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375 Best Infographics

InfographicsI love Infographics for many reasons.

They combine great content with compelling images to help viewers comprehend the data and info provided. Remember those boring ugly spreadsheets back in the day that looked like the old school Wall Street Journals?  Just a bunch of text and numbers on a page that made you yawn and feel nauseous?

This won’t and can’t happen with a well created Infographic.


Producing Real ResultsGraphic

Infographics take the guessing out of the message and give viewers a more accurate interpretation of what the author originally intended by using visually compelling data and content. More and more of these Infographics are reaching into different marketing and advertising arena’s producing viral sharing results and calls-to-action that really work!?

Keep an eye on how these are becoming more and more popular and how you can use them for your business to deliver your message?  Here are 375 of the Best Smart Viral Infographics I have viewed that passed my inspection and quality control on Pinterest.

29 Ways to be creative
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Google Analytics Create Infographics Visual.ly

Google Analytics Visual.ly Reports

Google Analytics provides some great stats, graphs, reports, and traffic information etc. about your websites and blogs but only if you’ve properly added the Google Analytics code to your sites.  This information and visual data can be very useful in growing your sites’ traffic and building your online empire of quality content over time. It’s a no-brainer that knowing where you’ve been, and where you are currently, will help you get to where you’re going and want to be, right?

Google Analytics provides some very useful information, like the the dashboard….


The real-time visitors on site feature and report…

ga2The report and visual graph that shows your social network sharing origination and activity…


And one of my favorites from GA is the Multi-Channel Conversion Visualizer.


Now there’s a way to get data without going to Google Analytics, and have it delivered to your inbox!

Visual.ly has recently created a way for you to view and share some of that important information by providing a free, cool looking and well presented info-graphic. Get weekly insights and updates on all yours websites and blogs. Let me show you how it works.

Google Analytics Report

The first step is to create your free account on Visual.ly.  The second step (if you haven’t already) is to install the Google Analytics codes on your websites and blogs where applicable. It’s that code that looks something like this <UA-1137703x-xxxx> The third step is to simply select which site or blog you want as your info-graphic source, and you’re done. Visual.ly does the rest for you.

GA Report

You can select from any or all of your sites to produce an awesome looking info-graphic like this:

Bradsdomain Info Graphic

If you like the final product that Visual.ly produces for your site, and you’d like to track and see your sites broken down visually on a weekly basis, they’ll even send you a copy in your email every week so you don’t have to keep recreating the visual reports.  So what’s in it for them and why are they doing this for you and I free?  They just want you to share this with others like I’m sharing it with you.

weekly email updates

So go ahead, click on the share tools below, and share these awesome Google and Visual.ly tools with your friends.


Use of InfoGraphics and MotionGraphics


What is an infographic?  In all honesty, it is just images compiled with text/data that makes up a single informational graphic on a topic, subject, or concept. Albeit fact, fiction, a tutorial or how-to, infographics provide a greater visual impact than a wall of words or a book.

Color, images, font types and sizes, and the infographic content are what make them appealing to the eye and effective for most viewers.  They are simply fast, short, easy, graphical, informative and efficient ways to learn.

Click Here for Infographics

There are some great informational and very educational infographics on almost every topic.  Some of my favorite infographics can be found on Pinterest.  There are more than 285 Infographics covering a wide variety of topics and most of them were discovered and shared just this year.  http://pinterest.com/bradandersohn/best-infographics


What are motiongraphics?  In a word: Video.  The real difference between video and a motion graphic is the content that makes up the video.  While video is usually considered movement measured in FPS (frames per second) a motiongraphic is images appearing to have movement and still images brought to life.  In essence, a motiongraphic is an infographic morphed into a living presentation.

This motiongraphic uses a combination of info, graphics, audio, and animation: “A Marketers Guide To Pinterest”

Samples and Examples of some Amazing MotionGraphics:
Measuring The Universe, Seven Minutes of Terror, Mars in a Minute, Evolution of the F1 Car, Pizza Delivery in NYC, Fast Food, Economy of Coca-Cola, 40 Years of Touring – Bruce Springsteen, Most Popular Halloween Costumes, The Euro is in the Cross-hairs, An Amazing Morphing Campaign Money Map, The Great Titanic, Tornado Tracks from 1950 – 2011, Sherbourne Common – A Storm water Solution

Snippet from Visual.lyhttp://visual.ly/learn/data-visualization-tools
Tableau Public
– turn data into visualizations with a simple drag and drop. Customize labels, tool tips, interactive filters and legend displays. There’s no programming language to learn, no Flash, no plug-ins, and no API. Instead, you create interactive data visualizations in minutes and embed on your website or blog.
Plot.io is essentially a web-based version of Tableau. You can analyze millions of rows of data in seconds, and publish your visualizations to the web for free, without downloading or installing software.
Many Eyes – A tool that lets you use your own data for data visualization. Simply upload your own data and get well-designed visualizations. Google Public Data lets you turn public data into a simple visualization. And with the Stat Silk tool you can access world data and customize the way the data is presented visually.”

