and blogs.  Learn about FREE versus creative commons and understand the difference of share and share alike photos and more.  This video was recorded “LIVE” at RainCamp Atlantic NJ and is unedited.

Disclaimer: Some of the views, content, and information contained in this video are not necessarily the views and beliefs of those here at BradsDomain.com. The information and content in this video is web-based and subject to change

ActiveRain Comment Linking

ActiveRain Has Comment Linking?  Where’s Yours?
(This post is a bit long but I think it’s worth the read…especially if you plant comments in the rain)

Today I saw a few comments on ActiveRain that simply shocked me.  They honestly left me in awe.  Comments on an ActiveRain post written way back in 2008.  Over the years I’ve subscribed to quite a few blogs and individual blog posts here in the rain.  So when comments do come in, even years later on those older posts, it’s nice to get that email notification from AR prompting me that someone has commented.

Have you ever read a comment that just made you cringe?  Made your heart start pounding?  Literally made you want to pick up the phone and call that person and share your thoughts?  You know the ones I’m talking about, I bet you even have a few that quickly come to mind?  See, comments are impressionable, and remember, they’re also out there forever.

I received one such ActiveRain email this morning.  After reading the new comment and even some of the older comments, all I could say is WOW!!  I wanted to share it here but thought “no” that wouldn’t be very cool. ( I was tempted though…lol )  Has this ever happened to you?  Were you shocked?  Even worse, maybe it was your comment?  Yikes! :-O  Did I really say that?  There it is in writing, black and white and it can’t be undone.

Here’s the worst or best part of it.   

THERE’S A LINK TO YOUR COMMENT in the lower right corner.  Every comment on ActiveRain has a link to it. There are over 1,000,000+ blog posts on AR meaning there has to be over 10,000,000+ comments here. Hmmm… those are staggering numbers.  Once you comment, only the author of that post can delete your comment.  (I think you only have 24 hours or less to make edits to your own comments)

Every comment on AR is numbered and that number contains the URL and link to it.  What?  A Link?  YES, for anyone that wants to share that your comment with the world, it’s right there.  (I resisted the temptation today, but others may not)  A simple right click of the mouse to “copy the URL” and it could be pasted and plastered anywhere and everywhere folks want to share it.  I wonder if the author of the comment I’m referring to knew about this?

Is your comment being tweeted about or hanging out on someones Facebook wall?  If it’s a good comment, great… but if it’s a bad, mean, or nasty comment, then all I can say is OUCH!  Got you thinking now?  Take this “sharing” concept a little further, how would you even know?

YEP! This could be Bad, or this could be Good, that remains up to you.

People can easily litter the information highway with good or bad stuff.  Be careful what you say, the online world is listening. Each comment you make on ActiveRain is like a mini blog post.  Make sure you leave a trail of patience and kindness in the rain.  ActiveRain blogs and comments go as deep as the stars go high so really think twice before you “strike” in that comment box.

To test this, here’s a comment I just tweeted from a post written last week.

Here’s the actual comment:

It worked just as planned, my visitor counter was proof~ 

Seriously, have you ever really thought of the consequences your comments could have out on the Blogosphere?  Sharing links to a comment is a great way to bring your Blog post and other members blog posts back to life.  It’s also a great compliment when you show off commenter’s on your Blog posts. (like Frank and Sharon above)  Great comments deserve to be shared, and then there’s those comments that if shared, wouldn’t be so great, at least not for that person.  I’m just sayin…

Here’s another example:

OMG!!  Did you all hear what @Sara Bonert from Zillow just said on Brad Andersohn’s post?  Brad said, “Who Cares about your local Real Estate Market?  WOW!!  And Sara said… See her comment here~

Imagine if I put out a tweet or an update on Facebook that read something like that, do you think folks would click on it to see what it said?  I’m pretty sure it would drive some traffic, but depending on the comment, it could have a variety of results and impact on you, your company, or your business?  I’m hoping that by sharing this with AR members, it will heighten your awareness and hopefully have an impact on some of the blog commenting demeanor I’ve seen through-out my travels here in the rain.  Dare to comment now?  :-O

