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Mozilla Firefox Browser Super Speed

Who has time anymore these days to be waiting on your Internet browser to be loading sites with embedded videos, java, multi-media, large photos, graphics, widgets and plug-ins etc?

The faster your browser, the happier you’ll be.  The newest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser won’t disappoint you.  Yes, Google’s Chrome is becoming an awesome competitor and even Safari on the MAC has some awesome features, that’s why I use all three but my main workhorse as a power-user on both PC and MAC is Firefox.

Don’t get caught with the old out-dated versions, keep your browsers current and updated.

Mozilla Firefox was created and made to make the web a better place and for the customer experience to be more pleasurable and memorable.  Can you say that about your current browser if it’s not Firefox?  All you Internet Explorer users out there may not know what you’re missing till you try it? It has great speed, a new look, and they’ve added even more awesomeness.

Take a chance, make the plunge, download Firefox for free and see for yourself.

CoolPreviews – The BEST FireFox Add-on EVER!

CoolPreviews – The “BEST” FireFox Add-on “EVER!”

Access any link from any site or any page without ever leaving the page you’re on. The CoolPreviews Firefox Browser addon allows you to open any link or hyperlink within a webpage or site and it keeps the page you’re currently on open.  It’s a separate window that opens up and allows you full access and full interaction with that specific links landing page.

Let’s say you’re on Youtube looking at a List of Popular videos
, just hover your mouse over the title of any video, and Coolpreviews opens and plays that video in its own window right on your screen.  Want to know where that link and tiny.url go on Twitter or FaceBook?  Again, just hover your mouse over the link, and a window opens allowing you to preview, interact, comment, or even close without ever leaving your Twitter stream.

How Does It Work?

CoolPreviews adds a tiny little icon next to every title, link, hyper-link etc. and allows you to fully utilize any site, blog, or website without opening a new tab, launching a new Browser window, or leaving the page you’re currently on or reviewing.  Talk about a powerful tool when using Google Search??  No opening the link in a new tab, review sites and links on one screen faster and more effectively.  With CoolPreviews, you’ll Never hit the “back” button on your browser again.


CoolPreviews – The Firefox Add-on for “speed & efficiency” in Web Browsing.

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Google Launches Chrome for MAC Users

Google Chrome Icon
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Google Launches Chrome for MAC Users – BETA version Now Available!

It’s Finally Here! The Google Chrome Browser for MAC users may just be faster than Safari, FireFox, and the other Browsers available for MAC.  Today came the announcement that you can Download Google Chrome, and take it for a spin.  At first glance, Google Chrome is “Lightning Fast” on the MAC.  It loads fast, VERY FAST, and has a clean and simple layout.  Looks like it could be a mighty contender in the Browser arena.

Testing Google Chrome side by side with Firefox and Safari, Google Chrome was the fastest at loading an un-cached media rich Internet Webpage.  Stability wise, we’re testing it with many different sites to see if functionality is an issue and to determine where the browser may fall short.  So far, I’m very impressed with the first round “Beta” launch of Google Chrome.

Check it out, the more MAC users testing today, the quicker Google can enhance the Browser and make the necessary changes needed (if any) for end users.

Here are a few fun facts from the Google Chrome for Mac team:
* 73,804 lines of Mac-specific code written
* 29 developer builds
* 1,177 Mac-specific bugs fixed
* 12 external committers and bug editors to the Google Chrome for Mac code base,
48 external code contributors
* 64 Mac Minis doing continuous builds and tests
* 8,760 cups of soft drinks and coffee consumed
* 4,380 frosted mini-wheats eaten

Google Chrome Videos Interpreting the Google Chrome Features

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