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Add Historical Photos On Google Maps

Now YOU can help put history in its place.

in conjunction with Google Maps
has created a really cool site where YOU can help keep part of our history and heritage alive. If a photo can really tell a thousand stories, then this site will unveil millions of tales.

Have you ever gone to visit a certain location or place after a long period of time?  Maybe it was just because you had fond memories and great experiences there only to find that when you arrived, everything had changed or even worse… it was gone?  I know, we all have.

Recently, my wife and I traveled to Jack London Square in Oakland, CA only to discover that our favorite places to visit there, and the things we loved to do most were now gone.  The entire area was being reconstructed and renovated and our fondest and most memorable good times were now just a picture in our minds eye.  Good thing we took some pictures while we were there.

WhatWasThere.com is an awesome way for US to give back to those who share some of our same wonderful memories, and for YOU to give back a little piece of History to those who might share memories in your favorite and most memorable areas.  Here’s what it used to look like at Jack London Square when we were there just 10 years ago.

How about 100 years ago?

Photo Screen Captured and Courtesy of:  WhatWasThere.com

Photographs are one of our most treasured and important material items in life and they really are meant to be shared.  Unfortunately they end up in albums under the coffee table, in shoe boxes up on a shelf, or in storage containers out in the garage where no one gets to enjoy them.

Sites like Picasa and Flickr allow us to now share our photos online, but a site like WhatWasThere now lets us keep and share not only our photos on line, but they’re mapped out geographically and our history, stories, and memories can be shared in the Digital world for many years to come if not forever!

Upload photos, it’s FREE, it’s fun and valuable to those who will see them yesterday, today, and in the years ahead.

Embed Youtube Video into Google Maps

How To Embed Your Youtube Video into Google Maps

We had over 700 people register for the Youtube Video and Blogging Classes we held over at ActiveRain University this last month. In these sessions, we covered how to create and use video more effectively for your Blogs and websites. We shared some cool tips and important tools regarding the use of video and how to get the most out of Youtube’s new look and their added features.

The one thing we didn’t have time to teach was “How To Embed Your Youtube Video into Google Maps”, then How to embed the “Interactive Map” with your video into a Blog post or website.


SO HERE’S THE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE MANY OF YOU WHO ASKED:You’ll need a Youtube account, if you don’t have one, set one up, it’s FREE.  You’ll also need a Google Account to sign in and save your maps. If you don’t have one, set one up, it’s FREE too.

Step 1: Upload your video to Youtube.com

Step 2: Select the video you want to embed into Google Maps

Step 3: Copy the embed HTML code from the Youtube Video
(it should look something like this)

Step 4: Go to maps.google.com and click the “My Maps” Link

Step 5: Click on the “Create New Map” link

Step 6: Search the map to find the exact location where you want your video to appear
(zoom in close to find exact location)

Step 7: In the “Edit” mode, click on the placemark icon and place it on the map

Step 8: Click on the “edit HTML” link and add youtube embed code into description box.

Step 9: Give your marker and description box a “Title” and click “ok” and then “Done

Step 10: Your video will now appear on Google Maps and can also be viewed on Google Earth

Now, to embed the saved Video and saved Map into your Blog or website, click on the “Link” located in the upper right corner and copy the embed code from Google Maps.  Next, place the embed code in your Blog post (using the HTML tab) or on your website and save.  This will put the interactive map including the video into your post or on your web-page.  Visitors can now watch the video from within your interactive map, and never even leave your post or site.

The best part is that even if you don’t embed the iframe map into your Blog or website, the video is still attached to Google Maps and can be viewed by anyone who clicks on the video from within the Google Maps page.  Here’s what the completed project will look like in a Blog Post.  Try doing this with your community videos, your virtual tours, your travel videos, any video you’ve created that you want to show up on Google Maps.

Be sure to turn down your volume if you hit play, this video is pretty loud.


View The Black Hole – The Glory Hole in a larger map