Some Alternate Ideas for a Title on this Blog Post:
ActiveRain Comments – A Powerful and Mighty Tool
My Comment on Your Post – OMG! Did I Really Say That?
I’ll Give You 20 Bucks if You Remove/Delete My Comment
Thanks for Tweeting My Comment – I Just Picked up a Buyer
I Face-Booked a Link to YOUR Comment Today & Doubled My Traffic

The Result-vs-the Reward of your comment on my Blog

Celebrating Four Years On ActiveRain

It was February of 2007 when I wrote my first Blog post here on ActiveRain.  Hardly seems like four years could have gone by this quickly.  I realized today that all the time and information I have contributed here is pale in comparison to all that I have learned and the relationships I have made.  As I looked at the numbers, reviewed the stats, counted subscribers and analyzed traffic, it really hit me.  Even after all the posts and thousands of hours I’ve spent here, it all boils down to one really important thing for me…

ActiveRain Is ALL about creating and building relationships. The points are great and the business is wonderful too, but what keeps most of us coming back is the deep rooted, sincere and meaningful relationships that get established from our time and efforts here.  Sure the SEO is great, and the referrals rock, but no other blogging platform out there has a community culture quite like ActiveRain.  You’ll get much more out of it than you’ll ever put into it.

Some of the greatest people I’ve ever met with masterminds in Real Estate are right here.

(if you don’t see yourself in the above photo, it’s only because all 200,000+ wouldn’t fit on this page)

The make-up of the ActiveRain community is unique in so many ways.  The relationships here are very real.  There are so many very special people on this network.  They’re not just sharing information, not just blogging, not just commenting on posts, they are out meeting each other in person, supporting and encouraging others, people helping one another all across the country.  It’s really all about people here.

As I look back on my ActiveRain journey, there are so many wonderful memories that I cherish.  Not just from the Blogging, the comments, even some of the crazy stuff that goes on around here either.  I’m talking about the memories from my travels, meeting people I’ve communicated with for years online and then finally getting to meet them in person for the first time.  It’s the hugs, the handshakes, the gifts and all the sharing.  There is really nothing that compares to all I’ve seen and been part of in my four years on ActiveRain.

So this anniversary, instead of reflecting on and sharing accomplishments and successes, or survivals and achievements, I want to just say “THANK YOU!” to all my friends here on ActiveRain and all around the globe.  Over these past years it has been YOU that kept me coming back, YOU that I was reaching out to, YOU that ultimately I want to connect with, and it has always been YOU that has made this place what it is for me today.  Sincerely, I thank you.

Without YOU, there would be no ActiveRain…

Without YOU, there would be no reason to return…

Without YOU, there would really be no me…

May our journeys be amazing, may our missions be worthy, and may our paths cross IRL one day.  In our pursuit of happiness, may we live a life that is full of rich and meaningful purpose.  It is with nothing that we start in this world, and we leave with only one thing, that which is most valuable… our relationships.   Nothing else really matters in the end.  We’ll take no goods or merchandise with us when it’s time to go, but the relationships we create and carry through life are really the most valued commodities in this world.

Build your castles and mansions on “people” and relationships for they are the strongest foundations on earth.

It’s been a truly amazing and incredible four year journey and adventure, thank you for sharing it with me.

A Happy New Year – Your Priority and Resolution

To all my friends and family here at ActiveRain,

One of the things that really makes each year so special is that I am so blessed to have some of the best relationships and get to be associated with some of the best people on the planet earth… YOU!

As 2010 comes to a close, I want to personally take a moment to say “thank you” for your business and your valued friendships.  I will never take them for granted.  It’s very rewarding and comforting to reflect on the continued trust and support you have placed in myself and my companies.

There’s so much to be grateful for this year. Highest on my list is YOU, my family, my customers and friends.

I trust that 2011 will bring you all great joy and happiness, health and wealth, and most of all, the thing that should mean the most to you… closer to your family and dearest friends.  There’s nothing on earth we get to take with us when it’s all said and done, but our relationships will live on in our hearts and spirits forever.

May you continue to be inspired, motivated, and focused on the goal to reach for and… “Achieve Your Dreams.”

