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Top 10 Free Analytic Sites and Tools

The BEST Free Analytics, Statistics, and Traffic Reporting Sites and Tools

Have you ever wondered who is looking at your website or blog? Even now, while you’re reading this aren’t you curious how much traffic your site gets?  Don’t you want to know what people like, don’t like, or how they found your site anyway?  How long do they stay there, what words or terms did they type or use in the search engines to find your page(s).  What browser is most popular, how many are linking back to your site or pages, and what content is generating your site the most traffic and targeted visitors?

These are all questions that surface at some point if you own a website or blog. The only way to get close to the real answers is to use sites and tools that provide analytics, statistics, and reports. These sites will help you determine what’s working and what’s not working.  There are many sites that provide stats and analytics for a fee, but these sites are free and give you many of the tools and analytics you need to build and maintain a magnetic and successful website or blog.

  • Google Analytics– This is a great first choice and offers the installer a ton of statistics, analytics and detailed traffic reports. There is no visual widget that installs on your site or blog but there is a ton of information and data available for your review and traffic investigations.
  • Clustermaps– One of the best visitor mapping analytic sites and free tools on the web.  Just knowing that people from all over the world are looking at your content will motivate you in unimaginable ways. This tool is why we realized we needed to install Google translate on our site.
  • Statcounter– Statcounter is one of those sites and tools you just got to have in your analytics toolbox.  The reports are very graphical and the information provided is useful and informative. Easy to read and understand, and is packed full of useful and powerful tools to help you make better decisions about your website.
  • AWStats– AWStats is packed with features. It’s a free powerful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically. The log analyzer works as a CGI or from command line and shows you all the possible information your log contains, in just a few graphical web pages.
  • Clicktale– Tells the tale of clicks! See everything visitors do on your website, every mouse move, hover click and scroll.   The variety of heat maps available make this type of tracking unique. Build web pages that give visitors what they want and make sure content, links and call to action buttons grab their attention.
  • GetClicky– Not the normal “click” you might be used to hanging around with online. Watch visitor activity in real-time. You can access data on the go with ClickyTouch for iOS, or with their mobile web app for any smart phone. Plastering your stats on the office wall with Big Screen mode is very cool indeed.
  • PiWik– Piwik is a PHP/MySQL software program that you can download and install on your own web server. After the five minute installation process you will be given a JavaScript tracking code. Simply copy and paste this tag to any websites you wish to track and access your analytics reports in real time.
  • Woopra– Live web analytics and customer engagement in one user friendly platform. They offer instant, detailed individual visitor data within milliseconds. Users can harness the power of their stats through tools that enable them to automatically and manually interact with and engage individual visitors.
  • OneStat – This site features many easy to use tools and features. One stat that is becoming more important these days is the ability to track mobile users, operating systems, and different mobile devices and platforms. What could you do better for the increasing mobile users visiting your sites?
  • Histats – 100% free and 100% unlimited access to real time data flow. Very large and powerful log analyzer for deep data inspection. Transparent, text and hidden counters available. Real time control panel to manage multiple sites. Unbelievable how much is offered on this site for free.

The key to using any analytics or these types of sites isn’t so much using the site or tools themselves, it’s managing and maximizing the metrics and information they can provide you. How you use the data and information will ultimately determine the volume of your incoming traffic, your increased conversions, and your site’s overall success.

Are you currently using any of these site or tools? If so, what do you think of them? Which of your favorites did I miss?

How To Track and Monitor Your Blog Statistics and Traffic

5 Tools and Resources for Tracking and Monitoring Your Blog or sites Traffic and Statistics

Now that you are getting more traffic and results from your Blog posts, it’s helpful and very informative to see where that traffic is coming from and what articles are getting you a variety of results.  I’ve put together this list of some tracking tools that are available on the web that will help you monitor your statistics and traffic results.  Hopefully these tools and resources will allow you to see what areas, topics, and Blog posts you can improve on based on the results of the information you can capture.

Your “RainMaking” Stats

#1 – ActiveRain Statistics – Your Basic ActiveRain Traffic stats for Comments, Views & Clicks.  This is located on your ActiveRain “My Home” page and can be found in the lower left hand sidebar.  You can just click on “Statistics” to get your Blogs results.

The Global Overview

#2 – ClusterMaps – See where your traffic and visitors are coming from geographically.  Their Widget allows you to share with others on your site or Blog.  The interesting thing about ClusterMaps is that you’ll see how many thousands of people are reading your stuff from all over the world. Sharing this information with others somehow seems to generate even more traffic and more visitors from other locations.

A FREE Parking Meter

#3 – SiteMeter – This one offers various reports and information regarding traffic and visitors to your Blog or website.  With their detailed reporting methods and tools, you’ll have a clearer picture of who is visiting your site, how they found you, where they came from, and what interests them plus a ton more.  This was the first tracker I ever installed on my ActiveRain Blog.

An Active Measure of Results

#4 – ActiveMeter – Similar to Sitemeter, it works well on the ActiveRain network and offers some tools the others don’t.  It is coincidentally called ActiveMeter but is NOT a product of ActiveRain.  Most web site analytics measure the number of web visits, unique visitors, pages viewed and returning visitors.  So does ActiveMeter, but with one difference; they do it in a “web visitor-centric manner”, which means in many cases, you’ll know who visited, and exactly where from.


The Best Part of a “Click”

#5 – Get Clicky – A great tracker and real-time stat recorder for any Blog or website. The Free version is limited but works well.  Get Clicky gives real-time statistics to fine tune your Blog posts, sites and marketing campaigns to help you gain optimal performance.  This tracker tells you what is happening on your site right now. It may be one of the easiest and fastest ways to keep a pulse on your Blog or websites activity.

Note: Google Analytics is another great tool but currently only works on ActiveRain Outside Blogs.

All of these tools are FREE and available on the web. It’s a matter of preference as to which ones (or all) will work best for you.  I have tried each of them and currently run all 5 on my ActiveRain Blog.  Each one offers different information, stats, and reports that I have found useful at one time or another.  The key is knowing how to use them to better your Blog.

The better your Blog and posts, the better your traffic and results will be. These reports and analytics help you see your Blog posts and sites differently, more from a visitor or readers perspective.  Knowing what works and what may be falling short will help you to make quicker and more decisive decisions about changes, and the necessary improvements needed to your Blog posts.  They’ve helped me.

How do you install these trackers and widgets on your Blog? Just Follow these instructions.

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