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Real Estate Lead Gen Using Google Forms

Using the Google Business suite of tools, anyone with a Google account can create a lead generation form that remains stored on the Google Drive in the cloud but can also be embedded into your Blog or WordPress sites and any site that allows HTML embedding.

This is an example of a real estate needs form and request. This allows the end user (once they find your blog post or page) to complete a single needs request and then STOP looking for a home any further. As buyer’s, this ends the consumer’s search for homes.

Converting Online Luxury Home Clients

Gary Gold presented to a packed room at the REMS  (Real Estate Marketing Summit)  in San Diego today.  The topic was breaking into the luxury Real Estate market.  Gary shared the following 12 tips and secrets on how to convert leads that come from the Internet.

These are the “best practices” Gary uses that result in lead-to-client conversions.

1. Be The Local Expert
2. Follow-up fast – communicate when and how they would like
3. Ask good questions
4. Google them
5. Provide information and schedule a follow-up and stay on top of them
6. Offer to review any properties they find
7. Look for opportunities
8. Create a rapport and build a relationship
9. Be of service – Attitude is everything
10. Have minimum standards on who you will work with
11. Get face to face
12. Disregard lead conversion

Visit Gary’s website at SoldByGold.net and you’ll understand more about how and why he’s a Top Zillow Marketer in Southern California and closing more satisfied luxury home buyers and sellers that find properties and him on the web.

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