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How To Optimize Your Landing Page

Landing pages are created and specifically designed for prospects and potential clients. They offer the first opportunity and chance to convince and capture contacts/leads.  They are a strategic and purposeful page allowing you to convert your visitors into profitable contacts and clients.

Image courtesy of creative commons and commonswikipedia.org

Here are some great tips to optimize your landing pages.

  • Know your target audience and their wants/needs
  • Make sure you have a clear and concise value proposition
  • Reinforce page with relevant and influential persuasive content
  • Make sure your messaging is short and consistent
  • Give readers and visitors a clear and firm Call-to-Action
  • Include strategic images with content to create balance
  • Add video/audio for the text insensitive prospects and visitors
  • Use a user friendly and cosmetically appealing layout
  • Tap into emotional triggers creating a need and desire
  • Get rid of any and all useless distractions on the page
  • Minimize forms and the gathering of too much info or data
  • Establish and build trust with honesty and transparency
  • Always Respect privacy and personal information
  • Use testimonials of others for motivation and credibility
  • Apply the K.I.S.S. principle, keep it successfully simple
  • Test every component of your landing page for efficiency
  • Ensue minimum page-loading time in all Internet browsers

Why should you optimize your landing page? 

The obvious answer is to enhance your customers online experience, but you also want to maximize your ROI (return on investment) and time invested. Improving your site’s visibility and quality will help establish greater trust and increase your potential conversion rates.

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Squeeze & Landing Page Checklist

There are a few key elements needed required when creating a powerful and effective squeeze or landing page.  Squeeze and landing pages that will inspire and motivate your viewers to provide the necessary content and information you’re seeking to convert them to a life long client.  This is so important for Internet marketers and advertisers to thoroughly understand.

Lets review a few “key ingredients” for your splash/squeeze landing pages.

The four key areas are:

  • Urgency
  • Value
  • Credibility
  • Trust

What makes you want to enter YOUR information when landing on a website, blog, or squeeze page?  What type of information lures you in, grabs your attention, then leaves you with a call to action that is not only tempting but irresistible?  That’s easy~  All the parts and components that create urgency, prove value, earn credibility, and establish trust within a matter of seconds.

This landing page checklist will help break down these four key elements. This landing page tutorial and checklist guide below will be helpful in sharing some samples and examples of what this actually looks like and how it should be used in building YOUR squeeze and landing pages.

Special thanks and shout-out to Social Media Add for finding and sharing this on their site.

How To Create Squeeze Landing Pages

Squeeze or Landing pages also know as “Splash” pages are very popular right now and intended to do one thing and only one thing.  Cultivate, Capture, and Convert contacts or leads into clients or buyers of your products and services.

How to create an individual or single landing squeeze page

There are many ways you can do this, but it depends on how much time, effort and money you want to spend producing something that is effective and works.  A Squeeze page should be simple, non-distracting, and offer enough value to make viewers take your suggested call-to-action.  Less is more, short is sweet, and visual it critical.

You ONLY have 7-10 squeeze seconds to impress, here’s a sample “Squeeze”


I found a site that allows you to create these pages called InstaPage.com  Now if you want a custom public sub-domain URL, it will cost you about 5 bucks a month, (or you can use your own domain name) but if your splash/landing page is “squeezing” you business, that’s cheaper than a happy meal at McDonald’s and you’ll be busy converting so many clients you won’t have time to consider having lunch at the golden arches.

Full access and use of this site building splash/squeeze pages is FREE, you only start paying the $5.00 monthly when you go pubic.  They also have a rev share program available to referring users.

Instapage.com has made the process of setting up and creating these much sought after landing and splash squeeze pages easy and fast.  It’s all drag and drop and no real technical programmer or developer skills are needed.  There is a small learning curve of about 10 minutes but after that you’ll be up and running in no time and setting up conversion traps all across the web.

If you’re ready to create your own splash page, landing page, squeeze page, or whatever you want to call them, visit INSTAPAGE.com and create your own.  I set up a sample just to see if it actually works.  Not 45 minutes after I created it, I received my first order.  I’m sold on the idea and concept, and now I’m sold on InstaPage too.

Squeeze pages can save you and consumers time, cut costs, and they convert.

Be sure to include the following on your squeezing pages:

A stellar title, an amazing Call-To-Action, some phenomenal graphics, a few unbelievable but real testimonials, and some compelling video or audio to bring your page to life.  Don’t forget to add a capture or contact form and maybe a “call to action” button on your squeeze page.  Some folks that are using these efficiently have also told me that placing your phone number in the upper right corner works effectively.