Thank you, and I wish you all a very safe, prosperous, and wonderful year in 2011.

It’s Official – Going From A to Z

Today it is official so I’m announcing my new role.  It really is going from “A” to “Z”.

My thought was if I said from “A” to “Z” many of you might figure it out.  I’m sure some of you already have. I’m excited to announce that I’m now the Industry Outreach Manager at Zillow.

Over these past few days I’ve spent a great deal of time with some really awesome people learning all about my new company, their culture, the products and services, but most importantly, their passion as a team for helping connect real estate professionals with consumers.

“I’m 100% confident that I am in the right place and working with the right people and company.”

The relationships I’ve developed here in the rain mean more to me than anything.  I’m so thankful for all I’ve been blessed with here over the years, and I’m very enthusiastic and excited for what the future holds.  I’m also committed to bringing even more value and meaning to those relationships by sharing new and exciting ways/tools to help you get more business and maximize your efforts while spending less time and money to do it.

I’ll continue to work from the greater Bay Area in California, but I’ll still be mobile.  I’ll be doing many of the same types of things you are used to seeing me do here on ActiveRain.  Social media and marketing training, classes and seminars, webinars, speaking at national events, and providing education and support for the many tech tools, products, and services I can offer you.

Those of you who know me know that I have a passion for sharing real estate technology, widgets, and all that tech-y and useful kinda stuff.  I have written about so many different companies and tools that can help increase your business, save you time or money, or just simplify your life.  There really are lots of choices in real estate both for agents and consumers and I’m feeling positive and confident that I’ve found a single solution that will serve and bring great value to both sides.

So now it’s official, I’m on board, I’m part of the Z-team and very excited!  As I continue to get adjusted, trained, and adapt to my new role, it will be difficult for me to resist the temptation to want to share everything I learn as I go along.  So I promise I won’t fight it, I WILL be sharing.  🙂  I’ll open some huge doors of opportunity for many of you, and create some great ways to contribute to your growth and success.

Fasten your seat-belts, hang on tight because from the “” in Activerain, to the “” in Zillow, it’s going to be a fun and exciting ride! Here’s a link to my profile when you need me.  As I’ve said in the past, and it still holds true today, my door is always open to you and I’m looking forward to our continued growth and successes together!  🙂

Marketing and Advertising On ActiveRain – A Time and A Place

Marketing and Advertising On ActiveRain – How To Create and Setup Ads

Your ActiveRain BLOG is not necessarily the best place to be marketing and advertising your goods or services to other ActiveRain members.  Promoting and marketing yourself is great but is there a more effective and efficient way than using your Blog to do it? Maybe, but you’ll never know if you don’t try it or know about it right?

One of my favorite quotes from Ardell DellaLoggia, another member here on ActiveRain: “Blogging is the show, not the commercial.  If you make it into a commercial, then your readers will go get a sandwich, like they do when a commercial comes on T.V.”

Advertising on ActiveRain is easy and you can set it up yourself using the built-in Advertising feature.

Step By Step Instructions:

1. Login to ActiveRain then click on the link located in the upper right corner of your screen.

2. On the left side of your MY HOME page, you’ll see the link to “Advertise with AR” just click it~

3. To create a New Ad Campaign click thelink to begin.

The following screen will appear.

4. All you need to do now is add the proper URL or WEB address for your Ad and then a 125×125 image for your ad.  Your image can be custom created using whatever graphics application you prefer, I use picnik.com to create some quick, easy, and free graphics with effects.  If your credit card information is not on file, you’ll need to enter that as well.

5. Once you’re satisfied with your settings, click the button and you’re DONE!

Be sure you don’t refresh your Browser screen or hit the back button at this point.

This entire process takes less than 2 minutes not including the time it may take to create your graphic and to find your credit card.  I’ve spent more time in the past just trying to find my wallet and keys.  lol~

Your Ad will now appear on many of the millions of pages located through-out the AR Community.

The question you might have now is “how effective is this and will it work for me?” There are plenty of other people using this on ActiveRain, just click on any of the Ad campaigns you see on future pages while you’re browsing around.  Contact these companies or individuals to see if it’s working for them?

