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Converting Online Luxury Home Clients

Gary Gold presented to a packed room at the REMS  (Real Estate Marketing Summit)  in San Diego today.  The topic was breaking into the luxury Real Estate market.  Gary shared the following 12 tips and secrets on how to convert leads that come from the Internet.

These are the “best practices” Gary uses that result in lead-to-client conversions.

1. Be The Local Expert
2. Follow-up fast – communicate when and how they would like
3. Ask good questions
4. Google them
5. Provide information and schedule a follow-up and stay on top of them
6. Offer to review any properties they find
7. Look for opportunities
8. Create a rapport and build a relationship
9. Be of service – Attitude is everything
10. Have minimum standards on who you will work with
11. Get face to face
12. Disregard lead conversion

Visit Gary’s website at SoldByGold.net and you’ll understand more about how and why he’s a Top Zillow Marketer in Southern California and closing more satisfied luxury home buyers and sellers that find properties and him on the web.

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How To Convert Online Contacts

Here are some tips for success when converting online contacts to clients. 

Always be sure to focus on the customer and not the item or product for sale.  Understand the customer’s needs, don’t get distracted by the availability of the product or desired property.  Appreciate and respect the customer’s timeline, don’t pressure online contacts to buy too quickly, and don’t give up if they don’t buy right away.

Get back to contacts and online customers immediately.

Any responses after 5 minutes drastically reduce the chances and opportunity to convert that contact into a client.  Don’t wait till the end of the day of the next business day to follow-up.  Respond to each and every contact, there is no such thing as a “crappy-lead!”  If you cherry pick, you’ll lose potential clients and referrals.

The most important tip in converting contacts to clients is follow-up.  Be tenacious! 

Follow up with all contacts and customers via email and phone.  Reach out to them at least 3-5 over a two week period if they don’t get back to you. Don’t give up when they don’t get back to you at first response.  For longer term prospects, stay in front of them, send useful information and valuable content that keeps them informed and be ready when they are.

If you’re out of sight, you’ll be out of mind.

In this video, Gary Gold shares a series of “Best Practices” that have helped make him one of the most successful Real Estate agents in Southern California.  As an “Online” REALTOR representing many Celebrity’s and Luxury Homes, Gary explains the importance of converting online contacts into clients and shares the strategy required if you want to succeed.


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Using Video To Reach Buyers and Sellers

Gary Gold does a great job explaining to both buyers and sellers why NOW is the time to buy and sell real estate in his Luxury Homes market located in sunny Southern California.

“How to buy low and sell high in the Luxury Real Estate market. With a few tips from celebrity agent Gary Gold, Executive Vice President of Hilton & Hyland Real Estate in Beverly Hills, he will show you how to take advantage of the current market conditions whether you are a Seller or Buyer.”

Reaching out to clients using video is nothing new in the real estate industry, but the reality is that there just aren’t very many agents doing this. Combining video with the social media movement is a sure fire way to reach a larger audience and be even more successful.

Kudos to Gary for using video messaging on Youtube and then using it to create an online presence for consumers that are spending tons of time on sites like Facebook.


Gary Gold will be appearing at Zillow Academy for a FREE webinar on Wednesday May 11th, 2011 at 10am PST. Come learn about his tips, techniques, secrets, and best practices for being successful in any market with both buyers and sellers. Gary will share how he uses online tools like video, and sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Zillow to complete the “client contact” to “conversion cycle.”

Free Webinars That Rock!

I must get 5-7 invitations a week to a variety of different webinars. They usually cover some really great topics. Though many seem interesting and useful, I find myself having to prioritize my day, (just like you) and in many cases miss many if not most webinars that come my way.  What is the real value of a webinar anyway?  Last week I was able to jump on a webinar and let me tell you, it changed the way I perceive and now do webinars myself.

You’ll never get spammed with an email invitation from me to any webinars I host.  I’m confident you’ll never walk away from any session feeling that it sucked! Every webinar and guest I bring you will do at least three things:

  • Share valuable and useful information that can be used and applied to you and your business immediately.
  • Provide you with knowledge of a topic and give you information that would otherwise cost you $$$ to learn.
  • Deliver real people in the industry who are out there living and practicing what they preach successfully.

So before you decide whether or not to attend this weeks webinars with these guests, ask yourself this question?  Is it worth my time and effort to listen to either of these speakers and presenters knowing that their experiences and knowledge could put thousands of dollars into my pocket and enrich my life beyond what I could creatively imagine?  It’s now up to you to decide.

These two guys are not easy to get, nor will they waste your time or theirs, period.

Gary Gold is a no nonsense practicing and successful Real Estate agent and Broker out of the Southern California area and is making his fortune and living in Real Estate. (READ THIS) How is he doing this?  What tools does he use?  How much is he making and what are the costs?  Can you sell Real Estate at this pace and volume and still have a life with balance and happiness?  Is it stressful, is it easy, is it worth it?  It’s questions like these that you can ask Gary yourself when you join him this Wednesday? I promise, it won’t suck.

Gary has been seen on CBS Evening News, Access Hollywood and other prime time shows.

Stefan Swanepoel needs no introduction but I’m giving him one anyway. Stefan travels all around the Country speaking to thousands of Industry professionals regularly about business practices and achieving a quality life.  He’s spent a great deal of time out in the Serengeti of Africa and the Serengeti of Real Estate. He’s an author, a sought after speaker and presenter, publishes the infamous RETrends, and has just released his newest book, Surviving Your Serengeti. You don’t want to miss this Thursday. Trust me, it will be “WILD” and it won’t suck!

Stefan’s new book is #2 USA Today, #2 Amazon.com, and #2 Barnes and Noble. #4 The New York Times.

No matter what you are doing this week, I would make every effort to jump on these sessions and listen to what both these gentleman have to say and share. There is no sales pitch, there is no cost to you, and contrary to popular belief that there IS NO FREE LUNCH, the information, tools, and experience these guys will share will make more than just a difference in your business, there’s a good chance they might change your life.


These are webinars that won’t suck! 🙂

Special Guest’s are Coming in March

Agent Ratings and Reviews Update  

Zillow now surfaces thousands of Real Estate agent ratings and reviews.  Consumers can now search and find local agents based on Client feedback” The response and results from this new feature have been very positive and successful.  Agent reviews are now featured on the Buyer’s Agent List and Agent profile.

DID YOU KNOW: 1 Review = 75% more contacts than agents with 0 reviews, and 5+ Reviews = 150% more contacts than agents with 0 reviews. Want contacts from Zillow customers? Want a competitive edge?  Get great reviews from your clients.

The March 2011 – Training & Class Calendar

Click on calendar for details and to reserve your seat at any session.

Class not on the calendar? Let us know what you’d like to see. Suggestions Here.

Zillow Academy Special Guests Include:

Jared James – The 21st Century REALTOR

Gary Gold – The Top Secrets of a Premier Agent

Stefan Swanepoel – Mastering Business and Life

Sign up for these FREE webinars while space is still available.


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