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Slideshare.net for Your Social Media Success

Have you ever paid to go to a seminar or an event where the keynote speaker shared a Powerpoint presentation that was loaded and choked full of great content? All you could think about during the entire presentation was, “How can I get a copy of this….” or “Will my mobile devices’ camera capture these slides…” only to find out that your hand scribbled notes and blurbs were all you had at the end of the day?

Been there, done that and got the T-shirt!

Here’s a way to access and collect some of the best keynote speaker presentations ever created by some of the best presenters and you don’t even need to leave your desk, computer or mobile device. Really? Seriously… you can find a ton of great information that has been shared with others via Slideshare.net. This is the PowerPoint storage cloud for some of the best available Powerpoint decks ever.

Check it out….


Looking for some PowerPoint presentations or decks that share how to use Social Media for Business?

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Social MediaMaybe you are looking for ways to use Facebook for Marketing and Advertising?

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FacebookLots of people use Twitter for a variety of reasons but have you researched best practices by those using it successfully?

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TwitterGoogle Plus has a multitude of great marketing features, tools and services that can help grow business. Have you seen these?

How to Use Google Plus to Generate Massive Online Exposure

Google PlusLinkedIn was one of the very first online social media type sites on the web, used more as an online resume service and portal but times have changed and now LinkedIn offers members so much more that most aren’t even aware of until they see these?

How To Really Use LinkedIn In 10 Slides & LinkedIn in Higher Education

LinkedINPinterest hit the ground running and while most thought it was just a shred shopping channel for ladies sharing photos and pics, it was quickly determined that the link driving power of the site was a force to be reckoned with?

All You Need to Know about Pinterest & Exploring Pinterest for Business

PinterestWhy is Video such an integral tool part of today’s business marketing and advertizing strategies? Why do so many watch and love Youtube?

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YoutubePeople love pictures just as much as they love video, maybe even more? How does Flickr and Instagram have any impact on business?

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Secrets of Flickr


And finally, how do all these social media sites along with these excellent PowerPoint decks play into your mobile business?

Best Ever Mobile Apps For The Business Person On-The-Go


We’ve barely even scratched the surface with all the topics and discussions that presenters are uploading to Slideshare.net on a daily basis. There is a PowerPoint presentation for all subjects, you just need to use the search tool like I did to find them all. Why create a PowerPoint from scratch? Unless the author/publisher disables the option, they are available to be downloaded and shared right from your own computer.

Here’s just a few of the PowerPoint decks I’ve shared around the Country which are now available on Slideshare.net. Embedding more than one PowerPoint into a single viewer is an additional feature that comes in handy frequently.

Slideshare.net lets you share and learn, and also learn to share… on the net.

Creative Writing

Top Presentations That Inspire Creativity

Creating a great presentation takes time!

The ingredients required include really creative design, phenomenal content, and a variety of visual aids that help deliver and get your message across to the audience or viewers.  Then there’s the decision and choice to be made regarding which software and platforms to use IE: Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Docs, SlideRocket, etc.

So many people tend to start from scratch when building or creating their presentation.  They spend more time thinking about design and content ultimately procrastinating, and in many cases, end up actually trashing the whole idea and presentation altogether.This is the statement that inspired this article.

Why recreate the wheel?

Top Presentations

If there are proven recipe’s, examples, and samples already available, why not build or create based on the already successful existing models?  Slideshare offers a great library (above) of archived content and presentations from thousands of successful professionals who not only share their creations, but many of the authors also allow you to download them to use for your own presentation.

PowerPoint vs Prezi

PowerPoint -vs- Prezi Challenge

Go Ahead, Take the PowerPoint -vs- Prezi Challenge

Both of these presentation software/applications are wonderful tools for driving home a message or making a “point” on any subject matter or presentation. Backing up your talk with slides, images, video, audio, and great content isn’t just cool anymore, it’s expected by your audience. Whether it’s one person or one thousand in a crowd, these supporting software’s and applications can make all the difference in the world.