I’m sure they’ll have no problem with you contacting them, and I’m certain they won’t have a problem telling you if this is working for them or not…. I mean, why would they be continuing to do it if it wasn’t?  You can also try it yourself for 30 days then drop it like a bad habit if it doesn’t work for you.  Marketing and Advertising is changing the “face” of the WEB, are you getting the most from the “faces” seeing your ads?

The ActiveRain Featured Blog Post

The ActiveRain Featured Blog Post –

I get asked everyday about the ActiveRain Featured Blog post.  The wide variety of questions range from “Who Is Featuring The Posts” to “Why Are The Same Members Featured over and over again?” Well, it’s taken me 2 1/2 years working here to finally write a post about the infamous “Featured Blog Post!”

Now some of you will agree, and some may disagree, (I wouldn’t have it any other way) but at the end of the day, what really matters most is that you understand the process, the system, and have some compassion for the thankless position of those responsible for keeping that feature board going day in and day out.

So who, what, when, where, why, and how does this all work?

The ActiveRain Feature Board

Are you kidding?  You really thought I was going to give up the secret? Share the coveted recipe to KFC’s Chicken?  Unveil the ancient Chinese secret that all proverbs were built upon?  Are you nuts?  You really thought it would be that easy to just come along and read a post and all of a sudden be the “all knowing” understander of the ActiveRain Featured Blog Post?  Sorry folks, I’ve held back this long, I’m not about to lay it all out there now and take the fun, the mystery, and all the guess work out of it.  Haha, had ya goin there for a sec eh?

The ActiveRain Feature Board is a living, breathing, ever-changing, powerful, and exciting AR feature.  It could possibly be one of the most important and exciting things about the entire ActiveRain RE Network.  Acquiring that sought after gold star and having your picture on the main AR page has been compared by some to being as exciting as having your picture on the cover of the “Rolling Stone!”

Why is the “Feature” such a coveted “CRAZE” here on ActiveRain? For those with an ego, it’s the recognition, for others it’s the potential traffic, and the added exposure.  The opportunities a featured post can create are unbelievable.  The thought and potential of getting a featured post has created some pretty crazy frenzy’s.  It’s also stirred up some pretty wild and crazy far-fetched ideas and posts from some of our more “voicy” ActiveRain members. One thing is for sure, this will always be a sensative and even contraversial topic.

So how do we feature posts and are the same people getting featured too often?

First off, I want to thank you (the community) for helping us refine this delicate process of selecting posts for featured status. Since the inception of the feature board, we continually strive to refine the process in which featured posts are selected. The recent addition of the ‘suggest’ button is our second shot at trying to put the feature board in the hands of our members.

The first shot was over two years ago and it failed as we were unable to control it from being manipulated by folks banding together and suggesting each other for features. We believe that the newest incarnation will be more successful as the shear numbers of people suggesting posts for feature has grown significantly and the ease with which someone can manipulate it has diminished.

Add in a few additional administrative controls, now we can determine who may be trying to manipulate the system, and we believe we are getting much closer to a true community decision of what merits a feature worthy post on ActiveRain.  That being said, we still have the ultimate decision on what gets featured and all posts that are suggested for feature are reviewed by our staff prior to being featured.

(The AR Staff Moderators names will not be disclosed in this post for obvious reasons)

This sentiment has been echoed in the past, and I believe it still holds true today. There are certain members that are excellent writers. For whatever reason, and it’s not because they have overtly recruited people to suggest their posts for feature, their posts get suggested for feature at a higher rate than others.  Much of it has to do with the large followings they have amassed because of the balance they have achieved in writing to consumers and also focusing on writing posts that help the community.

We have a hard time justifying penalizing these folks by keeping them off the feature board or restricting the amount of features they can have. However, I am in agreement with all members that having the same person on the feature board more than once at the same time is not the best representation of the depth of writing talent here on ActiveRain.  For this reason, we have asked our staff to be mindful of who is already on the feature board as they review the posts that have been suggested for feature.

