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Top Mobile App Picks 2013

These apps were personally selected based on their user interface, the quality and stability of their product, and the overall end-user experience. The purpose of sharing these apps and this post is to add value to the user who is doing the majority of their business from a mobile device.

This was also inspired by the Top 100 IOS Mobile Apps for Real Estate post which was a huge success in 2013.

While most of these apps are free to download, there may be a few that slipped in which will cost a couple bucks.

Mobile Photo AppsTop Mobile App Picks for 2013

AboutOne – One safe place to manage the information you need to take care of your family and home.
AnyDo – Any.do is an app to help you manage life in a simple clever & fun way.

BreezeRealEstateFlyers – Print real estate flyers and feature sheets from your iPad with templates.
Burner – A privacy layer for your device. Get phone numbers you control at the push of a button.

Cheddar – Your tasks are instantly everywhere. Everything you do with Cheddar syncs all devices.
Clipped – Turns articles and documents into bullet point summaries.
ClipPick – ClipPick allows you to copy text or images from one device to another instantly.
CoEveryWhere – Hyper local news for every neighborhood in the world.
CoolIris – One app for all your photos. Beautifully experience all your photos.
Copy – Sync, protect, and share everywhere. Up to 15 gigs free storage.
Cube – Cubenect… connect, share and view. A single social networking dashboard.

DeskConnect – The missing link between all your devices.
Directr – Video that matters. Helps you easily make great movies.
Drync – Discover and buy wines you love for delivery to your doorstep or to others.

EasilyDo – The smart assistant that helps you get things done.

Feedly – The best RSS feed reader and curator since the demise of Google Reader.
FindIt – The easiest way to search email and files on your Android or iPhone.
Flattr – Best way to support creators on the services you use and love.
Flesky – A great application that replaces your device’s on–screen keyboard.
FlipBoard – Read and collect news, curate your favorite stories on any topic imaginable.
FrontBack – Not just photos of you but what you see as well.

GateGuru – For travelers of the globe.  A Tripadviser travel app created for all travelers.
Glide – The fastest way to send video messaging from one mobile device to another.
GoodTodo – Online to-do list that helps you empty your inbox and improve your productivity.
GoogleDrive – Some of the best mobile tools available to help you get stuff done.
Grovo – Sharpen your Internet skills in just 60 seconds.
Gyft – The easiest way to send, redeem, buy and manage gift cards.

HaikuDeck – A completely new kind of mobile presentation software and app.
HelloSign – Legally binding electronic signatures for any business or industry.

InvestInTech – PDF apps and solutions for smartphones and tablets.

KeyMe – Copy keys, resolve lock outs. Keys delivered in under 60 minutes.
Krrb – Buy, sell, rent, trade, give and be neighborly.

Life360 – An app specifically for family and friends wanting to keep connected.
Lift – Unlock your potential and change your life. Lift helps you reach your goals.

MadeWithOver – Beautiful text overlay’s for your pics and photos.
– Put mail in its place. Finally an app that lets you better manage email.
MailChimp Gather – Text message your MailChimp subscribers, keep them updated during events.
MapKin – Taking your shared journey, travels and GPS to another level.
MixBit – Create great videos by collaborating and combining video with others.
Moves – Activity tracking without using any additional gadgets.

Nooly – The worlds most localized weather map. Micro weather forecasting.

Pocket – Find something you want to read or view later, just put it in your pocket.
Popcorn – Chat with people within a one mile radius of your location.
ProductEev – The leading social task management system and solution for teams.

Revel – Share photos and videos on your family’s phones, tablets and computers.
Rove – Your memories remembered. Private journaling beautifully automated.

Scout – Your personal navigator that makes your destination more of an enjoyed journey.
Sensopia – Create floor plans in any home, room or building with your device camera.
SiteGeist – The app that helps you to learn more about your surroundings in seconds.
SKJM – Monitor multiple live video and audio webcam feeds from your device.
SleepCycle – A bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you at your lightest sleep phase.
SoundTracking – Local Top trending posts of sound tracks for your review and pleasure.
SpringPad – Organize your world and have more fun while you do it.
SquareUp – The wallet app that lets you pay with your good name.

Tab – The simple way to split the dining or bar bill among multiple friends.
ThrowBack – A really trippy app that will send your past to your future present.
Timbre – The simplest and best way to find local live music around you.
Trello – Organize anything and everything and do it collaborating with others.

