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HTML5 Is Now On WIX and Free

  HTML5 Is The Next Revision of the HTML Standard.

Now you can make HTML5 look stunning with Wix
It’s only been about one month since Wix launched their HTML5 builder and the feedback they’ve gotten from you, the users, and the industry, has been incredible.  I have been using Wix for over 3 years and absolutely “LOVE” it!

Over 20,000,000 users. Over 300,000 HTML sites. See For Yourself.

Needing A Little Inspiration and Motivation?
You owe it to yourself to check out some of the magnificent work users created with the help of the newest HTML5 website builder.  It’s nothing short of impressive and amazing!  Check some out now >>>

Create Your Own New HTML5 Site
There are tons of stunning templates available, and more are getting created and added daily. You can change the backgrounds, add your custom text and any original content, and create a beautiful online presence in just minutes.

Start Creating Your Own FREE Site Here

WIX.com provides both FREE and Paid Websites and other Services
Websites, Facebook pages, Squeeze pages, Landing pages and more, all created on their platform with no programming or experience required yet your final products will look like you paid big bucks to have them done by an expert designer or developer.  Professional, Flashy, Easy, Effective, and best of all… FREE.

Free Webtools & Software for Business

Free Webtools and Software Discovery

There are so many great sites and tools available on the web for your small to medium sized business.

I’ve researched this in great detail for many years and continue to be amazed at some of the products, tools, and services you can access absolutely free from the Internet.  From accounting to project management, here are some options that will allow you to run your business effectively on a limited budget.

Google Gmail Apps For Business

Did you know there is a business version of Gmail? You can have up to 10 free user accounts before you have to begin paying for additional accounts.  Business Gmail allows you to setup your email address(s) using your website name. There is absolutely nothing you need to download in order to begin using Gmail.  Your Google account will also give you access to several great apps, such as Google Documents, Calendars, and Groups.

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WaveAccounting Software

WaveAccounting is an online accounting software for small businesses. It has a very user friendly interface and is designed for the small business owner who has little or no accounting skills. One great feature is that you can import your bank and credit card information and the program supports nearly 10,000 financial institutions.  It’s no Quickbooks, but Wave Accounting can handle the needs of most small businesses and it’s free.

Orange Human Resource Management Software

OrangeHRM is a free human resource solution. It’s easy to download onto your computer, and there are video tutorials to help you all through the processes. The software is available for Windows and Linux systems and should also work on the Mac.  For MAC OS, you’ll need to setup the AMP stack correctly.   The software is easy to navigate, and setting up your employee information is also a cinch.  You will also have the option to import/export your data for sharing or backup purposes. There are many great features and reporting capabilities you’re sure to use and find beneficial.

IDrive Online Backup Software

IDrive Online Backup Software gives you up to 5 GB of free space to back up your data online.  The software runs on Windows and Mac OS, and it’s quick and easy to download.  IDrive has a simple user interface making setup and usage a breeze. You can set up your backup on a timed schedule, or manually select a preferred date and time.  Some of the Features include the following: scheduled backups, a search function, a timeline restore, mobile device access, secured file sharing and more.  It’s currently compatible with iPhone and Android.  In the event you need more space, you can upgrade to the paid service.  Your employees can also download and set up their own online backup with up to 5 GigaBytes of free online storage space.

OpenOffice.org Office Software

OpenOffice.org is a super alternative to Microsoft Office.  It runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems.  Just like Microsoft office, OpenOffice includes a word processor, spreadsheets, presentations creator, and drawing features.  The user-interface is very similar to Microsoft Office, and it’s easy to learn and utilize.  I have found that OpenOffice will not only save you a ton of cash, but at the end of the day, the simplicity and quality of the end product is sufficient and very cost effective.

TeamLab Project Management Software

TeamLab Project Management software is a great project management option for any small business.  Like the others sites mentioned here, it is available for both Windows and Mac. It’s very intuitive and super easy to navigate. You can import data, create projects, build teams, set milestones, and generate great looking reports.  Included is a business collaboration feature that includes assigning tasks, tracking projects and generating reports.  Create blog and forum posts, share photos, bookmarks etc. The software provides you with up to 10 GB of space and limits you to 10 MG file size uploads. If you need more, you can always upgrade to the paid version.

