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Top 45 Google Tools for Your Business – 2009

Top 45 Google Tools for Business in 2009 – Use them in 2010!

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  1. Google Alerts – Get email notifications from any keyword or phrases used on the web.
  2. Google Blog Search – A sophisticated way of searching the web specifically for Blogs.
  3. Google Books – Google has a ground-breaking agreement with authors and publishers.
  4. Google Checkout – Find it online, purchase it with Google’s Checkout tool.
  5. Google Chrome – The fastest and cleanest Web Browser for PC’s and MAC’s.
  6. Google Custom Search – Create your own custom search engine for your Website/Blog.
  7. Google Desktop – Take control of PC or MAC Desktops, find anything faster and easier.
  8. Google Dictionary – Don’t knock it till you try it, watch out Webster.
  9. Google Directory – The Web organized by Topic and placed into Categories.
  10. Google Earth – Explore and share the World in 3D. Add your photos and Videos.
  11. Google Finance – Track and Edit your Portfolio, Charts, and Graphs.
  12. Google 411 – Dial Directory Services and Information from any phone for FREE.
  13. Google Health – Organize all your medical records and store them on-line.
  14. Google Images – The Ultimate Image search on the Internet.
  15. Google Maps – The best way to map out directions and share with others.
  16. Google News – All the news you’ll ever need and find in one location.
  17. Google Patents – Every US Patent is search-able with the full text.
  18. Google Product Search – Find any product in one location instead of searching sites.
  19. Google Scholar – Looking for a specific paper or Scholarly articles, find them fast.
  20. Google Toolbar – Allows you to add search, share, and contribute to your fav browser.
  21. Google Trends – For those who want to know details about search engine trends.
  22. Google Videos – Used for searching only Video and Vlogs on the Internet.
  23. Google Web Search – Still the #1 search engine tool with the #1 advanced features.
  24. Google Web Search Features – The best search tool for movies, music, books, etc.
  25. Google Code – This is a developer tools, used for APIs and other resources.
  26. Google Labs – One of the best Online Tech Playgrounds on the Web.
  27. Google Blogger – Create your own Blogspot Blog, it’s easy and free.
  28. Google Calendar – Setup and use a Global Calender that you can share with others.
  29. Google Docs – Create spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and more.
  30. Google Groups – Use Groups to connect with others and share ideas and discussions.
  31. Google Knol – Write a Knol and Share what you know with others. Learn too.
  32. Google Mail – Google mail has so many great features for email, and it’s FREE.
  33. Google’s Orkut – It’s a Google Social Network, stay connected with others.
  34. Google Picasa – Upload and store, find, and share your photos and images.
  35. Google Reader – Delivers everything you want to know from the web back to you.
  36. Google Sites – Create your own websites and group wikis for private or public use.
  37. Google SketchUp – Allows you to Design, Build, and Create 3D models and images.
  38. Google Talk –  Talk to friends, send IM’s, communicate with others via computer.
  39. Google Translate – Helps you and visitors to view any site in any language.
  40. Google’s YouTube – The second most searched site in the World. Youtube.com.
  41. Google Mobile – Take Google on the Road, & don’t leave home without your phone.
  42. Google Maps for mobile – Just as good as GPS, view maps, directions, get un-lost.
  43. Google Search for mobile – Search the web from your phone anytime from anyplace.
  44. Google Pack – Get the entire Google Pack for your PC or MAC.
  45. Google Voice – The best way to manage phones and services FREE. (invite only)
  46. Google Wave – The future of email and real time collaboration. (invite only)

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