Umano – Have interesting and popular articles read to you by real people.

Wickr – The Internet is forever but this Mission Impossible style app changes the game.
WunderList – A great way to organize your business and your life on a mobile device.

Yevvo – Unpredictable. Raw. And no reruns, just like real life.

Add your favorite mobile apps from 2013 in the comments below and I’ll see that they get added to this list.
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How To Create A Free Mobile App

BradsDomainQRCodeDo you have a mobile app? How about for your business?  You know, one that your clients can download and use on their mobile devices?  If you’re considering an app for mobile, you’re in the right spot.

Let me show you how to create a mobile app that can be shared with anyone who has a mobile device and I’ll show you how to do it for absolutely free.  Best of all, you can do it all online by yourself and at your leisure without a programmer, no developer experience, and with no software.

This tutorial walks you through each step in creating and building your mobile app.


Go to Mobile By Conduit, click on “Create App” enter your web address URL, click “Create App

HGow To Create Free Mobile AppsSTEP TWO:

Wait just a moment for the Mobile Conduit generator to grab your information, then start building your mobile app with all the bells and whistles you’d like. You can completely customize your unique mobile app here.

Building Your Free Mobile App

NOTE: This is where you can add your Social Media pages, your Facebook Business and fan pages, RSS feeds from ANY site, video, pictures, contact forms, about you or your company pages,  additional websites and links, contact information, local area events, custom pages, and more.

Notice there are 3 tabs at the top of the build page. 

The first tab is for your mobile app content, the second tab is for style and design, and the third tab is for information and app details.  Utilize each of these areas and features to help you build your new mobile app.

 Mobile App Style   MobileApp Info


Once you have everything in place, your images and links all setup, your icons and buttons customized and selected, click on the “Save & Continue” button to complete your mobile app. You can also create a custom URL for the app where is will be housed and accessible. IE: http://DebraLeeDarling.ConduitApps.com

The Mobile App Landing Page

Your mobile app landing page is now ready to share.  It also has a custom and unique QR Code for users to scan and download your app along social media buttons so they can share with their friends and sphere of influence.

Mobile App Landing Page

The final step in this process is to market and promote your mobile app on your websites, your blogs, your online profiles, and out in the real world.  One suggestion is to create a custom graphic or icon that links directly to your hosted landing page as seen below.

DebraLee Darling Mobile App     BradsDomainMobileApp
“Created For This Tutorial”                      “Created To Test and Demo”

If you want your app to have unlimited downloads, be available in the app stores, and have full analytics and reporting capabilities, there is a fee but well worth it just for those features alone. You can also allow advertising on your mobile app from Conduit should you want to off-set some of those fees.

Remember: We live in a mobile, social, and local world which is exactly why you’re here reading this and why you’ll want an app (your app) out there and available to clients and potential customers.   View the BradsDomain mobile app example in the gallery preview below, built in less than an hour.

Who’s Unfriended You on Facebook

Yesterday 500 friends on Facebook… today 499?

I know it’s not a big deal to some, and in many cases it’s just because someone probably deleted their Facebook account, but I personally cannot help from wondering if I pissed someone off when this happens?  This time I want and need to know? Do you know if someone has un-friended you on Facebook? Do you know who, why, or care?

Facebook does not currently provide a tool or way to determine who or why someone has un-friended you, only a list of ~all friends~ and a total count.  Since Facebook is all about friendships, family, social habits, and relationships with other people, why doesn’t Facebook offer a feature like this? Isn’t this a pretty important issue to people? Is sure is to me.

Wouldn’t you want to know if you lost an online friend and why? Maybe I’m just being a softy here but I never want to lose a friend on Facebook or in real life.  Well, you always hear that “there’s an app for that” and for those curious who un-friended you today, now there’s an app for that too and it’s free. Check it out!

The app is currently available for iPhone and iPad users and it’s called “Lost Friends?” I hope this little app will help you kindle or re-kindle those friendships and personal relationships, or at least be kept aware of those you’ve lost. Maybe Facebook will see this as an important feature to their site and add it one day.

Until then, just know that if you un-friend me on Facebook, I’ll know it, I’ll know who you are, and you’ll be getting a call from me (if we’re really friends) because I would never say or do anything to intentional or even accidentally to impair or damage our friendship or relationship.  Thanks for being a real friend and for reading this. 🙂

Not a friend already?  CLICK HERE – Let’s be friends on Facebook