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Red Beacon Delivers to Home Owners

Red Beacon LogoRed Beacon is a really cool new service that we heard about while shopping at Home Depot. The employees at Home Depot are awesome, they really do know their stuff, but you can’t take the employees home with you to actually do the work!? You know, the electrical, the plumbing, fix the sprinklers, or repair the garbage disposal.

They know how to do it, they can even explain it and show you in the store, but they just aren’t allowed to leave the store and come to your place to do the actual work.


As we made our final purchases at the Home Depot store located in Fairfield CA, the cashier pointed our attention to a small red sign located at the exit that promoted the Red Beacon site and their service. When I got home with our Brand New French door (which was still in its frame and needing to be installed), I went to the Red Beacon website, selected the job I needed done, and clicked on the submit button. That was it!

Within minutes I had a bid from a local contractor to install the door. Within 10 minutes, I had three bids and had selected the one I thought that best fit our needs and price. Very reasonable!

red beacon
Best of all, the service at Red Beacon was free, the workmanship was backed by their $1000.00 guaranty, and the work was completed to out total satisfaction and amazement.

Red Beacon is a beacon of light to us homeowners who can handle some of the little things around the house, but when it comes to hanging doors, repairing sheet rock, painting, electrical, plumbing, and major repairs and installations, they get us the right person to get the job done.

We will never worry or thumb through the phone book for local services again. Red Beacon Rocks, and we will be using the service again and again for as long as we live and own our homes!

I just now searched for an electrical engineer and a sheet rock expert to come over and do a couple projects we’ve needed done for a while.

Red beacon Jobs

In the time it took me to write this article, four pre-approved vendors have already contacted me via email, now I just need to review their proposals, read their reviews from previous customers, and select the one I want based on the price that works for us.

red beacon results

It really doesn’t get much better than that, thanks Red Beacon!

red beacon emailsNote: Red Beacon currently only services 11 major metro cities and areas, but have more coming soon.

New Handyman National Resource Site

How many times have you had something go wrong in your home or rental property and have no clue who to call or contact to provide an estimate or make a repair?  I personally have 3-5 items awaiting me to get off my butt and get fixed.

There is no way I can do the work since I’m not trained or experienced in working with sheet rock or dry-wall, window and door framing, or plumbing and electrical.

The Right Pros is a site a friend sent me to so I could search for the best possible “Handyman” for these jobs.  There was a time when I’d just go to the local phone book and search through the yellow pages, but with all the online tools available today, and with the power of ratings and reviews, this may be the way to go with my home repair needs?!

You may want to bookmark this one for yourself because let’s face it, everyone will need a “Handyman” sometime, and if it could be this easy to find one, you’ll be happy you read and marked or shared this article.

Now…. I’m off to do the search and get me some estimates and hopefully some inexpensive repairs.