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How To Become a Real Estate Tweaker

Become a Real Estate Tweaker – As Told By a Real Estate Speaker!

How can you “Tweak” your business to increase your bottom line?What tools and technologies including CRM can you incorporate to convert and close more contacts to life-long clients?

Take a listen to Ben Kinney as he shares tips, tools, and secrets that he proclaims have made him hundreds of thousands of clients and dollars in the Real Estate business.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ben is one of the Top 100 agents and teams in the Country.

Do You Really Suck in Real Estate

Before you answer that question, you’ll want to watch this interview and video call with Ben Kinney from Keller Williams and IMSD.net There are a few strategies that Ben shares based around systems and business models that work.  To determine what systems and tools work in Real Estate is only half the challenge and in many cases… the Battle!  The other half of the battle or challenge will be revealed to you in the video interview below…

Some key areas that you may potentially suck could include:
Systems, Communication, Marketing, Leverage, Technology, Hiring, Firing, Motivation, Profit.

About Ben Kinney:
“Ben Kinney has taken online lead generation to a new level by developing real estate marketing systems that are repeatable, trackable, and cost efficient. He lead his team to almost 700 listings in 2010, so the insight offered here is from a guy walking the walk of a real estate agent, broker, and owner in our industry.”

Here’s our only disclaimer and warning about the one-hour video and content you’re about to review right now: