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QR Codes With a Different Approach

What would it take to get you to scan a QR Code when you see one? That is the $350,000.00 question of the day!  (hint-hint)  I’ve been researching these little ugly bugs for quite some time now and have determined that we need to find a better way to increase participation and conversion. People are just too lazy to take the time and go through the process to scan these things, myself included.

I’m always looking for creative ways to push the envelope.  QR Codes have always seemed very boring and drab to me.  As long as the QR Code serves its purpose (to link someone from the real world to the online world) then why leave it plain with no personality or differentiation from the others that all look the same.

Obviously, each one is different but at first glance, they really do look the same.  Here’s a couple sample QR Codes I created to be a little more unique and to help them stand out from the others.  With just a little creativity, maybe some keywords added to inspire and motivate people to scan them, I’m thinking I may be on to something here.

QR Codes are one of the few tools and technologies that connect people in the real world to the online world using technology from a mobile device.  I think the QR Code is still evolving and has not yet met its ultimate destiny.

Remember those Mazes where you had to help the mouse find the cheese?  Here’s one that leads the user to a FREE house.  That’s right, Zillow and Pulte Homes are giving away a FREE $350,000 New Home in this contest that ends on November 31st, 2011.  “Now that’s a QR Code worth scanning!

Until I can convince myself that I’d be motivated enough to take the time to pull out my iPhone and scan a plain and boring looking QR Code, I’ll just keep searching for better ways that would inspire you to do the same.

*Last important tip:  Make sure the sites you send people to are mobile device ready.

Remember that they’re on a mobile device when they scan your codes, there’s nothing worse than landing on a page or site that has tiny text and can’t be read or viewed by your prospects when they get there.

These QR Codes were customized at PicNik.com
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What Makes Your QR Code Unique

QR Codes can be a great tool but there are some things to consider before you go creating, copying, printing, and pasting them all over the web and God’s creation.  My first thought is that if I do see a QR Code anywhere, it better be worth it to me and offer enough value to justify me doing the following:

  • Reach into my pocket or case to pull out my mobile device
  • Turn on my device and enter my protective password
  • Scroll to the QR code application on my mobile device
  • Press the icon to launch the QR Code reader app on device
  • Wait for app to load then click on the “read code” option
  • Point my device at the QR Code and hit the scan option
  • Have the code unveil a targeted website or contact page

So in my honest opinion, the QR Code’s end results better land me or your target audience in a place or on a page that really offers value and makes all those steps worth their while.  Some great techniques and ideas have been created and established using QR Codes but too often I find that they just end up linking to a site or persons contact info that in most cases isn’t anything spectacular.

No free lunch. no instant cash, no options or contests for me to win? Usually not much more than a lot of time and effort spent that could have been achieved or accomplished easier, faster, and more efficiently in other more sensible ways.  On top of all this, I think QR Codes are too plain, simple, and ugly.  Here’s a video I created to help you customize and spruce up your QR Codes.

I used the same techniques shown in this video to create this QR Code.
I started to think that if you can give readers a hint or clue as to what they might find when they scan your QR Code, they might be more inclined to go through the process and steps it takes to land where you’re trying to get them to go. This one expires at the end of November so lets see if this actually works?

Scan it and see for yourself…

Scanning the above QR Code could land you a FREE $350,000 new home.  This is just one way I can see a code like this offering great value and making it worth the end-users time and efforts to scan.  I’ve also seen QR Codes used in books to download and read chapters back to you using an audio file.  I’ve seen QR Codes placed in homes strategically on panels and appliances etc. to drive traffic and results back to valuable sought after information and people.

So how are you creating and using your QR Codes to offer value, provide amazing information, and deliver customers and prospects excellence?  The QR Code is just beginning to find it’s way into the Internet and social media world and it’s the one technology that can help connect the online and offline worlds.  It will be an interesting journey to see how and where the QR Code permeates and how it evolves over time?!?

QR Codes with a Different Approach
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How To Learn from Others’ Mistakes

Some of us simply have to learn by doing.  Others have the ability to learn from watching others make mistakes.  Hopefully you’re one that learns from reading this, watching the video, and then applying what you learn in the next 5 minutes to a life-long process of trying to succeed!

In this video, Scott Stratten shares an excellent point of view.  This is undeniably a topic and concept that every small and large business owner who uses today’s technology and tools for marketing and advertising, needs to understand.  Your BIGGEST take-away will be to “Think Things Through” and don’t just do it because you can or because everyone else is or does…

“How we need to stop the misuse of social media, QR codes and misleading statements in advertising, especially real estate.”