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How To Create A Google+ Avatar

Creating your Google+ Plus Avatar or photo is easy.

You don’t have to be a graphics editor or designer, you just need a photo of yourself. The most difficult challenge in doing all of this will be finding or having a photo or image available that you actually like.  Some folks are very picky about their own photos and image.

Step 1: Go To:

Step II: Upload Your Image, Crop, Adjust G+ Logo, and Colored Sidebar

Step III: Join The Millions of other Google+ Plusified Avatars and users.

Step IV: Share your new Google+ Plus photo and avatar on Facebook!! 
( I mean Google+ lol~

Step V: Now it’s Your turn!

Your Content Is No Longer King

The Context WAR!

According to the passionate “Crush It!” Wine guy, Gary Vaynerchuk, Context is the new King. We always here about “Content Being King” but Gary V is opening some eyes willing to go outside the box into an area that is begging some recognition and that is context.

Content Is No Longer King?!?!

How often are comments, articles, statements, and emails etc. taken out of context? Doesn’t this make the content of these media formats little more than Pawns in the Social Media Chess game? So who is really the King? Content or Context? Here’s what Gary has to say on the issue:

How To Tweet in Google Plus

How do you tweet in Google +?   Well, without friends like Mike Mueller, the world may never know…

I was following a few Tweets today and some Facebook friends who were posting some fun stuff on my wall when I came across this message on Twitter and then later, a link from Mike Mueller that lead to a “Two Birds with One Stone” type video message.  You gotta love this guy!

Thanks Mike, I was thrilled to find this and also get a “surprise gift” all in one!

You Rock my friend, thank you!