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Moving Google Docs to Google Drive

Google Docs is now offering 5 free gigs of Google Drive when you switch over. What is the Google Drive and should you switch?  That’s up to you, but I did and here’s how and why.

Just like Dropbox, (which I love and use frequently) you can have your private or shared work and projects  up on the cloud and on your hard-drive with access from any mobile device or Internet connection.  In my business, this is a must have, if you’re in business, it will be too.

The differences between the look and feel are very slight and subtle.  However the new options and features are much better and much more useful and efficient.

GOOGLE DOCS                                                   GOOGLE DRIVE
(click for large view)                                                (click for large view)


One of the great features offered by Google drive is that you can download their free app for the PC or Mac to sync your online docs and projects easily and efficiently.

Once you download the and install the application, the option to sync is immediately available or you can use the drag and drop feature to move and organize your files.

Whether you are sharing files or just using the Google drive as a cloud based storage for online access, it’s a really great deal since it’s free.

Setting Up or Switching to Google Drive:

This is even easier than setting up your Google account was.  Just go to your Google Docs and click on the “Try Google Drive” option, or you can get more details and do a little more research here on the homepage of Google Drive.

Switching or moving from Google Docs to Google Drive is really just a two-step process.


Lastly, don’t forget to download Google Drive’s App for your PC or MAC.