Taking a non bias stand and perspective here, I wanted to share two presentations, both similar in the topic and content but using two separate sites and presentation tools to get their message and point across to their audiences. Both of these are live and available for viewing on the web and were randomly selected for this comparison and evaluation.  The question here is which one would you prefer?  Watch and Compare!



Alternatives to PowerPoint:
You might consider would be Google Docs, SlideRocket or Keynote etc.  Hosting your PowerPoint files on sites like Slideshare.net and SlidePoint.net allows you to access them in the cloud from any remote or mobile location with the added ability to share them with others who can in turn share them with others.  Hosting in the cloud and crowd sourcing is awesome.

Additional options for similar sites and tools like Prezi… ummm, well… there’s really none.

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Too Many Words

7 Tips to Great PowerPoint Presentations

Have you ever seen a “GREAT” speaker or presenter, but their PowerPoint presentation sucked? Putting together a super impressive and memorable slideshow requires some time and effort if you really want to WOW your audience.

Too Many Words   Bad Color Combos   Boring Graphs and Charts

Many presenters, myself included, tend to lean toward having too much content, too many words, and typically way too many slides for those keynote opportunities. But there is so much information and so much to share right?

Yes, but putting all that information into a slideshow makes for good notes and key-points for us to remember and discuss, but it also turns a potentially awesome PowerPoint presentation into a failing disaster.

  • How important are color schemes?
  • Do you really think the font you’re using matters?
  • What about images, graphics, photos, and symbols?

Do these really have an impact on your PowerPoint slides and the effectiveness of your presentation? You bet they do. After reviewing these tips, your PowerPoint presentations will never be the same… and that’s a good thing!

Presentations are used everyday by millions of business professionals across the globe. Whether it’s an office meeting with 10 employees, a one-on-one listing presentation by a real estate agent to a homeowner, or a CEO speaking at a live seminar in front of 2000 people, the “Power Point” here is simple.

In every single case, your presentation should contain all the elements above that support and lead to your audience being sold on your idea, your service, your product, or whatever it is that you’re pitching, and not distracted, bored, and disgusted with your PowerPoint slideshow.

Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 8.32.53 AM

SlideRocket PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations have been utilized in almost every industry, by every business, and most likely by anyone and everyone who owns a PC or laptop computer.  Why?  Because it simplifies getting your message across to an audience when using images, keyword text, audio, video, and custom animations etc.

Now you can do all this online using SlideRocket.com

Some benefits of using an online site and tool like Sliderocket is that you can access some really cool things that they’ve created that you won’t find in your Powerpoint software.   You can create some really stunning presentations and access them from anywhere online. Take advantage of sharing your best slides and assets with your target audiences.

Distributing your presentations easily via email and social media, and without using a third party embedding tool, you can easily post presentations to your website.  Embed live Twitter feeds, polling, and comments and even analyze and measure your presentation views using their built in analytics tools.

See a live demonstration if you’d like to evaluate this tool first, but if you’re like me, you’ll probably just dive in and start creating your own presentation for your next meeting or seminar.

There are many templates and custom created tools you’ll want to check out for sure.  Here’s a Tour if you’re interestedWatch a SlideRocket video, or check out some of their other resources.

Once you check out SlideRocket, they say “you’ll never go back to PowerPoint!

You’ll also discover that they even have coaches available.  One of their support coaches (Sogol) immediately sent me an email and when I called, she  actually answered her phone.  Now that’s customer service folks. Here’s a few additional items that might be of interest to you. Be sure to give this a look see, you won’t be disappointed.

Additional Information, Links, and Details:

  • Getting started videos, the best of SlideRocket, etc.


Prezi – Power Points at the Next Level

Prezi.com is a great alternative to using Powerpoint for your presentations to clients, at seminars, and online at webinars.  Prezi gives you a variety of options to choose from that allow you to customize and make your next presentations unique, effective, and dazzle audiences with any topic.

Everyone has seen a Powerpoint presentation, some are better, and some are worse.  Prezi is changing the way presentations are getting shared and the way the message and point are getting delivered.