MailChimp Email Marketing Software

MailChimp offers free email marketing software options that work great for your small business. The free option is limited to 2,000 contacts and up to 12,000 emails per month, but that’s plenty for any small business to get started using and incorporating email marketing and campaigns.  Everything with MailChimp is done online.  No software, no downloads, no installations, just create an account on their website and go.  You can import existing contacts from Excel, Salesforce, and Outlook CSV files. MailChimp also allows you to incorporate social media integrating with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  The reporting module works with Google Analytics so you can track readers and the traffic coming from your email campaigns. MailChimp is even available for the mobile devices and smartphone users.

Yola Website Builder Software

Yola is a free website builder that provides an easy-to-use platform for design and creation. Setting up your website will be very quick and simple. Yola provides over 100 professional website template designs and lets you publish up to 5 websites using their on-screen guidance guide.  The free version does not let you select your own domain name, but you can host your website using a sub-domain of Yola. Should you decide to self-host at a later time, the option to do so is provided.  Yola allows you 1 GB of file space on their server which is normally sufficient with any start-up business.

ClickBook Appointment Scheduler

ClickBook Appointment Scheduler is a scheduling tool for business owners.  Works great for dentists or doctors, therapists, hair stylists, and spa/beauty salon owners.  ClickBook has may great features.  There’s a customer database, smart scheduling, repeat appointments and more.  It will work on Windows and Mac OS and there’s no downloads or installations required.  You can import your address books from AOL, Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail, and other email platforms.  The free version won’t allow you to automatically send appointment reminders, you must do that manually.  Another limitation will be that you can only book three months of customers at any given time.

inDinero Financial Management Software

inDinero is the easiest way for your business to track their finances.  It’s a great, easy-to-use free online financial management application. inDinero will help you manage the financial side of your business using a combination of manual financial  data entry and automatic data importing from your bank statements and credit cards.  It works on both Window and Mac.  Some of the really cool features include a dashboard showing incoming and outgoing dollars, (P&L) profits and losses, and your cash balances from previous months. There’s a budget tab that lets you view your budget which can be broken down into categories allowing you to see each transaction.  You can instantly generate reports, remove data entry, and categorize ALL your transactions. If creating custom categories and storing more than 3 months worth of transactions is needed, you can always upgrade to the paid version.

Create FREE Real Estate Websites

Before you spend a fortune creating a Real Estate related website, take a moment to review this article.  You can spend a ton of time and money on developing a really cool webpage with java, multimedia, sound files, images, video, and great content that is SEO optimized.

But did you know that some of the same people you would pay to do this for you have also created some sites that allow you to do it yourself… and do it for FREE?  These are just a few of the sites I’d recommend reviewing before you start filling out that “Pay To The Order of” section in your checkbook.

Here’s 5 Cool Sites where you can start creating your website for FREE

– Wix is a do-it-yourself website builder: a free online tool that lets you create and customize your own websites. Built with a powerful, user-friendly interface, Wix gives you total control over your web design without knowing the first thing about fancy coding or programming.

– Weebly is a San Francisco, California based company that was founded in 2006 with the mission to help people put their information online quickly and easily. We enable over 7 million people to easily create personal sites and blogs or establish web presences for businesses, weddings, classrooms, churches, artistic portfolios, and more.

– A place where everyday people could create unique pages without knowing any code and without the harsh limitations of other website builders. WebStarts vision is to provide everything you need to build and maintain your very own website. Not just any website, but websites that you can quickly edit and change, allowing you to keep your content fresh and original.

Google Sites
– The Google FREE website builder.  Even with limited themes and capabilities, Google still provides a very friendly user interface which allows you to create and maintain some really cool websites and targeted webpages for your prospects and future business.

– Yola is absolutely dedicated to helping you create a website quickly and effortlessly.  They offer easy-to-use tools and website hosting in free and paid options.  With Yola, you can easily create a free website in no time. You won’t need an advanced degree; if you can edit a document, you can build a free website.

The sites above are all free, easy to use, and they allow you to be creative and productive in a very limitless environment with the potential of making some pretty attractive, non-technical pages that can help you support, market, advertise and grow your online business.  Look like the pros, and do it for less. Let us know what you think?