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Photo Sharing Using Flickr Slideshow

On our recent journey along the Northern California West Coast, we shot numerous photos of our visits and travels. Using Flickr.com allows us to share that experience with or friends and family across the web.

Flickr photoshare allows you to embed a short bit of code which creates a cool slideshow player on your website or blog post. Flickr also provides a variety of tools including online photo editing with Aviary, the ability to create collections and sets, and the SEO from Flickr images is amazing.

Take a journey with us as we traveled and camped in the great redwoods of Big Basin and Henry Cowell State Park.  Ride along as we visit the shores of Santa Cruz, Capitola, Monterey Bay, and the Davenport coastline.

Flickr slideshow allows us to share the sites, scenes, and landscapes we witnessed in a single player which you control.


To create a Flickr slideshow:

1. Sign up and Create a Flickr account
2. Create a set and upload/add desired photos
3. Select the Set and Click Slideshow
4. Choose the “share” option and copy embed code
5. Place the embed code on website or blog post

While we do hope you’ll take a moment to view and enjoy some of our journey in these photos above, we really hope you’ll take a few moments to investigate Flickr’s other cool tools and features. Flickr.com is owned by Yahoo.

How To Improve Video and Images – Get SEO

How To Improve your Video and Images for Higher Ranking in the search engines.

Matt Cutts from Google explains a few ways you can accomplish this. He shares some great ideas on using and adding meta-data and user generated content.  The idea of using captioning in Video is brilliant!  You provide the transcripts and youtube will auto-align the text.

Matt also shares some great ideas on how to use flickr, he gives some great examples and says “it’s almost like crowd sourcing!”  Flickr has great SEO but you need to understand how to use tags, descriptions and some of the tips in this video will help you understand how and why.