So which format works best for you?  Infographic? MotionGraphic? Both?

Which format works best for your audience? It is merely a matter of personal preference, but when it comes down to cultivating traffic on your  site by providing content that informs, educates, and allows you the opportunity to convert visitors to clients, then taking a deeper look into the way we present things both graphically and visually becomes so much more important.

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FREE Infographics

How To Create FREE InfoGraphics

Have you see the swarm of Info-Graphics on the web these days?

I love info-graphics because they combine facts, data, and useful information with a touch of graphic design and some creative images that make the content interesting and compelling not to mention more attractive to the human eye.  Take a look at some of these INFO-GRAPHICS I’ve been saving and sharing, I think you’ll find them interesting and worth reading and sharing too.

What makes a great Info-Graphic? 

Only 4 components are really required; You, the content, the layout, and the graphics.  There are other important attributes like color combinations,  selective fonts and sizes, interesting images and fact supporting graphs, charts, and pies which are cool too.  But creating custom images combined with minimal text that reinforces content and messaging ensures info-graphics will capture the minds-eye, Watch!

Making effective and popular info-graphics.

Let’s start off easy making your first Info-Graphic using Info-Graphic creator by Intel.  It’s called “What About Me” and it uses your social media presence to generate a cool info-graphic with ease.  Simply select your Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts, and Intel will create your very first info-graphic and it’s all about you.  Best of all, it’s FREE.  Just create it, save it and share it.

(Click thumbnail to see full size)

Now there are a few other ways to make your own info-graphics.  They work great on websites and blogs, and if you store them online or in the cloud, they can be easily accessed and shared with others anytime and anywhere.  If you don’t have a good desktop publishing software or you just don’t feel like a graphics engineer or very creative, try using an info-graphic generator.

Vizualize.me offers you a way to make your resume into a Infographic:

Looking for some Killer Info-Graphics?  Check out Killer Info-Graphics
Want to see some of the coolest info-graphics on the web?  Check out Cool Info-Graphics

Colors and fonts really do make a difference, but most people don’t put much time or effort into color and font consideration.  There are many sites that will help with color schemes, here’s just a few I’d suggest as examples:

Selecting the right fonts for images and graphics can be a bit challenging too, so just for fun, go ahead and take this FONT Personality QUIZ, and see how well you do.  I have no doubt you will “pass” with flying colors!

Lastly, image editing and creation can also seem tough but it doesn’t have to be so time consuming or expensive.  Here’s 5 FREE sites for creative photo, graphic, and image editing that are available online and for FREE.  If you’re looking for some free graphics, photos and images to use legally in your info-graphics, check out these free resources, just be sure to read and abide by their terms of service.

Now if you decide that creating info-graphics just isn’t your bag, takes too much time and brain-work, or just doesn’t seem like the best use of your creative and productive time, you can always use one of the largest info-graphic sites and libraries on the web. This is one of the Top sources for shared info-graphics on the Internet.  I’ve saved the best for last, see the related links and sites below.

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Infogr.am Creates Interactive Info-Graphics   
Visual.ly Creates Your Own Custom Info-Graphics
Chart Gizmo allow you to Create Charts
Photo Stats App – First Info-Graghic Generator for iPhone
Dipity Finds and Creates an Interactive Timeline
Daytum is a Personal Visual Info-graphic Generator

Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 9.40.33 AM

Top Resource for Shared InfoGraphics

There is so much information available on the web today and in so many formats. 

Imagery, video, blogs, and text articles etc. have consumed every square inch of real estate on the Internet.  The volume of content on the web is increasing at an unimaginable rate.  One very unique way information is now being delivered visually is by the use of InfoGraphics.  These are visually much more appealing than excel spreadsheet charts, graphs, and complicated text.

Visual.ly is quickly becoming the #1 resource for info-graphics on the web.

The InfoGraphic

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly,[1] such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. With an information graphic, computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians develop and communicate concepts using a single symbol to process information. (Source WikiPedia)

Today information graphics surround us in the media, in published works both pedestrian and scientific, in road signs and manuals. They illustrate information that would be unwieldy in text form, and act as a visual shorthand for everyday concepts.

If you’re needing or looking for some visually appealing graphics that impart useful information that’s needed to deliver a Visual.ly improved method of message delivery, you need look no further than Visual.ly.   With over 5000 Infographics, you’re sure to find the one that will cultivate the target audience you seek.

The InfoGraphic on InfoGraphics