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10 Twitter Myths – There Are NO Rules!

Everybody starts on Twitter brand new and with a blank slate. Some of us are a bit lost, confused, maybe even a little scared not knowing exactly what we are doing and where we are going or hope to end up? Every member on Twitter starts with 0 followers, following 0 others, and has 0 Tweets.

Once the micro-blogging opinionation process begins, so do the concerns, the fears, and the myths you’ll begin to imagine and hear from others seem to sprout up out of nowhere. Twitter IS for everyone and if not, then it is for NO ONE! There is no right way, no manual, and there are no rules.

There is only ONE TWITTER and ONE YOU
and the greatest thing between you both is how you uniquely use the site and tool to establish your own uses and success stories. It’s Myths that will keep you from moving forward, backward, and just moving anywhere at all. Here’s 10 Myths about Twitter and how to overcome them.

Twitter Myths

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#1 Complaint About Twitter Is…

The whale looks far too happy for a site that is down and broken.

Besides, don’t whales need to be kept “In The Water” to Live?  Not sure what message Twitter is trying to make here, not sure anyone even put any thought into this message, but considering that Twitter is one of the Top 5 LARGEST Social Media platforms on the web, this has to be the #1 complaint we hear about Twitter all the time, something we know everyone would love to have them fix!

Real Estate and Twitter – Over 900 Tools

Real Estate and Twitter – Over 900 ToolsTweet BirdThere is no doubt that if you’re in the Real Estate Industry, or any industry for that matter, you’ve already heard of Twitter and in many cases have already signed up and are using it. Or at least trying to figure out how to use it for your personal or business use.The thing about Twitter is that you have to try and get your arms around the concept, the value, the power and the purpose of why it exists and why millions of people are using it.  Twitter is a micro-blogging World Network, but it can also be as local as you want to make it.

Just about the time you figure out how and why to use it, someone comes up with another Twitter add-on, Twitter tool, or Twitter 3rd party service. Now you have a site that keeps track of all these new tools, add-ons, and services for you.TheTwitterTools.com site has pulled Over 900 different Twitter Tools for you to explore, all sorted by category, and all conveniently located on one site.  How do we know about this cool site?  We saw their Tweet.

The Twitter Tools

If you are new to Twitter, just watching some of these threads, following a few key folks, and posting a few tweets yourself can open a whole new world of knowledge and tools you may want to consider for your business. With over 900 available on this site, you’re bound to find a few.If you’re in Real Estate, here’s the Top 100 Most Influential People – Pros from the Real Estate Industry.  We suggest you should be following them all.  In a single day, you can learn more from these folks than any other resource out there on the web.

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