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Tripadvisor’s TripWow One-Click Videos

OK, maybe it was two… or three clicks… but this is really cool!

Using photos that you’ve uploaded and posted on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, or on your own computer, Tripadvisor’s TripWow creates custom videos with a single mouse-click.  You can also  completely customize them if you wish.  Customize the themes, music, captions, titles, and more.

Here’s a quick Tripadvisor TripWow video that I literally threw together before I could finish eating my cup of soup at lunch today.   I simply selected a theme, grabbed some family pics from Facebook, added my wife’s new hit single, gave it a title, and clicked done!  Viola~

My Family – my Best Friends Slideshow: Brad’s trip to Hawaii was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

Once your video is completed, you’ll notice all the share features available. Once it’s viewed by 10 or more individuals, you’ll have the option to download the file as a video to your hard -drive.  I also like the embed player, and the share features built into the player.  Nice work TripAdvisor.com

Create your own custom Tripadvisor TripWow video for FREE – Click Here to Get Started

Top Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook hosts over 1,000,000,000 user profiles and is considered the largest and most trafficked site and social network in the world.  The first thing visitors, friends, and family see on your Facebook timeline or business/fan page is your picture and cover photo.

First impressions are important. Here’s your chance, (maybe only chance) to have a visual impact on your visitors.

These are some of my TOP favorite pages and profiles that I’ve discovered while on the Facebook journey.


Be creative, think outside the book box. 

IMPORTANT: There are a few key tips you’ll want to know before creating your masterpiece.  You’ll need your profile and cover photo dimensions, and your custom tab image dimensions should you decide to build your Facebook page or profile to that extent.

  • COVER IMAGE: Size: 851 X 315 Pixels
  • PROFILE IMAGE: Size 125 X 125 Pixels
  • CUSTOM TAB IMAGES: Size: 111 X 74 Pixels
    (Only 4 Tabs Can Be Displayed on Page)

The quality and visual aspect of your presence on Facebook subliminally plays a big role in the minds of the viewer.  Your visual presence is the virtual signature of who you are, what you do, and how you work. Without sounding too cliche, “be all you can be” since you have that choice and the options available to you.

Here’s a video library to help you get the most out of your own custom Facebook pages and social media efforts.

Social Media Video Support Library

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Give Wrapp App Gifts on Facebook

is the perfect app for your mobile device, especially during the Holiday Season. It’s conveniently good for the giver, and really cool for the receiver. You can give free and paid gift cards to your friends and family members on Facebook.

Best of all, they can use their gift cards with a smart phone or computer.
Wrapp is quickly turning Facebook into a party and a seamless gift-giving environment.

You can send gift cards from stores like Office Depot, Levi’s, Old Navy, Gap, National Geographic, Zappo’s, Sephora, Calvin Klein, Reebok, MLB.com, FAB.com and many more.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a friend or family member to celebrate.
  2. Pick a free or paid gift card card (don’t forget to write a greeting)
  3. Select the delivery method – IE: Facebook Timeline post, text message, or email.
  4. Your friend opens the gift card in the Wrapp smartphone app.
  5. The gift card is stored in your friend’s Wrapp Wallet so it’s impossible to leave home without it.

What a great and easy way to put a smile on your friends’ face right?  So Get Gifting  It’s always better to give than receive, but Wrapp makes it as fun to receive as it is to give! The Wrapp App is available for Android and iPhoneWrapp on Facebook