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PowerPoint -vs- Prezi Challenge

Go Ahead, Take the PowerPoint -vs- Prezi Challenge

Both of these presentation software/applications are wonderful tools for driving home a message or making a “point” on any subject matter or presentation. Backing up your talk with slides, images, video, audio, and great content isn’t just cool anymore, it’s expected by your audience. Whether it’s one person or one thousand in a crowd, these supporting software’s and applications can make all the difference in the world.

Taking a non bias stand and perspective here, I wanted to share two presentations, both similar in the topic and content but using two separate sites and presentation tools to get their message and point across to their audiences. Both of these are live and available for viewing on the web and were randomly selected for this comparison and evaluation.  The question here is which one would you prefer?  Watch and Compare!



Alternatives to PowerPoint:
You might consider would be Google Docs, SlideRocket or Keynote etc.  Hosting your PowerPoint files on sites like Slideshare.net and SlidePoint.net allows you to access them in the cloud from any remote or mobile location with the added ability to share them with others who can in turn share them with others.  Hosting in the cloud and crowd sourcing is awesome.

Additional options for similar sites and tools like Prezi… ummm, well… there’s really none.

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3D Presentations for Real Estate

3D Prezi presentations will take your real estate presentations to the next level for buyers and sellers. Imagine sitting with any client at their home or your office and sharing a 3D presentation like this one. Awesome pictures combined with compelling content will deliver amazing results if you use this combination effectively.

Prezi.com now allows you to import your Powerpoint presentations so if you want to take a flat slideshow preso and make it 3D and come to life, give this new feature a whirl…oh yeah, and don’t forget to check it out on your mobile iPad, the presentations look great!

Lastly, just in case you’re interested in how Prezi got started, or if you just like a great success story, here’s a really cool documentary created and presented in “Prezivision” that tells the tale of how Prezi was conceived and delivered as one of the greatest visual presentation editors on the web.

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Creating Your Prezi-Cool Presentation

Prezi.com is an online site and platform that allows you to create some really cool presentations.  To be honest, this style of presentation  adds another level and perspective to those boring old PowerPoint slideshow presentations.  In this demonstration / sample, I used Zillow as the resource for a concept, topic, and content, but then used Prezi to create the “Live 3D” presentation experience.

Once the Prezi was completed, I used Screenflow to create a screencast.  The screencast was then uploaded to iMovie on a MacBook Pro where I was able to add music, transitions, additional titles, and create an MOV file to be uploaded to Youtube.  So here is a sample of 5 different websites and tools used to create one single video presentation.