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Who’s Unfriended You on Facebook

Yesterday 500 friends on Facebook… today 499?

I know it’s not a big deal to some, and in many cases it’s just because someone probably deleted their Facebook account, but I personally cannot help from wondering if I pissed someone off when this happens?  This time I want and need to know? Do you know if someone has un-friended you on Facebook? Do you know who, why, or care?

Facebook does not currently provide a tool or way to determine who or why someone has un-friended you, only a list of ~all friends~ and a total count.  Since Facebook is all about friendships, family, social habits, and relationships with other people, why doesn’t Facebook offer a feature like this? Isn’t this a pretty important issue to people? Is sure is to me.

Wouldn’t you want to know if you lost an online friend and why? Maybe I’m just being a softy here but I never want to lose a friend on Facebook or in real life.  Well, you always hear that “there’s an app for that” and for those curious who un-friended you today, now there’s an app for that too and it’s free. Check it out!

The app is currently available for iPhone and iPad users and it’s called “Lost Friends?” I hope this little app will help you kindle or re-kindle those friendships and personal relationships, or at least be kept aware of those you’ve lost. Maybe Facebook will see this as an important feature to their site and add it one day.

Until then, just know that if you un-friend me on Facebook, I’ll know it, I’ll know who you are, and you’ll be getting a call from me (if we’re really friends) because I would never say or do anything to intentional or even accidentally to impair or damage our friendship or relationship.  Thanks for being a real friend and for reading this. 🙂

Not a friend already?  CLICK HERE – Let’s be friends on Facebook

The Future is Social, Mobile and Local


The future success of global business is definitely Social, Mobile, and Hyper-local period.  Successful businesses and entrepreneurs are looking to the Internet and all its resources to remain on top of the social media marketing and advertizing game.  Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn have long-term staying power and the ability to Socially connect the entire globe with a single Internet connection.


Paypal, Amazon, eBay, Craigslist and many others have made the purchasing process seamless.  Connecting consumers with retailers and local bricks and mortar store fronts is now done via Websites and Blogs.  Now we’re seeing the non-bricks and mortar warehouses popping up all over the Web and providing even more products and services than can be found in your local strip malls.  Purchases are being made online and many hyper-local sites are winning.


A challenging economy inter-twined with innovation and technology has made it easier for consumer’s to make purchases, family and friends to stay connected, marketing and advertizing to the masses easy, and all via a simple mobile device or smart-phone.  The communication barrier is no longer limited, the most cost effective portal is the mobile device, and the surplus of tools, apps, and online services are available in overwhelming abundance.


Both consumers and businesses are looking for more efficient and better economical ways to survive, live, save, and make money doing it.  The two sides are now meeting in the middle know as Cyber-Space, the Web, the Internet, The Super-Highway, THE CLOUD!  The dot.com may have bombed back in the 90’s but the comeback in 2012 is attention worthy and it’s absolutely here to stay.  Social is permanent, local is powerful, and mobile is BIG MONEY!


Customer service is out the door while “Consumer Experience” dominates Internet content.  Sites like Yelp, Expedia, Google, Zillow and others allow consumers to share their IRL (In Real Life)  experiences with others impacting the consumers choices and buying/selling decisions.  A few ratings and reviews can now make or break a restaurant, a business, an app, or an individual.  Public opinions shared online matter and make a huge difference.


2012 is going to be an incredible year of growth and prosperity for many online providers and sites while at the same time you’ll witness the demise of those companies who resist and fight the Social, Mobile, Local movement.  It’s not a matter of if it will work, it’s more a matter of when will you be on board and what direction will you take?   What decisions and changes do you need to make to exist or survive this “New Online World Order?”

“I know I’m not the only one with my head in the cloud here, question is.. where are you in the cloud today?”

Make no mistake about it…The Future IS Social, Mobile and Local.