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Backup Facebook for Timeline

Facebook is going to transition all users and pages to Facebook timelines today!

My personal recommendation is that you backup all your content on your profile and all your business and fan pages.  When I transitioned to the new timeline format as one of their early adopters, just over 1000 of my personal friends were lost in the transition.

NOTE: To date, Facebook has been unable to help me restore those long and now lost friends on their site.  I may not be able to get mine back immediately, but this may help you and be useful if the same thing happens to you today during the switch over.

How to Backup Your Facebook Content and Data

1. Go to your profile on Facebook (make sure you’re logged in)

2. Click on the “options arrow” located next to your username and the home button

Select the “Account Settings” link

4. Click on the Download A Copy” link in the lower left corner.

Download times may vary depending how long you’ve been on Facebook and how much content you’ve put up on your profile or pages. Be patient.  Then be sure to store this file in a safe place.

Facebook will notify you via email when your created archive is completed.

7. You will need to save the file Facebook creates to your computer hard-dirve.

8. This is what gets backed-up following this procedure:

Good luck, I hope your timeline transition goes smoothly today, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the most important commodity we have on this earth…  Our Friends!!

How To Backup Your Facebook Content

How do you back up all your Facebook data?

This is a common question I get asked frequently so it’s time to show you how.  The most important thing to know is that if you don’t back up your Facebook content and the site goes down or you get the boot, it will be gone and inaccessible forever!  That should be enough to motivate you into taking these next few simple steps and backup your entire Facebook content.

What’s in your archive?
  • Any photos or videos you’ve shared on Facebook
  • Your Wall posts, messages and chat conversations
  • Your friends’ names and some of their email addresses
What’s not in your archive?
  • Your friends’ photos and status updates
  • Other people’s personal info
  • Comments you’ve made on other people’s posts

Follow These Steps:
(quick tip: open another tab or window so you can follow these instructions as you go)

1. Login to Facebook and select “Account” from the upper right-hand menu option:

2. From the pull-down menu options, select “Account Settings”

3. Next you’ll need to select “General” located on the left-hand sidebar options:
(By Default, it should already be on General)

4. Click on the link “Download a copy” of your Facebook data

5. The following screen should appear, click on the green “Start My Archive” button

6. The next option is just a confirmation and notification screen, click “Start My Archive”

7. Now you will see a Request for Download confirmation, click the blue “Okay” button.

8.  You’re almost done. Facebook will now export the archived file and email you when it’s ready.

9. The final step is to retrieve your file from Facebook that will be emailed to you.

That’s It!  Over 3 years of Facebook content backed up into a single 289 Megabyte .Zip file.

10. Now go tell all your friends and those you care about to backup their Facebook data and content too.

You just never know when something might happen and no one wants to lose their data, photos, videos, and content that they’ve worked so long and hard to share on Facebook’s platform.  If you don’t think it could happen, just READ THIS Facebook Warning: Activities That Could Get You Banned

If you have created Facebook Fan or Business pages, follow these steps for each page.  Backing up your profile data on Facebook will NOT include all your other Business and Fan pages, each one will need to be backed up separately.