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Verizon Internet vs AT&T Internet

Ladies and Gentlemen…

In this corner, you have the defending Champion AT&T making claims that they are by far the best and fastest for high speed Internet plans and access.

However, the Verizon Internet Service Provider is quickly getting notoriety and attention claiming they are a force to be reckoned with; the best value in broadband topped with reliability.






The real question is, which one should you choose and use as your provider for Internet access?

In a test to help answer that question, we had our “ring judges” do some research using Speedtest.net, and this is what they discovered.  You may be surprised at the results.


Verizon Wireless using the UM290 USB and Wireless VZAccess

AT&T Using Hard-Wired Direct DSL Cable Access

The results are in and the winner is obvious!!

No need to beat up the defending champion here, but this is a great opportunity to advise all readers:

The decision is yours. Compare Verizon to AT&T’s Internet service in YOUR area.  You may want to research ALL the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) to see which one will be most efficient and effective for your online time and needs.  Size isn’t everything, speed is important, service and support are critical, so fight the good fight and come out a winner!

*DISCLAIMER: These tests and results are based on Verizon and AT&T services provided in the San Francisco Bay Area and may not reflect the same results in your area based on the subscription and service plan you are currently using. AT&T ONLY has a limited broadband package they offer to consumers in these specific areas.