We have also asked that they look deeper in the pool of suggested posts for members that have had very few (or no) featured posts in the past. This will help us develop the new talent on the site and allow them to amass followings that can benefit from their writing skills. We truly appreciate all our members for taking the time to voice their concerns to us, it’s because of these members that ActiveRain will continue to grow and get better.

My personal ancient secret recipe for finding features

The ActiveRain Featured Blog post, just one more great example of how ActiveRain has and will continue to evolve.

☂ ActiveRain at REBarCamp – LIVE Updates and Real-Time Feeds ☚

Follow us and enjoy what’s going on in Houston Texas at the REBarCamp this year.  We’ll be posting Audio, Photos, Interviews, Podcasts, Videos, Links, and Updates in up-to-the-minute, real time “LIVE” feeds to this post.  I’m including the Utterli Widget, UStream.TV Widget, and Twitter to keep you informed of all that’s happening at this event. 

Rich and I will be sharing as much as we can with you regarding the items of value and use of the information we learn and share with others.  I hope you’ll take the time to check back here and see what we’ve posted.  There will be other members reporting and posting as well, so I’ll try and keep this post updated with links to their sites and Blogs as well.


Follow us on Twitter, Use #REBC to post or just Follow using this Widget

Video From Various Locations in Houston Texas – This is Entertainment! LOL

Join Us “LIVE” from Houston Texas – Show Starts Oct. 22, 2008 @ 9:00am EST

Video clips at Ustream

Thanks to WEB 2.0 technology, we are able to provide you information and insight as to what takes place at these events, and do it right here “LIVE” in a single post. How Cool, Enjoy! 🙂

Here a “LIVE” Broadcast on RAIN Radio

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How To Backup and Export Your ActiveRain Blog Posts

How To Backup and Export Your Blog Posts – ActiveRain NEW Feature

On August 18 @ noon CST, we launched the ability for members to export all of their blog entries to a single, compressed XML file. Its open nature will allow for the development of third-party import tools.

Exporting your posts from ActiveRain has been a long awaited feature that is now available to all members.  The format is XML and can be manipulated in many different ways which I’ll demonstrate in future posts.  Special thanks to our tech team for making this possible.  This new feature will allow you to backup and export your Blog posts with a single click.

The first thing you are probably asking yourself is what the heck is XML?  Read more at XML.com


Here are the simple steps to download your ActiveRain Blog File

Step 1:
Log in to ActiveRain

Step 2:
Click on your “My Home” link in the upper right hand corner of your screen

Step 3:
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the link “Export Blog Entries

Note: Depending on what computer you are running (IE: Mac, PC) and what operating system, the next window that pops up may appear slightly different, but it will be the same principle.  You are saving a file to a specified location on your computer.

Step 4:
The pop-up window below will appear.  Select “Save File” to your desktop, and click OK.


Step 5:
You will have a zipped or compressed file on your desktop containing the XML file with all your Blog entries.

(if file is not on desktop, check the location you saved it to, often times it will default to your “Downloads” folder located in your “My Computer” folder.)



Step 6:
When you “Double Click” on the zipped file, it will extract the .XML file to your desktop


Step 7:
To open and view this file, or to use with any XML compatible formats and programs, right click your mouse on it and select the program you wish to open it in.  For this example, I am going to use a simple text editor application on my computer called TEXT EDIT.

Step 8:
You can now see the XML format of your entire ActiveRain Blog.

Now don’t go passing out on me (LOL~) understand that XML formats are a complex and more complicated format than most of us are used to working with or seeing, however, there will be a multitude of ways that this data can be used by other programs and sources.  You cannot hurt your ActiveRain Blog by messing around and experimenting with this file.  It is already exported from AR to your computer and will not affect your AR blog in any way.  You have now successfully downloaded and backed up your entire ActiveRain Blog and every post in it.

I’ll try and post some more advanced information on ways this can be used in the near future, but for now, at least you know how to access and download it to your computer.  Baby steps, just baby steps before we show you how to run the 100 yard dash with it.  I’m sure there will be many questions, and ideas generated by this post, so please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts.  I’ll do my best to get your questions answered in an accurate and timely manner.